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    [–] Mildly interesting unpopular opinion (5k upvotes) explaining that being creepy is pretty much inevitable for guys. Basically a very disingenuous post that has hints of RP/incel/MGTOW ideology so of course its upvoted by neckbeards. ConvenientGlitch 18 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago) in TheBluePill

    What kind of situation is this guy imagining?

    Mostly me for all of high school. You stay respectful and polite, but people think you say weird things because you can't effectively explain your thought process. You get confused by social signals but nobody seems to be willing to communicate directly, and they don't like it when you do. So you misinterpret most people's intentions, and they misinterpret yours. You try to navigate all this the best you can, but sometimes interactions spiral out of your control, people misunderstand something you say and you can't get the situation back to normal and explain what you meant. People talk, things get distorted, but the more you try to explain the more confused you get. Add the fact that some people will eventually take advantage of you to make themselves look good, and that's how you get a creep reputation.

    Edit : I don't agree with the original post, I'm just answering the creep reputation question.

    [–] Guilty. ConvenientGlitch 1 points ago in BPDmemes

    Trauma journal?

    [–] Career where you don't have to create relationships witj co-workers. ConvenientGlitch 9 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago) in aspergers

    I'm a video editor, and it's pretty much perfect for this. I come in around 10 and sit in my soundproof windowless studio. I log into my computer, work for 3 or 4 hours, then I go for a walk on my lunch break. I go back to work, edit for 3 or 4 more hours, update my project on the company cloud and leave. Later in the evening I get an email from my producer with a review of my work and instructions for the next day. And that's it, except for 2 short production meetings per month where I don't have to say anything if I don't want to.

    But. Because there's always a but.

    After a few years you eventually get bored and if you want to move up to executive production or art direction you have to network like crazy. I've been spending a lot of time and effort catching up with my co-workers lately because I need them to acknowledge my motivation if I want to move up. It's nerve wrecking and exhausting but I don't want to stagnate at this position, I need to learn new skills and feel like I'm progressing.

    So in retrospect, not socializing was a mistake for me, I should have forced myself out of my comfort zone a little bit every day from the start and save myself a lot of stress and anxiety down the line.

    [–] New to vaping: Dissapointed with Air Arizer...were my expectations wrong ? ConvenientGlitch 1 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago) in arizer

    To give you more input on the max stoned question...

    I agree with others saying that you are less intoxicated with harmful substances so the high may be more subtle at first, but I guarantee that after a while you'll find the vape high more satisfying than a joint. I smoked hash and weed joints mixed with tobacco for years before switching to vaping, and the transition took a while because I had to get used to the "clean" high.

    What I'm going to say next can be misunderstood so I will preface by saying that I'm a huge Arizer fan. I own 2 OG Solo, an Extreme Q, a Solo 2 as my daily vape and my next purchase will be an ArGo.

    But sometimes I want to get snoop-high, like when I was 17 and spent a whole summer ripping bongs with a friend, and my Arizers just aren't efficient enough. Devices like the Cloud Evo or the Herborizer Ti can vaporize a lot of weed in a single puff, through a bong or a bubbler to preserve your lungs and your sanity. Those are what you want if you're trying to max out.

    But they're high-end, expensive vaporizers and absolutely overkill for most people or most situations. I don't see myself using them daily. Your Arizer Air is a very good device and I wouldn't recommend switching for another for now, that would be a waste of money. Just give yourself some time to get used to vaping, you won't regret it.

    Edit : Me no English good

    [–] China's pink, oversized women-only car parks slammed as sexist ConvenientGlitch 1 points ago in nottheonion

    I agree that you shouldn't park on those spots if you don't have young kids and/or a stroller in the car. It's not really an issue where I'm from, and potential abusers are usually yelled at by bystanders/security or simply have their car keyed by unhappy parents. But I can see how it can be a problem since it's simple courtesy and not legally binding.

    [–] China's pink, oversized women-only car parks slammed as sexist ConvenientGlitch 1 points ago in nottheonion

    Women spots are stupid, those places should hire security if they fear for the safety of their female customers. I was just saying that family spots are useful for everybody since they prevent families from clogging the parking lot and scratching other cars. Women spots are useless for other customers and shouldn't be a thing IMHO.

    [–] China's pink, oversized women-only car parks slammed as sexist ConvenientGlitch 0 points ago in nottheonion

    Yeah no, family spots are useful to get strollers and kids safely and quickly in and out of the car. If the spots are too small you have to back down into the street to get the kids and their stuff in the car, which is an even bigger inconvenience for others since it can take forever with shitty parents and/or kids. With family spots you don't inconvenience anyone with your baby stuff and are less likely to have your kids (or ass) scratch the other car with the door... It's a win-win really.

