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    [–] Cheers CounterfeitDime 3 points ago in bartenders

    Ha! This made me think of Denis Leary's Nyquil bit..... "Are you drunk? No, I have a cold! I'm high as a kite and my teeth are green, Merry Fucking Xmas!"

    [–] Why Jax proposed CounterfeitDime 4 points ago in vanderpumprules

    Fart giddiness 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    [–] Not sure how I feel about this one. CounterfeitDime 1 points ago in tiedye

    These are my favorite kinds of tie dyes. Unusual but striking. Personally, I think rare gems like these are far too special for a t shirt. I can see this in a frame that's maybe 40% less special (because we don't want the frame to compete with the print, we want it to compliment) hanging on a super tall wall in some hip downtown apartment, over a retro green leather sofa, next to one of those cool metal bubble lamps.

    [–] Help With Tie Dye Project On Canvas CounterfeitDime 1 points ago in tiedye

    I second this. I've actually been wanting to make some new wall art this exact way.

    [–] Anyone have a guest ask you how much you want as a tip? CounterfeitDime 2 points ago in bartenders

    I hate this. I hate it even more when they tell me I screwed up because so and so always gets more. I had one jerk who did this every time he came in. He was awful; always making vulgar comments about the female patrons, being a dick over the pool table, picking fights with regulars who are "laughing too loud", ordering complicated shit that he knows damn well this dive bar doesn't have........the last time he asked me this, it had been a particularly shitty night and i said the best tip you could ever give me is your eternal absence from this bar. Unless you can afford that, leave whatever the hell you want. Have a good night, wear your seat belt. And I walked away to do something else. Came back to grab his slip after he had gone and saw he left me $50 on a $22 tab, scribbled 'bitch' on his copy, and moved across the country a few weeks later after getting fired. My wish came true and everyone loved happily ever after.

    [–] The customer is always right..... CounterfeitDime 1 points ago in bartenders

    Me: Hey, how's it goin? What can I get for ya? Them: Budweiser. Me: Budweiser? Them: uh huh. Budweiser.
    Me: Here ya go, anything else? Them: I said Bud Light. Me: Oh snap! My bad. I thought you said Budweiser, hence all the repeating of the word, 'Budweiser'. I'll grab you a Bud Light, no worries.

    Them 5 minutes later: Can I get another Budweiser? Me: *bewildered *blank stare wtf'ing myself all the way to the cooler. Me: Just to clarify, you did say BUDWEISER, not Bud Light, correct? Them: *visibly annoyed Yeaaaa. Me: ok, *sets bottle on the bar and goes to mark down tab. Them: Hey! hey, where's my Bud Light? Me: grabs a Bud Light and sets it on the bar and then goes into the kitchen to bang my head on the wall.

    [–] ‘Don’t tip him, we’ll take care of him at the end.’ CounterfeitDime 2 points ago in bartenders

    Ugh, this happened to me the other night. Yes, it is total bullshit and it definitely makes you reexamine your faith in humanity, but it comes with the territory. I remember people like this and although I still give them excellent service, I do not make their drinks with the same amount of love 2nd time around. I insult the drinks in my head as I'm making them. I tell the ice it looks fat in that particular glass, i tell the liquor I heard it was easy and the mixer that its daddy didnt love it enough to stick around. Hell, I even tell the coasters and straws they look stupid. Petty AF, I know but it makes me feel better when I hand them a glass full of low self esteem and liquid daddy issues.

    [–] Really glad with how these came out CounterfeitDime 2 points ago in tiedye

    May I ask what brand of dye you used?

    [–] Rant: I'm your doctor, please stop. CounterfeitDime 7 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Agree with the 'just' thing. I am a tiny little word nerd and it bothered me so much, I actively tried to eliminate every unesseccary 'just' from my vocab/writings/songs and felt no matter the context, all around read/sounded so much more confident and positive. And sincere.

    [–] How to help my friend... CounterfeitDime 1 points ago in domesticviolence

    Also I feel like I left out a really important piece. My bf has not done this before. Ever. We've been together for over 3 years. I have a 9 yr old son, he has a 6 yr old daughter. We are a family. At least I thought we were. My mind is all over the place, those are 2 pretty key pieces of info. Lol. Again with the pooping mouth, I promise I will go away now. Hope your friend is ok.

