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    [–] Hiking on the edge of the world (iceland) CommieG 1 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    I was in Iceland in the summer and near the place we were staying (the middle of nowhere) was something that looked just like this with steep rocks on one side and a sheer drop down a few hundred feet to the sea on the other. We decided to hike it one day when it was sunny but by the time be got near the top the fog had rolled in and it had started to drizzle a bit. We took a break and decided to just push for the top since we were so close to it. I was climbing up one of the last steep ass slopes when I heard a noise and looked behind me, one of my friends had accidentally dislodged a huge rock and it was starting to roll down the hill with increasing speed right towards one of my other friends. She managed to jump and it hit her foot and sent her flying forwards. I was like "ah shit she's broken her leg and we are never going to be able to get her down from here" but she was grand and just had a bruised ankle for a few days. If it had hit her anywhere else though I'm pretty sure it would have killed her.

    Moral of the story, be careful with shit like this.

    [–] Ten years ago, The Space Shuttle Discovery under a full moon. CommieG 2 points ago in space

    Genuine question here, If they had used the satellites to see the damage what could they have done to fix it?

    [–] Trevor CommieG 20 points ago in youngpeopleyoutube

    Ed Balls

    [–] [BLOCKING INTENSIFIES] CommieG 4 points ago in madlads

    Jesus Christ this is terrible