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    [–] Escaping the simulation ContractorConfusion 2 points ago in AWLIAS

    we can never escape. Full on existential crisis right there. is the nature of reality whether we're in a simulation or not. How can one have an existential crisis by knowing they are in a simulation and aren't "real"...and that they'll cease to exist, but also not have an existential crisis if they know they are in base reality, because guess what, if you're in base reality and you die, you cease to exist. Ever. Forever.

    I'd argue that the existential crisis should be greater if we are in base reality. At least in a simulation, you would have the chance of "existing" again, if your program/conscious is brought back after death.

    [–] North Carolina class teaches kids as young as six how to use guns ContractorConfusion 2 points ago in news

    but find teaching 6 year olds how to actually shoot wholly unnecessary

    I'm not advocating teaching a 6 year old how to get a 1 inch group every time they go to the range....I'm just advocating showing them how incredibly powerful (and scary to a 6 year old) firing an actual weapon is. It's likely they'd only fire once, I'm not saying to give them an entire clip and see how they did. In fact, I'd only ever put one round in the weapon at a time, if given to them to fire.

    [–] Who's exited for teleportation!? ContractorConfusion 1 points ago in SatisfactoryGame

    I'm guessing it would be teleportation for the player, not items from belts.

    I'd love it. Set up a port station at your main base, and then you can travel to create a tertiary base and set up a port station there also. Hassle free expansion building without having to run back to base every time you need to resupply.

    [–] North Carolina class teaches kids as young as six how to use guns ContractorConfusion 40 points ago in news

    I don't have the answer to your questions....but I do know that a non-indoctrinated 6 year old 100% thinks that a gun is a mystical/magical/taboo object that they have oodles of curiosity about.

    When that 6 year old happens upon a firearm, they are likely to play with it in a manner that could hurt themselves or others.

    A 6 year old that has been taught rules/and even been able to fire a weapon to see the power it has, will come upon a firearm and be FAR less likely to play with it in a manner that will hurt them or others.

    [–] A square centimeter is infinite times larger than a kilometer ContractorConfusion -3 points ago in Showerthoughts

    /u/yanniyao, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent posting were you even close to anything that could be considered a shower thought. Everyone in this sub is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

    [–] Gaming Experience Gray Area ContractorConfusion -2 points ago in boardgames

    I'm now excited sit down and play a long complex game of...Caverna, where they look at the weight rating...and give hard passes

    Yikes, good luck with that group. I was playing Caverna with my daughter when she was 8 years old.

    [–] Help. Restart or Tear Down ContractorConfusion 3 points ago in SatisfactoryGame

    I really don't want to have to restart everything.

    Why not? There isn't any end-game. Just start over, and build something you'd be happy with. The key is to enjoy your time in the game. There isn't any kind of reward for time-invested in a saved game file.

    In any case, save the file for that world, and keep it available so you know you can always go back there if you want to. I guarantee that you'll surpass that saved file with your new world before you know it...and will be happier having a much more organized world.

    I've done this at least four times. I learn something else, or find a new technique that makes me want to re-do I start a new world and keep my save just in case I want to go back to it. Before too long, I'm past my old save and never think of it again.

    [–] Nothing ever gets easier. You just get better. ContractorConfusion 3 points ago in Showerthoughts

    It goes even further than that. I tell my kids quite often, so that they can understand the importance and privilege of the time period we live in...

    "You are walking around every day with a handheld device that can operate for hours independently, that makes accessible to you the entirety of all human knowledge and wisdom that has taken previous generations all of recorded time to accrue. Appreciate that, and use that advantage in your life."

    It's a long version of "We stand on the shoulders of giants".

    [–] Losing 6.3lbs on a diet doesn't seem like much, until you realize that is the same as a gallon of gasoline you have been dragging around with you this whole time. ContractorConfusion 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    This is the amazing part of this shower thought to me....that a volume of gasoline is only ~75% the weight of the same volume of water.

    It makes sense scientifically (Carbon from gasoline has a atomic weight of 12.01, and Oxygen from water has an atomic weight of 15.99...which is also ~75% difference)'s just counter-intuitive to my brain since we use gasoline for so many of our energy needs, so I feel like it should be denser than water.

    [–] Anyone know a great place to brainstorm new ideas for boardgames? ContractorConfusion 8 points ago in boardgames

    ...this post is funny.

    I imagine a cowboy in the early days of the American West, busting into a tavern, and saying "Anyone know a place where a cowboy can get a drink around here?"

    Everyone looks around, and looks at their surroundings, but no one tells the cowboy that they are already where they want to be.

    [–] If everyone in the world learnt a universal sign language in school, the whole world could understand each other. Would especially be good whilst travelling. ContractorConfusion 2 points ago in Showerthoughts

    American Sign language is exactly that, American. Trying to "speak" with someone that uses sign language from another nation is like trying to speak two different languages.

    Now that I think of it, I've never heard of a sign language interpreter...interpreter. (Someone that translates from one region's sign language to another). Interesting.

    [–] Did Trump threaten to 'end' Iran because he was watching Fox News? ContractorConfusion 3 points ago in politics

    ...which is ridiculous. The man has access to the largest and most robust Intelligence network on the planet, at his beck and call....17 Agencies, all part of the U.S. Intelligence Community...and he doesn't listen to any of them.

    [–] Former Disney World employee stole $14K of costumes, robot: police ContractorConfusion 1 points ago in news

    Her video editing makes me seasick. She can't say more than a sentence or two without a cut/transition to whatever else she is saying. Watching her explain anything for longer than a few minutes gives me a massive headache, as it is so disjointed from all the cuts trying to make herself look like she is speaking continuously.

    [–] Former CIA officer jailed for 20 years for spying for China ContractorConfusion 2 points ago in news

    Interesting...seems like one reason he was caught was because he self-reported the Chinese Intelligence folks contacting him. But, then while looking into the cell phone this dude provided to the FBI that the Chinese gave him, this dude had forgotten to delete some evidence of him actually doing the document handovers etc.

    People that should know better, like this guy, that sell out the countries secrets to foreign adversaries, suck. :(

    [–] What are your "guilty pleasure" board games? ContractorConfusion 3 points ago in boardgames

    I'm not entirely convinced that Rosenberg isn't an uncredited creator for Rummy...he has his hand in everything else it seems.

    Just waiting for Uwe Rosenberg's Dressing to show up in the aisle next to Paul Newman.

    [–] Aware of their recent virality, Lynn and Jamie have just posted a FAQ video. Lots of smiling and joking! ContractorConfusion 1 points ago in AngelicInitiative

    ....yeah, advocating that any women that are pregnant just abort their babies, since the Earth is populated enough isn't doing any harm at all.


    [–] Creeper World 4 Dev: GDR ContractorConfusion 2 points ago in CreeperWorld4

    I really, really look forward to the opportunity to give this man my money.