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    [–] The GOP is silent and spineless as Trump attacks a war hero ContractorConfusion 2 points ago in politics

    Not the entire GOP.

    Senator Johnny Isakson, (R-GA) was on NPR last night talking about this. He is 100% against Trump, and was saying some incredibly refreshing things to hear from a current Republican Senator.

    At one point, I guffawed out loud while driving, as the interviewer asked Senator Isakson "What do you think is going on in Trump's head when he says these things about the late John McCain?"

    He replied "I don't know, what do I look like, a child psychologist?"

    All in all, the Republican Senator said some amazing things, to include saying that it is not worth putting up with what Trump is doing to the country, in order to just push the Republican agenda.

    [–] Never watch a movie based on a book, soon after finishing the book. Its a recipe for dissappointment. ContractorConfusion 7 points ago in books

    the Dark Tower movie broke my heart.

    I can't even describe how excited I was for that movie to come out. The Dark Tower played a huge part in my life, I followed it and read along as the books were published, since the very first.

    That movie was literally one of the biggest disappointments in my life.

    [–] Never watch a movie based on a book, soon after finishing the book. Its a recipe for dissappointment. ContractorConfusion 31 points ago in books

    I've yet to see a movie based on a book that is better than the book itself.

    The Shawshank Redemption would like a word with you.

    [–] College cheating scandal: First lawsuits filed by students at elite schools ContractorConfusion -1 points ago in news

    Cut and dry lawsuit...if you played a sport that any of these kids got into a school based on, and you didn't get in that could be easily argued that you didn't get that spot, even though you were a better <insert sport>'er than the kid that cheated their way in.

    [–] Megathread: Senate Passes Resolution Rejecting Trump's Border Emergency Declaration 59-41 ContractorConfusion 28 points ago in politics

    I mean, he already vetoed it because he wrote "VETO!" on his Twitter account. That's how president's veto, right? They loudly and childishly write the presidential power that they are invoking on their Twitter feed, right?

    [–] White House: Trump “Doesn’t Know” Massage Parlor Owner Peddling Access to Him ContractorConfusion 1 points ago in politics forgot the part about her not saying that until 42 days from now, when her next regularly scheduled press briefing is.

    [–] Baby back ribs in the instantpot. ContractorConfusion 57 points ago in instantpot

    In the BBQ world that's frowned on

    Stop trying to Rib shame. lol

    To me, and many people here, a "properly cooked rib" does fall off the bone.

    Honestly, language like "meat should bite through easily and be tender, but shouldn't just fall off like that" is utterly ridiculous. This isn't the Westminster dog show, this is cooking ribs in a pressure cooker in your kitchen.

    Would you go to a coffee enthusiast forum and tell people that they are drinking their coffee wrong, because they use a different ratio of creamer/sugar than what the Coffee World says is correct?

    To the OP. GREAT looking ribs.

    [–] Woman reads fine print on insurance policy, wins $10,000 in hidden contest ContractorConfusion 1 points ago in news

    Well that's just silly. If I saw that on an announcement board, I would think someone was playing a way would I put myself out there by daring to bring that to my boss asking for my free lunch.

    [–] What would happen if I put a stick of butter in with a meat/veggie combo? ContractorConfusion 1 points ago in instantpot

    I bet it would be great.

    I make a super quick Chicken and Buttered Rice like this.

    2 cups of rice, 1 cups of chicken broth, 1 cup of water, one can of canned chicken breast with the liquid from can (two cans if you prefer a super chicken heavy ratio), and a half a stick of butter.

    Just set it for "Rice" on the pre-sets, and quick release.

    Stir it all up, and it comes out as a savory, super tasty side dish. Or maybe even a main meal, if your kids love it as much as mine do.

    (The stick of butter melts and mixes thoroughly during the pressure phase...I still don't know how...I thought it would be a big clump of butter in the center, but it ends up mixing really well)

    [–] 2017 1.4T is headed to the dealer for repair ContractorConfusion 3 points ago in JeepRenegade

    Looking forward to hearing what they say. (No problem with mine, but it never hurts to know in case it happens)

    [–] One in a million ContractorConfusion 2 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    I don't understand people that are willing to flip off a complete stranger in a vehicle for a minor road dispute.

    You have NO idea what kind of day that person has had, or what kind of person they are.

    Sure, 98 times out of 100, you'll just be ruining someone's day to make yourself feel better.

    The other times though? They are in a car, and have the literal ability to follow you wherever you may go....and fucking murder you when you get out. Maybe your civil act of disobedience was all they needed to decide that they want nothing more than to kill someone, right then.

    TL:DR Be nice, people can murder you...only a mutual sense of civil obedience keeps us from all killing each other

    [–] Instant Pot "jumped" while cooking ContractorConfusion 4 points ago in instantpot

    This is odd. Something else is going on here. (in my opinion)

    An instant pot with a couple of apples and 2 cups of water in it is going to weigh close to 20 lbs.

    The amount of energy it would take to lift that amount of weight off the counter "a few centimeters" should be enough to have caused a catastrophic failure ("i.e" big boom) if it came from the instant pot.

    My bet is with something else, not related to the Instant Pot.

    A couple very important points of data are missing from your story....

    Was the pot still pressurized after the incident? (i.e., did you have to vent it, in order to open the lid when it was done cooking?)

    Were the apples done right as the incident happened, or did it continue to cook to the end of the time you'd set?