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    [–] Antique couch - Canada CounterfeitDime 1 points ago in Antiques

    I had a couch like this. My neighbors had set it out on the curb. The cushions were super thick and so comfortable. It lived on my front porch for 4 years and was perfect for cat napping in the afternoon. It wasnt the prettiest thing but I loved it. Sadly, my mother tossed the cushions because they got wet (would never have happened if she hadnt decided it was ugly while house-sitting for me) but i still have the base. Hopefully one day i will come across some nice cushions and be able to use it again.

    [–] Just finished my first week behind the bar for the first time CounterfeitDime 2 points ago in bartenders

    Yes, my 8 day solo stretch last dec almost landed me in jail. I was no longer a human to those people. And they treated me as such. "Oh man, you again?!" Trust me, pal...your face aint no treat either....whats that ya say? Merrrryy christmas to you too, kisss my ass, kiss his ass, kiss her many lime lessons too!

    [–] "She's 27 years old" CounterfeitDime 1 points ago in bartenders

    Group of guys ive never seen before start spouting off random orders and i just stand there smiling and say i need to see everyones id. Cue the eye-rolling and surprised faces. All are under 25. πŸ™ƒ

    [–] Just started a new job. Need gas money until payday. CounterfeitDime 1 points ago in Assistance

    Well im glad someone did. I had to go to work myself and didnt have a chance to check back until now. Sorry people are buttheads.

    [–] Throwback to this iconic fight. MENTION IT ALL! The Beverly Hills women wish they could do it like this. CounterfeitDime 8 points ago in BravoRealHousewives

    Oh my god, how have i never seen this?! Ive always wondered what the big deal is with the "mention it all" stuff. This is wonderfully fucking funny.

    [–] Screwed myself stupid CounterfeitDime 1 points ago in poshmark

    Thanks, it was a really good idea.

    [–] Screwed myself stupid CounterfeitDime 1 points ago in poshmark

    I haven't ventured into selling yet but i buy a lot. I originally joined to mainly sell because i love thrifting, styling, and photography but 2 kids( 3 counting the boyfriend), poor time management skills, and general slacking have kept me from doing so. Also, until very recently (like a week ago) i haven't had the extra room to properly store/organize/photograph my stuff. Unless i am able to put in the effort and do it right, i just wont. I learned the hard way how fast things can go south when your heart just isnt in it. That being said, i have amassed quite an eclectic collection of clothing, jewelry, accessories and shoes. Maybe this was meant to be- perhaps that account had served its purpose and its time for me to start passing these things on to whomever they're meant for. Any tips for getting started?

    [–] Screwed myself stupid CounterfeitDime 0 points ago in poshmark

    You have got to be kidding me. "You may only use letters, numbers, periods and underscores in your username." πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