    [–] Party Pooper ConvenientGlitch 7 points ago in youdontsurf

    I know. I've been there, I completely changed my mind at 35. The sub used to be what you describe, but in my opinion it turned into a massive circlejerk of cheap karma grabs and r/thathappened stories. I respect people who don't want kids, but I don't respect edgy 20-somethings yelling into an echo chamber.

    [–] Party Pooper ConvenientGlitch 2 points ago in youdontsurf

    It was sort of a joke. I've been on both sides of the question, I know most users don't really hate other people's kids.

    [–] Party Pooper ConvenientGlitch 2 points ago in youdontsurf

    What? At least I made an informed choice.

    [–] Party Pooper ConvenientGlitch 9 points ago in youdontsurf

    Most users are either young or just venting, they're not as far gone as incels IMHO. But yeah, it's mostly a circlejerk. I'm not saying that they should change their mind (although some will), but they definitely should take a step back and ask themselves why they're so angry at kids and parents. Resisting the social pressure to have children is one thing, but openly antagonizing those who decide otherwise can't be healthy.

    [–] Teens of r/drugs your parents care about you ConvenientGlitch 37 points ago in Drugs

    And now I'm picturing you setting up a giant extraction rig with a vacuum chamber in the family room and making concentrates from scratch while your parents talk about the weather.

    [–] Party Pooper ConvenientGlitch 7 points ago in youdontsurf

    Ironically, this sub contributed to my decision to have kids.

    [–] ULPT: If you faked sick to get out of work today, get really drunk tonight so you look rough in the morning. ConvenientGlitch 1 points ago in UnethicalLifeProTips

    I know right?

    Since I've stopped drinking and smoking my nose turned into a booze-dar. The alcohol=poison association is planted so deep in my brain now that the slightest note makes me gag from a distance. Which I guess is a good thing for me, but unfortunate for some of my acquaintances with a more inebriated lifestyle. I still vape weed responsibly though, but it never spiraled out of control to ruin my life the way alcohol eventually did.

    But seriously, if some day you feel like your drinking is becoming a problem, adding r/stopdrinking to your subs and lurking there a bit is probably a good start.

    [–] I wish job interviews weren't so hard ConvenientGlitch 3 points ago in aspergers

    I'm lucky to work as a freelancer in a field that relies heavily on portfolio and network, but once in a while I interview for temporary in-house positions and Interviews always go terrible.

    I've been in this industry 15 years, worked with most of the major players and nailed a thousand projects, but I can't for the life of me articulate a simple sentence to explain why I would be a good hire. When the interviewer enters the room, I'm a shaky mess unable to make eye contact and I feel like my words don't make any sense to them. And it's not getting any better as I grow older. You know how companies will run candidates through HR before meeting with execs? Yeah, some of those HR people are almost kids to me now. I feel so stupid and helpless in front of those super confident teenagers with their perfectly composed smile.

    Luckily I found a loophole. I'm from Paris, France and there's a lot lot of foreign companies doing business here. I've noticed that most of my problems disappear if the interview is conducted in English. It seems like when my mind switches to "English Mode" it's much easier for me to express my thoughts, probably because my vocabulary is more limited and my brain is too busy with the translation to run wild.

    I'm not really sure where I'm going with that and it's probably not very helpful for OP but I wanted to share my experience.

    [–] Copy and paste apartments in Hong Kong ConvenientGlitch 5 points ago in evilbuildings

    That's the point. Joyous and fun communities are draining to me. I do understand the appeal, I'm not that obtuse. I just have a personal need for a peace and silence that's impossible to achieve in an extremely urbanized environment. I'm sure I would have an awesome time for a moment, but I also know that it will be overwhelming after a while and just build up over time. I'm not judging anyone but myself here, it's great that you're happy there!

    [–] Copy and paste apartments in Hong Kong ConvenientGlitch 17 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago) in evilbuildings

    Yup, still horrifying. The social interactions are just a small part of it. I lived in a big city for 10 years and it felt like I was never truly alone. Even at home you can still feel the other people in the building, hear their steps, muted conversations, toilets, showers... When I moved back to the suburb I realized that it was really messing with my nerves and sleep, I just didn't notice anymore.

    [–] Copy and paste apartments in Hong Kong ConvenientGlitch 63 points ago in evilbuildings

    Your comment just gave me an anxiety attack. You are basically never alone and that's absolutely horrifying for me. Different strokes I guess, but I'm pretty certain that I would never be able adapt and just be miserable most of the time. You guys go have fun, I'll stay here with my dog, thanks.