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    [–] Unlucky ComCrisis 1 points ago in funny

    But then you have to ride yourself

    [–] Vanguard Warden owners - Your thoughts? ComCrisis 2 points ago in starcitizen

    Two points to note, the vanguard is hella fun taking out the turrets in the bunker missions. Toss the combine ballistic cannon, or the usual revenant on the gimbal, drop your landing gear to minimize your profile, and unlock the camera or engage free look. The turrets have a hard time getting through your shields, and the gimbal still follows the free look reticle around, so you can fire away spraying rounds to your heart's content.

    [–] Everything BUGS me. ComCrisis 2 points ago in widowers

    For me it's other people complaining about little things. I just don't give a shit about any of that, the problems are so small in comparison that it doesn't even register. Then someone else starts making a fuss over nothing and it pisses me right off. Then a big problem comes along and I'm like meh, I've been through worse. It's the expectation that bothers me the most. That other people expect me to care about their little meaningless issues. And if I tell them, I really don't care what Jenny in accounting said to you, they act like I'm the asshole. Or they tell me I should care about things (I hate the word should too, people kept telling me my wife shouldn't have died, but that doesn't change the facts. Besides, who the fuck are you to tell me what should or shouldn't happen?)

    Huh, guess I'm rambling again...

    [–] Please, powers-that-be... ComCrisis 2 points ago in widowers

    It was the first season of the Netflix show, and very unexpected. I went in expecting a goofy cop comedy. It really caught me off guard, but in a good way.

    [–] Please, powers-that-be... ComCrisis 3 points ago in widowers

    Hey, it totally agree. There's never any of the rage or dispair or numbness in those. Just a light dusting of middle distance longing. Hell, even when they try to be "realistic" they never seem to get it right. The only one that surprised me was the lethal weapon reboot, as it seemed to mirror what I was going through as I was going through it. They absolutely nailed the not giving a shit, and wanting to die. It was nice to see something that seemed to get it, or at least me, instead of the usual "what someone who doesn't know thinks it would be like" bullshit.

    [–] Found this beauty at 2am. ComCrisis 2 points ago in Shitty_Car_Mods

    From the angle it was taken at it looks like OP was in the process of being murdered. Possibly by whoever murdered that car

    [–] Death of a Spaceship ComCrisis 2 points ago in starcitizen

    The only problem I see is your use of shot instead of shoot

    [–] Five gears on my Quantum Engine... ComCrisis 3 points ago in starcitizen

    I'm pretty sure the gemini has one

    All jokes aside I've enjoyed the way they've got it times right now, it lets me run a high speed space bus back and forth from the closest rest stops in a starfarer, cutting the travel time to just under 4 min, while still letting people pick up their ships before hitting hurston.

    [–] Bounty Hunting etiquette ComCrisis 2 points ago in starcitizen

    I'm also gonna go with the excuse to shoot people. Why not enjoy more combat?

    [–] Germany invading Poland 1939 (colorized) ComCrisis 2 points ago in funny

    It was uphill both ways though, through a blinding snowstorm. You kids have it easy, flying your tank-copters with electric drive turrets, back in my day that shit was hand cranked

    [–] I've lost like 3648 pens😂😂 ComCrisis 1 points ago in funny

    Do you work for a pyramid scheme?

    [–] How does this run with the RTX 2080? ComCrisis 0 points ago in starcitizen

    Only if you've got a 9700k and threadripper 2 running on 2 motherboards glued together with thermal paste

    [–] Vanguard Ship Question ComCrisis 4 points ago in starcitizen

    Man, I hear you. I hate the warden cause it's combat effectiveness is all messed up by the feng shui. I'm just happy there's a door between the cockpit and the living quarters so I don't have to see that shit

    [–] Wait... Where is my Cyclone.... Don't think that is suppose to be in there.... ComCrisis 1 points ago in starcitizen

    If that's where it starts loading cargo could you fill that space first with waste to force it to spawn in back?

    [–] PC how do you unlock mods? Am I stupid? ComCrisis 1 points ago in JustCause

    Do you have a controller plugged in? I had the same problem, but only when I had a controller plugged in. I switched to the controller and I could unlock mods just fine.

    [–] I don't play the game, but I have 3 Sabre Raven coupons from Intel... ComCrisis 1 points ago in starcitizen

    Here's a joke I heard in vault 108: Gary Gary Gary Gary Gary Gary? Gary Gary, Gary Gary! Haha

    [–] Antwon pls ComCrisis 3 points ago in H3VR

    Better yet, a handheld version so we can be our own meatal gear

    [–] Hey Anton, what happened to the UGS system? ComCrisis 3 points ago in H3VR

    Look how short anton's hair is, and how clean that room is! I like all the vr boxes lying around, it lets me know I'm not the only one