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    [–] FUCK YOU NETFLIX STOP CUTTING OFF THE CREDITS Copeteles 1 points ago in movies

    It's even worse when you're watching a show and they minimize the last 20-30 seconds to a tiny box in the topleft corner...

    [–] New monitor killed itself and my mobo Copeteles 1 points ago in techsupport

    Alright so I removed 3 of my 4 ram sticks and it's booting now. Guess I'll be able to solve this after all. Thanks for the help! Concerning the monitor, guess I've got bad luck there. I just don't understand how this happened at the same time. Is it possible that the monitor shorted and did sth to my pc because of that?

    [–] New monitor killed itself and my mobo Copeteles 1 points ago in techsupport

    I can power up my old monitor and I just connected my chromecast to my old monitor and it works. My new monitor on the other hand doesn't even power up. There's also a red light lit up on my mobo next to 'cpu led', might this mean something? It doesn't seem familiar to me.

    [–] New monitor killed itself and my mobo Copeteles 1 points ago in techsupport

    Yeah, that's the weird thing. I can start my computer and it remains on (all fans are spinning). I can't toggle caps on my keyboard though, so there's that.

    [–] true Copeteles 2 points ago in StarWars

    He'll probably just destroy c3po. Calling it now.

    [–] IBS-C sufferers, does anyone else feel in near constant discomfort? Copeteles 4 points ago in ibs

    Yeah, I do. I have a constant pain. Even wearing underwear/pants hurt. I'm wearing 3XL boxers for example while a regular person would wear a medium and it still bothers me.. You're certainly not alone, just try to make the best out of it :)

    [–] Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Gameplay and Interview with Armagan Yavuz Copeteles 1 points ago in mountandblade

    Imagine that you could take your children/family with you in battles for them to develop/partake and that they could actually die as well.. The horror..

    [–] Do we allow cats here? Copeteles 31 points ago in WatchPeopleDieInside

    Dude, the internet's built on cats.

    [–] Have been getting this email notification every 6 minutes all day. What should I do? Copeteles 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in Wordpress

    You can hide the login page with ithemes as well. Also disable xml-rpc in case you're not using it. Edit: autocorrect

    [–] How people working on a project view each other Copeteles 1 points ago in ProgrammerHumor

    I'm both a designer and developer and this is really disturbing.

    [–] #DarkMatterMattered Copeteles 6 points ago in DarkMatter

    Oh please do, it's SO worth it.