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    [–] AFROTC Application CommentIncomplete 2 points ago in AFROTC

    OP answered their own question. I responded with “You’re Welcome For My Service”. /s is implied.

    [–] Got to the airport only to be turned away at the check-in counter CommentIncomplete 1 points ago in AirForce

    Had this happen to me before; I called the 24/7 (800) number and got a new flight and new rental pickup location. They CC’d my GTC AO so the paperwork was on them and I still made it to cocktail hour! Even got the AO to file the voucher, cuz you know...Lt here will probably just mess it up. Ahh the good life

    [–] Need advice about my situation CommentIncomplete 1 points ago in AFROTC

    I’ve seen 2-year talks, but you need JROTC/CAP/Prior svc experience to get into the conversation. Otherwise best bet for AFROTC is 2nd degree waiver. Tech preferred.

    [–] Joining AFROTC after scholarship deadlines CommentIncomplete 2 points ago in AFROTC

    Talk to your local detachment. The Recruiting Officer will give you advice specific to your situation and that program. You missed the HSSP deadline, but scholarships happen every semester for qualified cadets. If you can’t afford univ, maybe a cc is the way to go...or just get some college loans.

    [–] 6 hour oil change CommentIncomplete 7 points ago in Justrolledintotheshop

    No one... can’t find ‘em

    [–] Why put them in order? CommentIncomplete 100 points ago in CrappyDesign

    Probably made specifically for adults. They then added the middle shower head for children. Re-routing the plumbing would’ve been unnecessarily expensive. Why don’t you just appreciate the shower and wash all that beach sand out of your crack.

    [–] 2018 MAX DATES CommentIncomplete 25 points ago in AFROTC

    We aren’t allowed to waterboard you longer than that.

    [–] Questions from a College Freshman considering ROTC CommentIncomplete 5 points ago in AFROTC

    Lots of cadets begin their sophomore year. You will take the AS100 and AS200 courses together. It’s not easy, you have the Fall to learn everything and half of Spring to earn a Field Training spot. We want you to have a Tech degree, but good grades are most important. Comp Sci is fine. If you become a pilot, you will have a 10 year commitment to figure out what you want as a civilian again. We will give you the confidence needed to break out of your introverted shell. Most importantly, go to your local Det and talk to the Recruiting Officer. They don’t bite (often).

    [–] Drug Prices Canada Vs. USA CommentIncomplete 3 points ago in coolguides

    I have family in Canada that has been on a waiting list for 3 years just to get a doctor and without exposed flesh, you’re waiting 24+ hours to get into the ER.

    [–] Does this mean I have a scholarship? CommentIncomplete 7 points ago in AFROTC

    Looks like Type 2, 2-yrs...but I don’t see Cadet view ever. PM me your name and I can look you up in WINGS (if you want)

    [–] Field Training Entry Allocation Slots CommentIncomplete 1 points ago in AFROTC

    We don’t...just can’t work more than 12 in training environment. So you were part of Skittle-Gate last year? Hah

    [–] Field Training Entry Allocation Slots CommentIncomplete 8 points ago in AFROTC

    Actually we are only sending 6%. Have you seen the market this week?! Can’t afford to send all of you. Those that do go will not be fed, that’s why it’s so short. Actually, you don’t get to sleep either! Cadre/CTO just going to rotate 12hr shifts to make you zombies.

    [–] [Q] Can you Apply for ROTC Scholarship while at Community College? CommentIncomplete 2 points ago in AFROTC

    We are nominating ours now. So if your stuff isn’t done look to next semester. Expect results near April.

    [–] Switch from AROTC to AFROTC CommentIncomplete 2 points ago in ROTC

    Writing on the wall for another RIF. I’ve seen two in my career, plan on retiring before the next one. Numbers go up, political pendulum swings, and any O with paperwork or no strats goes home.