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    [–] WIBTA if I said no to my own wedding? Creative_username969 0 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    OP stated her wishes very clearly when she told her mom what she wanted her wedding to be, and her mom steamrolled right over that for her own selfish reasons. Her mom is the asshole here. Regardless of the context, anything other than a yes, means no.

    [–] Personal injury (Texas) Creative_username969 1 points ago in paralegal

    This is something you need to talk to the people you work with about. None of us are familiar with your work, so none of us can give you meaningful advice about how to improve it.

    [–] How do those weed trucks selling weed lollipops get away with selling fake weed pops? Suckers for suckers? Creative_username969 11 points ago in AskNYC

    It’s CBD. If there was anything illegal in their products, they’d have been busted ages ago - those trucks are rolling probable cause.

    [–] My girlfriend of 3.5 years kisses ex at sisters wedding right before I’m about to propose Creative_username969 7 points ago in relationship_advice

    I say go on the trip. You need some time to think and get your thoughts in order, and that will be easier if you don’t have to come home and see her every night and listen to her try to persuade you to let this go. Swap your hotels for hostels though, way more fun when you’re traveling solo - you meet interesting people and find out about stuff that you otherwise wouldn’t have found it about. Head over to r/solotravel if you feel weird about going abroad alone and need some reassurance. They also give dope, city-specific travel advice.

    [–] NYC Shuts Down Yeshiva That Wouldn't Show Immunization Records Creative_username969 2 points ago in WinStupidPrizes

    Also, the ACLU is known for its love of Jews.

    Exactly! That's why I brought them up. The fact the ACLU is spearheading lawsuits against the Hasidic community on this subject should be a pretty clear indicator that this isn't just some more baseless, Antisemitic, conspiracy theory nonsense, but rather an genuine fucking problem.

    [–] NYC Shuts Down Yeshiva That Wouldn't Show Immunization Records Creative_username969 2 points ago in WinStupidPrizes

    This isn’t your typical “the Jews are taking over everything” Infowars/alt-right bullshit, this is something that is actually happening. It’s gotten to the point that even the ACLU has gotten involved.

    [–] should I get my paralegal studies cert if my ultimate goal is law school? Creative_username969 2 points ago in paralegal

    If you’re not 100% sold on being a lawyer, definitely become a paralegal first - better to figure out you don’t want to be a lawyer before you take out all of those loans.

    There’s no universally accepted distinction between the terms “Paralegal,” “Legal Assistant,” and “legal secretary.” Many firms/places use the terms interchangeably, while at others, the terms describe different roles. While looking for jobs, paralegal and legal assistant jobs are going to be the types of work you’re looking for. If you see any legal secretary positions, read the descriptions carefully and ask a lot of questions about the responsibilities, as the term is often used to make a clerical/admin/receptionist position seem more appealing.

    [–] should I get my paralegal studies cert if my ultimate goal is law school? Creative_username969 3 points ago in paralegal

    The cert opens more doors for you, though it’s not explicitly necessary. Becoming a paralegal first is a wise idea because it’ll allow you to see the legal profession up close and decide on the basis of that whether you still want to be a lawyer. It will also teach you a lot of stuff that will serve you well in law school and beyond, especially if you do the cert, which is kinda like law school-lite.

    [–] AITA for refusing to pay rent to my parents? Creative_username969 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Lucky bastards. Where I live (NYC), an apartment that size could be $4k/mo. easy.

    [–] [NYC] Rental Lease - please help confirm legalities and language. How do “room to room” rentals work? Creative_username969 1 points ago in legaladvice

    Yes, because in most circumstances that’s the only legal way to write a lease in NYC. That said, not all landlords will actually enforce that, and will leave you alone so long as you pay the amount they say you owe for your room. The way this is worded though, tells me this landlord will absolutely enforce this.

    [–] Handling Default Judgement - FL, USA Creative_username969 1 points ago in legaladvice

    Was a lawsuit actually filed against you, and were you served with it?

    [–] WIBTA for losing business over *POSSIBLE* sexual harassment? Creative_username969 8 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    NTA. For starters, what you described is sexual harassment. Secondly, you’re never the asshole for standing up for yourself. You feeling safe and secure is work is worth more than money, doubly so when it’s your boss’s money.

    [–] My stupid mouth and me. Short Stories and anecdotes. Creative_username969 3 points ago in MilitaryStories

    This is the last sub I expected to see an avatar reference on - thank you for it, kind stranger.

    [–] Outlaw Queen has lost her damn mind - Lawyer update Creative_username969 6 points ago in JUSTNOMIL

    This is frivolous litigation - not vexatious litigation - hence the impending request for sanctions.

    [–] AITA for wanting my step dad to replace my laptop with a new £2000 one? Creative_username969 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Sue his ass. He sounds like the kind of prick that will never pay you back unless you have a court order that will allow you to sell his car out from under him. Which you should do if he refuses to pay you.

    [–] Found the most annoying person on earth in Tokyo. Creative_username969 1 points ago in trashy

    “There was a crazy person holding up the train.” This is a universally accepted excuse in every city with a subway system.

    [–] Which has been your favorite neighborhood to live in and which which has been the worse? Why? Creative_username969 2 points ago in AskNYC

    I did the same thing, but I was in a illegal basement apartment in a house with bad plumbing. I like Bushwick, miss the trees and the quiet of Ditmas Park.

    [–] What in the world is a Joinder? (NY Surrogate) Creative_username969 2 points ago in paralegal

    To be safe, because surrogates court can get really screwy and doesn’t always play by the CPLR’s rules, make sure there’s not something about it in the SCPA.

    [–] My young mead tastes HORRIBLE Creative_username969 2 points ago in prisonhooch

    You used too much honey and didn’t use a yeast with a high enough alcohol tolerance (the max ABV a strain of yeast can handle before it dies of alcohol poisoning). Here’s some basic mead math to help you out going forward: In 1 gallon (3.78L) of water, one pound (454g) of honey turns into ~5% alcohol. Your first batch tastes the way it does because you used a higher-tolerance yeast in (12-14%) in a relatively weak solution (~2lbs/gal) so all the sugar got fermented out. If you want it sweeter, just gradually add honey to it until it tastes the way you want it to. That mead is super dry, and dry mead tastes kinda sour. Your second batch tastes undrinkably sweet because you used a low tolerance yeast (4-6%) in a concentrated solution (~4lbs/gal), so very little of the sugar was fermented. Going forward, calculate how much honey you need to hit the ABV you want (choose your yeast accordingly), then back sweeten it once fermentation has stopped and you’ve racked it into secondary.