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    [–] Maximalist Miniaturist CounterfeitDime 1 points ago in Dollhouses

    Awesome. I want that in my life size house.

    [–] Maximalist Miniaturist CounterfeitDime 7 points ago * (lasted edited 15 hours ago) in Dollhouses

    I love it too. All the knickknacks and accessories are so cute. That wallpaper is great! I am a copy cat and i too, would like to know where you found it.

    [–] Fuck you. CounterfeitDime 2 points ago in suboxone

    Im sorry about that, I had just woken up. I read through the thread and my comment was definitely not meant for you, it was meant for the comment above yours.

    [–] Fuck you. CounterfeitDime 1 points ago in suboxone

    Honestly, i just thought the comments saying they must smell disgusting were kinda mean. There is no reason for you to be rude to me. I was only trying to show some support.

    [–] What is your most underrated piece? CounterfeitDime 2 points ago in femalefashionadvice

    A good pair of fabric scissors can make all the difference!

    [–] Fuck you. CounterfeitDime 5 points ago in suboxone

    I was going to comment on your last post but i was at my sons baseball practice and i had to put my phone down and help. It was incredibly rude of them to say that to you. It made me mad to read it. I know what its like to lose the motivation to care for yourself due to suboxone and my depression. Im still struggling with it. Today i planned to stay up after getting the kids off to school and clean the house, shower, make some phone calls and do some laundry. But none of that happened. I laid in my bed and stared at the ceiling, angry at myself for being like this but too overwhelmed to know where to start. I made a quick dinner and then off to practice. Tomorrow is a new day. We are all doing the best we can. Some people are more judgey than others. I hope your day gets better.

    [–] Long John Silver’s is a Large-Scale Marijuana money laundering Operation CounterfeitDime 4 points ago in conspiracy

    My boyfriend and i have been saying this for years! We dont understand how the place stays open because theres never anybody there. 2 locations in 30 miles and never a soul at either one.

    [–] Jax: Me cheating made us stronger. Definitely made her stronger. CounterfeitDime 28 points ago in vanderpumprules

    He is my ex, thru and thru. Spitting image, same whiny eye-rolling, gaslighting, boomerang blame behavior. I honestly hope she doesnt marry him. No amount of money or fame is worth that.

    [–] A true legend. CounterfeitDime 1 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    I was thinking the same thing...

    [–] The bar I work at has some rules CounterfeitDime 1 points ago in bartenders

    This is a thing?! I think I just found my people.

    [–] Let's say a hypothetical scenario is close and you are very new to everything and will have to survive on your own - how would you prepare for this? CounterfeitDime 2 points ago in Survival

    I have bug out bag with the essentials but my pride and joy is a small suitcase stashed with road maps, atlas', a first aid text book, books about edible plants, constellations, small engines and also packages of veggie seeds and dozens of bungee cords. My bf thinks im nuts but i honestly think my atlas/seed/bungee collection will come in handy someday. I recently made some fire starters out of dryer lint, candle wax and cardboard. They are small, work well and smell awesome.

    [–] Feeling a stranger's death CounterfeitDime 3 points ago in Empaths

    Ive found myself in a similar situation. A young boy id never met passed away under tragic circumstances and it nearly leveled me. I would sob uncontrollably for hours and just felt so empty and sad. I was hopeless. I was grieving for the loss of a child i had never seen. I honestly believe that her (the mothers) pain was too much for her to bare so i took some of it on until her grief was no longer a threat to her. It pretty much destroyed my relationship at the time because he could not understand why it affected me so much and i sounded crazy trying to explain it. This has happened several times throughout my life however this particular time was very intense. Perhaps the universe has called upon you to carry some of his girlfriend's pain so she can be strong for their children. Thats how i look at it. Sometimes the load is too damn heavy for one to carry so the excess is given to someone strong enough to support it. Just remember that this is temporary and take care.

    [–] True Life: I threw up all over the bar in Vanderpump Cocktail Garden CounterfeitDime 5 points ago in vanderpumprules

    Wow. First of all, this is hysterical and i really feel for you. Ive also done some mega embarrassing shit in my day. For my 21st bday, i was in NY for a Phish show with my best guy friend and his 2 older sisters. We all took some x and had an amazing night. At the end of the show, as we were leaving the venue i looked around and noticed policemen on horseback. I am TERRIFIED of horses so i get a little panicky but the horse was cool and just minding his own business. The crowd starts to funnel into 2 gates and all of a sudden im getting shoved and bumped. Im afraid im gonna get stomped because im little 5'1 and the crowd is seriously closing in on me. I get hot and dizzy qnd the next thing i know im projectile vomiting directly in the middle of some wooks back. I can still hear the splatter sound, haha!😦 My genius plan was to cover my mouth with my hand and it just goes shooting out both sides and spraying the unfortunate people beside me. I felt awful for basically being a 🤢🤮barf bomb and splashing at least 6-8 people. Nobody was mad tho, just concerned and grossed out a bit. A circle opens up around me and im no longer being trampled so i just wiped my mouth and kept going. Oh to be young again. Ps. Ive been a bartender for 16 years and i wouldve felt terrible if i offered someone a FREE bday shot and it made them yack!

    [–] This is just cruel CounterfeitDime 277 points ago in trashy

    And now im crying over a goose ive never met. I will never understand why humans do shit like this. That poor mother goose. I wanna hug her.

    [–] Interesting Title CounterfeitDime 1 points ago in bartenders

    Yesssss. This is perfect.

    [–] One shoe and a story will cost you $100 CounterfeitDime 7 points ago in poshmark

    I like the fact that they got to use "hence" in the description. I love that word.

    [–] His name is Long Claw and he is my baby. CounterfeitDime 1 points ago in SupermodelCats

    And thats his big brother and cuddle buddy, Naomi Grey...

    [–] Dad!!! Nooooooo!! CounterfeitDime 6 points ago in SupermodelCats

    I posted a pic to this sub. :)