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    [–] What is the most First World problem you've had or have seen someone have? CommieG 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I only have 1 phone charger for my phone so if I'm in the living room and want to charge my phone and my charger is in a bedroom I have to get up and get my charger and bring it into the living room.

    However, if I want to charge my phone before I go to bed I have to walk back into the living room and return the charger to the socket beside my bed.

    The next day when I'm in the living room the cycle continues.

    Life truly is suffering...

    [–] I am getting your support tickets on my Bethesda account. Now I know where you live. CommieG 12 points ago in fo76

    This is the most entertainment I've had from a game release in years, and I don't even own the game.

    [–] It's a Girl!!! CommieG 1 points ago in Wellthatsucks

    She sounds like a Rita Dick

    [–] Big if true CommieG 1 points ago in PrequelMemes

    This is the FBI, open up!

    [–] .... To be a creepo CommieG 539 points ago in therewasanattempt

    I want to see some studies on the success rates of sending an unsolicited dick pics, I assume it's pretty low.

    [–] This toy airplane. CommieG 1 points ago in gifs

    UAV online

    [–] Now this is an E P I C Gamer Moment!!! CommieG 5 points ago in GamersRiseUp

    Disregard Veronicas, aquire Xboxs

    [–] When you take “mods” to the next level CommieG 19 points ago in IdiotsInCars

    Still the height of the British space program