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    [–] The 30-minute version of The KLF's "The Rites Of Mu", rumoured to be narrated by Martin Sheen (1991) ComebackShane 6 points ago in ObscureMedia

    As someone who'd been bingeing the West Wing recently, that's either Martin Sheen or the world's best Martin Sheen impersonator.

    [–] Whats a punishment as a child, but a reward as an adult? ComebackShane 3 points ago in AskReddit

    I’m going to start using this when I don’t want to do something, just tell people I’m grounded.

    [–] The Onion no longer has this 2012 video available on their website (2012) ComebackShane 23 points ago in ObscureMedia

    Yeah, this is where I think they stepped over the line. While it's clearly satire, giving photographs, names, and job titles of real people and specifically indicating a call to violent action against them, it could be misconstrued as a real threat. While it's likely it would survive a court challenge, I think the Onion wisely realized it wasn't worth the fight and took it down.

    The rest of the video is gold, though.

    [–] What's the most 90's song? ComebackShane 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Yes! That album is fantastic, still have all the songs on my phone, having burned them to my PC ages ago. The Good Ship Lifestyle is still one of my Top 10 songs of all time.

    [–] If you merge your 2 most played videogame titles to create a new game, what is it? ComebackShane 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Civilization of Warcraft

    I’m pretty sure that exists as a mod, but a legit Civ game with WoW factions/lands would be pretty rad.

    [–] [Poetry] Rest in peace, MCU Spidey ComebackShane 1 points ago in youtubehaiku

    It's a bit more complicated than that, time travel is involved

    [–] DoorDash still hasn’t changed its tipping policy ComebackShane 7 points ago in doordash

    Wowza, I did not expect they’d be giving us that big a piece of the pie. Hopefully that becomes the national rollout.

    [–] Am I doing this gas equation right? ComebackShane 3 points ago in doordash

    Yep, and remember you can deduct $.58/mile from taxes for car expenses/wear-n-tear. Just be sure to track your mileage.

    [–] I got $10 for this ComebackShane 2 points ago in doordash

    “Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.”

    [–] poor bank lady ComebackShane 2 points ago in Instantregret

    Lots of chips/snacks in the cart

    "Getting ready for a party?"

    No, I'm just lonely, fat, and like variety.

    "Heh, yeah."

    [–] So I made a Star Trek gif the other daaayyyyyy ComebackShane 4 points ago in startrekgifs

    Bashir's wide-eyed reaction at the start of the GIF always kills me.

    [–] Jonah Ray has a new EP of Weird Al covers out today ComebackShane 18 points ago in MST3K

    Doing a cover of parody songs is such a weird, perfect idea. I bet Al loves it.

    His 'Amish Paradise' cover is so strange, but familiar.

    [–] Trump mocked a man he thought was a protester for being overweight, but it turned out he was actually a supporter ComebackShane 6 points ago in politics

    The “I like people who weren’t captured” was the moment I thought Trunp was done. Criticizing a war hero and a 2008 Presidential nominee was so far beyond the pale I expected everyone to abandon him; but it was instead just more fuel for the fire apparently.

    [–] VA wrongfully denied $53 million in veterans' medical claims in one 6-month period, says report ComebackShane 34 points ago in news

    I’ve often thought this as well. Instead of a complicated bureaucratic VA system, why not give every vet a card that says ‘go to whatever doctor you want, get whatever you need, we’ll pick up the tab’. I have a feeling even with potential abuse we’d end up saving in the long run.

    [–] They changed it ComebackShane 2 points ago in doordash

    Early scheduling gives you access to the 6th day away at 3:00pm instead of midnight, so a 9 hour head start. Depending on your market, the schedule could completely fill up in that time.

    [–] Great, get to rely on a broken rating system. ComebackShane 2 points ago in doordash

    I wish they'd either give a little more time or drop the completion requirement to 90%. That's always been in the 'green' zone, so I'm at 93 and figured I'd be fine. Now it could hugely impact my earnings as I'm in a very saturated market. I'm not sure I can do enough deliveries in the next week to roll off 2 of the 7 orders of the last 100 I've unassigned.