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    [–] This old 7up can I found in the attic of my new house Creedelback 140 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Uh, no. It's from 1820. The year is right there on the can.

    [–] Anyone here not in advertising who finds this subreddit incredibly entertaining? Creedelback 7 points ago in advertising

    I was in advertising. I liked it. Sometimes the hours sucked if you had a pitch or something but most of the time I was able to jet at 5:30.

    Did some good work. Had a few years doing some pretty solid broadcast spots. Got to travel to some cool places. It bought me this sweet condo. Then I made the horrible mistake of turning 40. Agency lost a big client and I was axed. The clients I worked on were doing fine. But cuts had to be made.

    This business has no loyalty. Zero. No company does, I guess, but in advertising it's like Logan's Run. In fact, just making an outdated reference to Logan's Run I think automatically bars me from being in the industry ever again. Not a lot of ACD jobs out there anyway. And since I never quite got the CD title, I won't be getting those jobs.

    So right now I'm freelancing. It's steady-ish. It's fine for now, but not sustainable. But it's probably the best I can hope for while I slowly transition to... barista maybe?

    Eventually my wife will leave me, I'll be able to devote myself full time to my alcoholism, I mean whisky hobby, use up my 401k before I turn 50 and have a sleepover with sweet lady carbon monoxide.

    Is that entertaining enough for you?

    [–] Backyard Ninja Creedelback 1 points ago in interestingasfuck

    I always wondered what happened to the "Ask a Ninja" guy.

    [–] Solidarity [OC] Creedelback 0 points ago in funny


    [–] I need some help writing a piece - specifically pivot chords. Creedelback 1 points ago in piano

    You can use the same approach if you want.

    Since these keys are close on the circle of fifths (3 flats vs. 1 flat) they share a few chords.

    E-flat is: Eb - Fm - Gm - Ab - Bb - Cm - Ddim

    F is: F - Gm - Am - Bb - C - Dm - Edim

    Ah, they share two chords. Gm and Bb.

    So again, the easiest way to establish a new key is with a V-I resolution. V-I in F is C (or C7)-F. G minor is the ii of F and ii-V-I is a very common cadence.

    The B flat is V in E flat and IV in F so pivoting there and playing Bb - C - F may not be a convincing resolution. That is, is may not sound like you've modulated. But what if you still pivoted on the Bb and delayed the resolution by moving to a D minor then to C. The D minor, which only appears in the F scale may help establish the new key better.

    And of course, feel free to play around with inversions and secondary dominants. For example, what if you went from Bb to A7 (V/vi in F major) then to D minor then C-first inversion then to F.

    A lot of times, delaying a resolution like that can help keep the ear from wanting to hear the music return to the home key.

    [–] I need some help writing a piece - specifically pivot chords. Creedelback 5 points ago in piano

    Well, the best way to establish a key change is to have a good V-i cadence. So in some ways, you're looking for a way to get to a G or G7.

    You mentioned pivot chords. Pivot chords are just chords that are shared by two keys. Since, as you said, Cm is the relative minor of E-flat, they share a lot of chords, but they act in a different way.

    For example A-flat major is the IV and VI in E-flat major and C minor, respectively. They both can lead to the dominant pretty easily in both keys. Add a sharp 6 to the A-flat (an F#) and it can act as a Neapolitan chord to G major. It can also lead nicely to a C minor second inversion (G in the bass) which then leads to a V-i resolution.

    F minor would also be a good pivot chord (ii in E-flat, iv in C minor). And the viiº in E-flat is the iiº in C minor. iiº - V - i is a common minor cadence.

    Of course, this is all diatonic type progressions not thing into account borrowed chords or extended triadic harmonies or things like that.

    But whatever progression you choose, it may be more determined by your melody than just what chords you think sound nice together.

    Does that help?

    [–] What is the saddest thing you guys have seen on Valentine's day? Creedelback 4 points ago in AskReddit

    Old man eating alone at The Berghoff with a photo of his wife on the table.

    [–] Cameramen of porn, what are some of your stories? Creedelback -5 points ago in AskReddit

    I think you misunderstood. OP wanted stories from the camera operators, not the actors.

    [–] Do people learn hands separately? Creedelback 3 points ago in piano

    Depends on the music. For something more contrapuntal, I'll work through hands separately to figure out the best fingering and solidify it before putting them together.

    Difficult passages can benefit as well, sections with big leaps for example. It helps to have that muscle memory and keeps you from ingraining bad habits because you're not concentrating on the right thing.

    As my professor always said: practice doesn't make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect.

    [–] Feel like minimalism today! Have a great day :) Creedelback 7 points ago in piano

    It's pretty easy to figure out. I've never used an internet notation app before so I don't know if this'll work, but here it is.

    [–] My work here is done Creedelback 11 points ago in funny

    Is she drinking salad dressing?

    [–] Yuja.... what a legend. Creedelback 3 points ago in classicalmusic

    I'm going to see her perform in a few weeks. I wonder if she'll have a merch table selling these things.

    [–] Finally Creedelback 2 points ago in chicago

    Looks like it may have been taken near Washington Park.

    [–] What movies really fucked you up? Creedelback 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Has anyone said Paddleton?

    Because I don't like to be confronted with my own mortality in such a stark manner.

    [–] Old Bookshop in Buxton England Creedelback 1 points ago in pics

    What are you talking about? Just count them. One... two... five.

    [–] Freelance rant Creedelback 10 points ago in advertising

    I like freelancing.

    I can only pretend to care about a project for a month or two—maybe three—but any longer and it begins to get tougher to hide my disdain for the crappy product or service I'm trying to get people to buy, or the client's bullshit feedback, or whatever pointless social post they need right away, or any number of other things about this job that start to wear on you day after day.

    You know what you don't have to do as a freelancer? Deal with whatever stupid politics is going on. Or go to any of the awful office outings or powerpoint presentation/corporate pep rally shit they make employees attend.

    And you can usually leave whenever the hell you want (or at least I do) because you're hourly. Managers may not want to pay you for any extra time and I don't mind not earning a few bucks since I value time not spent behind a desk more than money. Then I'll take a week or two off between gigs because why not.

    It's just how you look at it, I guess.

    As for your LinkedIn profile, instead of putting all the gigs separately, you could list your position as 'freelancer' and list the clients/agencies under that job.

    [–] Condos that have a second bedroom where the wall does not go up all the way Creedelback 4 points ago in chicago

    My loft condo is like this. It works fine for my wife and me—we use the second bedroom as an office—but if we had a kid it probably would not be ideal.