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    [–] To the Japanese mum, holding her toddler on the train to Osaka. Crepe027 35 points ago in UnsentLetters

    Keep it up OP! we are kinda on the same boat, i always want to help others but everytime i try doing something my Social Anxiety kicks in and i can't help but to stand doing nothing. i'm Happy for you OP

    [–] SUB 2 PAOLUL!!!! Crepe027 1 points ago in PampamilyangPaoLUL

    PaoLuL is more like the Philippine version of FilthyFrank

    [–] what do i listen to? Crepe027 1 points ago in IBetYouListenTo

    Guns And Roses, Mettalica, Linkin Park, MCR, and other Classic Rock Band?

    [–] First ever Black Hole photo. Crepe027 7 points ago in MadeMeSmile

    Further Details

    • First ever to be photographed

    • 6.5 billion times the mass of the sun

    • Image taken by Event Horizon Telescope

    • In Messier 87, the largest known galaxy

    • Over 54 million light-years away

    • Astronomer: 'We have seen what we thought was unseeable'.

    (c) The Spectator Index

    [–] Do you fear death? Why/why not? Crepe027 1 points ago in AskReddit

    No, i don't fear death itself, the only thing i'm scared is the process of dying

    [–] Just the truth Crepe027 1 points ago in dankmemes

    Ching Chong 100

    [–] The final battle is about to begin Crepe027 1 points ago in dankmemes


    [–] Killing is always better than giving mercy Crepe027 3 points ago in mobilelegends

    You expected a gameplay! but it was me DIO!!!!

    [–] NUKE EM Crepe027 1 points ago in dankmemes

    If we nuke em they will create a Monstrosity called Anime