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    [–] What did you think you were really good at until you saw someone who was *actually* really good at it? Creative_username969 5 points ago in AskReddit

    That’s accurate. In fact, when people ask me what my job involves, I tell them that “we’re the legal world’s version of nurses.” Just remember to never discount the experiences and insights of others. Best of luck in law school!

    [–] What did you think you were really good at until you saw someone who was *actually* really good at it? Creative_username969 14 points ago * (lasted edited 5 hours ago) in AskReddit

    Just remember, law school is a largely symbolic formality; it doesn’t actually teach you how to be a lawyer. I’m a paralegal, and the newly minted attorneys that come into my firm (even the ones with great rankings from highly prestigious schools) know precisely jack-shit about how the whole lawyering thing works. Get good grades, but remember: the smartest person in your class is going to be in the same, deeply bewildered, borderline-useless, place you’ll be once you ultimately hit a firm. I know you’re a few years out, but I hope you remember this advice: if you have a non-strategic legal question, ask a paralegal before you ask another lawyer - 9/10 times we can give you the answer, or at a minimum help you work through it, if not, we’ll tell you, “you gotta ask another lawyer about this.” Also, be kind to us; if we hate you, we can fuck your shit up in cruel and unforeseeable ways....

    [–] My [F28] MIL won't take my kid's [4] anaphylactic peanut allergy seriously Creative_username969 2 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in relationship_advice

    She could file for a TRO and an injunction barring STBX from bringing LO around MIL at the same/similar time she files for divorce.

    [–] Police: Fake cop busted pulling over real detectives on Long Island Creative_username969 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in nottheonion

    I went to high school with a kid who used his volunteer EMS lights to fuck with people while driving. He later went to prison for stealing a bunch of laptops from our high school amidst a scandal that ultimately sent the county police commissioner to jail.

    [–] AITA for getting someone I didn't like kicked out of a debate team for smoking weed and juuling? Creative_username969 11 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    YTA. You went out of your way to hurt this dude for no other reason than you could; that’s a dick move. As a general rule, even if what someone’s doing is illegal or (in your opinion) immoral, if there’s no victim or risk of harm to others, mind your damn business.

    [–] Taking dating websites seriously Creative_username969 1 points ago in dating_advice

    OkCupid profiles actually require a bunch of effort. There’s no way to phone in online dating as a dude and have any luck.

    [–] Taking dating websites seriously Creative_username969 1 points ago in dating_advice

    Your bio says plenty about what you’re looking for, but nothing substantive about who you are as a person or what you’re into (everyone likes hanging out with friends, and most people like watching movies. Nothing unique or defining in there). Relationships are initially built on common ground, and if you don’t give them any potentially common ground, you’re just a generic, unremarkable fish in the sea. You gotta have more about yourself and your interests in there.

    [–] Creepy or Romantic Creative_username969 2 points ago in dating_advice

    It’s good that you’re self-aware enough to realize that about yourself. To clarify though, what I meant by what I said is that “engaged and close to marriage” is the earliest possible point that it’s not a bad idea to show it to her. As a general rule, trust your gut; not your brain. Your brain is capable of some spectacularly complicated mental gymnastics, but your gut is rarely wrong. Congrats and best of luck

    [–] Creepy or Romantic Creative_username969 2 points ago in dating_advice

    Don’t show it to her until you’re engaged and it’s close to the wedding. The whole “I was in love with you since the moment we met” thing is pretty creepy if you aren’t close to marriage.

    [–] Should I (20M) delay my flight for a girl (21F) that I just met? Creative_username969 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    Take the later flight; 13 days at home is plenty. You’re gonna be bored off your gourd after the first week anyway, do you really wanna spend an extra 5 days clawing at the walls instead of being with this girl you really like? No, no you don’t. Take the later flight.

    [–] What is to be done about my (30M) obese mom (55F)? Creative_username969 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    I think you already know deep down you need to move out. As for your mom, try and see if there are any other services she may now be eligible for now that she’s immobile. Try reaching out to the agency that’s already paying for the nurse. Also, reach out to Adult Protective Services; they may know about some programs or services that aren’t common knowledge. At the end of the day though, she’s an adult who made her own choices, and she’s never going to change unless she wants to change. She made her bed, now she’s gotta lie in it (sorry, couldn’t resist) and that isn’t your problem or your responsibility. You need to look out for what’s best for yourself which means 1) moving out, and 2) seeing a therapist.

    [–] Emotional Support for Ex Creative_username969 2 points ago in relationship_advice

    You don’t. Honestly, you shouldn’t be talking to her at all. She needs to move on, and by being in her life you’re preventing that from happening. Time is the only thing that’s gonna make her feel better, and the clock won’t start until you tell her that you’re never gonna get back together, you’re not gonna stay friends, and you’re not gonna talk anymore.

    [–] Bf hates my body hair Creative_username969 26 points ago in relationship_advice

    You don’t explain it to him. Tell him you’re not going to do it, and you won’t hear another word from him about it. If he tries to bring it up, shut it down from the get go. Honestly though, you should probably just leave him. He sounds like a controlling douche. Everyone has preferences, and that fine, but you find someone with similar preferences, not impose them on others.

    [–] Am I being taken advantage of? Creative_username969 6 points ago in paralegal

    That’s fucking ridiculous what you’re dealing with. No offense, but pragmatically speaking, there’s no way you should have that much responsibility as an entry-level para. I wasn’t allowed to prep for a deposition solo and unsupervised until I’d been at my job for over a year. Time to find a new gig.

    [–] I can’t believe there are still some parents that leave their children in the car. Look at that poor little sweaty dude. Creative_username969 5 points ago in iamatotalpieceofshit

    Its more to do with the fact that cold temperatures slow down the body’s metabolism, which in some cases can allow the brain to stay alive even in the absence of respiration and a pulse. Hence the expression, “the patient isn’t dead until they’re warm and dead.”

    [–] Just had someone quit because they were bored Creative_username969 13 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in paralegal

    It isn’t common, but it happens. I’m at a small firm that specializes in complex litigation. At any given point we have no more than 15-20 active cases (split between 2 partners, 2 associates, and 3 paralegals) - the work comes in waves. Sometimes I work 150-170 hours in a 2-week pay period with no days off, and sometimes I only bill maybe 10 hours a month.