    [–] How to help my friend... CounterfeitDime 1 points ago in domesticviolence

    Although you didnt state that he is also physically abusive, he could be working his way up to it. Sou nds like he has no problem being a self entitled bully. He could be a narcissist or just a severely emotionally stunted individual. The thing with the mom really has me concerned that her mother is definitely a narc and your friend has possibly been emotionally abused by her own mother for years. It all seems to fit. Sister (golden child) teams up with narc mom threatening the poor vulnerable woman with her child, the one source of unconditional love she has. My mother is a textbook narcissist and at 36 years old, me, an almost college graduate with a degree in psychology(final year, yay!) had not one clue and only realized this over the past 2 years. I feel like your friend is stuck in these destructive patterns because it is all she knows. It is heartbreaking to watch someone you care about be trampled on by the ones who are supposed to protect and respect. I am genuinely sorry i have verbally pooped myself in your 3 nearly week old comment section, i am still pretty shook up from this morning and I would like to channel this weird energy into helping someone, anyone never have to feel this way again. My offer still stands. I am a tiny 5'1 woman with blue hair and I travel to wheeling twice a week for class. If you think it would just cause her more trouble, say no more, totally understand. If you've spoken to her since your post and the point is moo, cows opinion it is then. If you are still reading this, bless your soul and thank you. I really have nobody I can talk to about this and keeping it in all day made me nearly pop like a balloon.

    [–] How to help my friend... CounterfeitDime 1 points ago in domesticviolence

    hit the wrong button. I'm so sorry about the situation your friend is in. I have just found myself in a similar pickle and once the adrenaline and shock wears off, we will have to talk about it and I already know he will guilt trip, gas light and manipulate me into believing it is my fault and I deserved it. He will also minimize his role and profusely deny the extent of his abuse. He is not dumb, he chooses his words very wisely to absolve himself of any responsibility and I'll probably fall for his evil twat schemes and end up caving. Fucking asshole. Ugh. Anyway, the main reason I commented is that I live 35 minutes south of Wheeling WV and could possibly try to check on your friend. I feel like this is something I need to do and I hope that doesn't make me seem like a freak- inserting myself into a another couple's tumultuous bullshit has never been my strength but I'll give it solid effort. Why? Because after the way my lovey literally beat the shit out of me with my own god damn shoe this morning, yanked a very heavy dangly earring clean out of my ear backwards, kicked me with his size 11 flintstone feet repeatedly and just straight womping on me with everything from his heavy ass leather jacket to my cup of hot tea he decided to garnish with a cigarette butt; I just want to make sure she is ok. I know we were loud af. 7am: him rage screaming, calling me a whore and all the other derogatory things guys like him say; me shrieking in disbelief and pain while begging him to stop. We share a wall with our neighbor. I can hear the dude fart in the evenings so I know he most definitely heard unless he had already left for work. I thought for sure someone in our neighborhood would hear us and either call the police or come see what the commotion is. I mean our landlord lives across the street! We are the 3rd house from the high school!! This occurred around 6:40am ish to 7:30, Had it happened friday morning there would've been at least 40 students walking by at that time and 2 police officers posted at the school. I shielded my face and ear the best I could because at this point it was tangled in my hair and everytime my head moved, my hair yanked the earring in further. It ended up ripping completely thru. It fucking hurt. My beautiful turquoise earring is covered in dried blood and mangled. I'm sorry, I guess I needed to tell someone who doesn't know me or him and see if it sounds as crazy as I think it is. I've been pretty much numb but buzzing with electricity all day and I started to believe my lack of ugly crying meant that on some level I must've deserved it. But when I just proof read my comment the part about his flintstone feet literally just caused my heart to implode. I don't think he understands the severity of what he has done.

    [–] Rachel's career goals CounterfeitDime 1 points ago in vanderpumprules

    Is this true? My name actually is Racquel and people usually call me Rachel and think whatever, no big deal, close enough... .lol. not the same.

    [–] What to do when everything “sparks joy”.. CounterfeitDime 1 points ago in femalefashionadvice

    I keep hearing about this kondo business.....should I pay my Netflix bill and watch it? I'm a packrat in a sentimental type of way. I feel like people will be upset with me for throwing things out that they've given to me.

    [–] Some new hoodies in stock CounterfeitDime 3 points ago in tiedye

    Looks like a kitten cat.

    [–] What do I say now CounterfeitDime 1 points ago in trippinthroughtime

    Using this tonight.