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    [–] Fun with triforce and green stuff part 2 [SPOILER: triforce mini] CrimsAK 1 points ago in Gloomhaven

    Nice work! And yeah the chest is a pain to paint. Small brushes and magnifying glasses if you’ve got them.

    [–] [I Ate] a Salmiakki (Salty Liquorice) ice cream with black vanilla cone. CrimsAK 4 points ago in food

    One of my friends introduced me to mixing Turkish Pepper licorice with Finnish vodka to make homemade salmiakki kosenkorva and it is delicious. I rarely ever drink but I recently made some for a friend and half the bottle was gone before I got it to her.

    One of my other friends described it as ‘the taste of a greasy old man’.

    [–] Does anyone else not care about painted figurines? CrimsAK 7 points ago in Gloomhaven

    Different people enjoy different things. I’d rather see minis than memes. There’s usually more effort put into the former. I’m a mini painter and like seeing what people do.

    [–] A Link Through the Past CrimsAK 53 points ago in gaming

    Hoowup! Ha! Hup!

    [–] WIP Kingdom Death Base (The Hand) - Done or Modify? CC Please! CrimsAK 5 points ago in minipainting

    Not an expert in OSL but yes, if the eyes are glowing increase the contrast and make the eyes brighter. Agree to back off the light hitting the mouth, even the nose looks too far to me.

    Stone texture looks great.

    [–] I'll be streaming painting my Diviner mini. CrimsAK 0 points ago in Gloomhaven

    Got pulled away for work for the first night, but got a start on the base and put up a video.

    [–] Fair, or am I just whining? CrimsAK 1 points ago in nationalguard

    Honestly you're being a little whiny. You need to learn when to verify. And the punishment is not that bad. Understanding and being good on matters of supply is very important, especially when you get signed for millions of dollars of Army stuff. As an officer, you are expected to have a higher level of responsibility and this should help hammer it home.

    [–] My grandfather in the 1970s-80s. He was a private investigator in Australia. CrimsAK 2 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    Enjoy the series! I only read it two years ago. Wizard and Glass was my personal favorite. The Wind Through the Keyhole was also a good short story of young Roland.

    [–] I am a shitbag. CrimsAK 13 points ago in army

    Is Guzman a common last name? I only know one, he's a fulltime guard dude in Alaska so if that's him don't worry as he's fine on money and job security.

    [–] [I ate] Tiroler grostl with a beer CrimsAK 4 points ago in food

    We spent over a week there and it was beautiful. If you’re near Innsbruck there’s a great mountain ‘toboggan run’ in Mieders which is like a roller coaster but you’re in a single person car with control of the brake. Lots of fun and there’s a nice restaurant on top of the mountain plus tons of hiking trails.

    [–] Dark eldar succubus from GW. C&C welcome CrimsAK 3 points ago in minipainting

    Would agree and say the skin as well as the hair would benefit from more depth of contrast. The metal hair thing is a little plain in comparison to the rest of the model, you might consider adding some leadbelcher as ‘shadows’ or just do NMM.

    Overall the model is great though, nice highlighting not only on the model but also on the marine helm, good basing, clean work. Also want to note that the light and blending on the whip is well done.

    [–] Is my unit particularly fucked up, or is this normal for the Guard? CrimsAK 8 points ago in nationalguard

    Guard deployments can be weird. Lots of changes can pop up due to manning issues. I've seen brigade deployments get cancelled and company deployments being whittled down to one platoon and an HQ section. Usually it's locked in a little more than two months out from the few I've seen, but hearing about that doesn't surprise me. Stay flexible.

    FWIW I've also heard about active deployments where they went all the way through trainup and got cancelled when they were going to get on the airplane.

    As for how long you'll be gone, usually that's a set 9 months these days.

    [–] France records all-time hottest temperature of 44.3C | World news CrimsAK 4 points ago in worldnews

    Alaska doesn't have a ton of AC in homes actually, more in commercial buildings. It's in the mid/high 80s (F) up here. A bunch of my neighbors are military who just recently moved up and are asking where the AC units are in their houses.

    [–] WIP - making a large hammer for a character and managed to make a tiny little fancy L for texture on it. CrimsAK 1 points ago in minipainting

    Thanks! I worked more on the hammer tonight so it is mostly done. Most of the work will be doing the NMM gold since there are so many angled surfaces.

    [–] WIP - making a large hammer for a character and managed to make a tiny little fancy L for texture on it. CrimsAK 2 points ago in minipainting

    The original model is a Reaper mini - Casiatta, Anti-Paladin. I'm only modding it a bit, mostly the weapon. This is a re-creation of a miniature I did two years ago when I was getting back into painting, you can see it here.

    I was really happy with how the original turned out, but I left it at a friend's and through no fault of his it was lost. I decided to remake it, hopefully better this time.

    The horn is added - I drilled a tiny hole in the head with a pin vice, cut a tiny portion of safety pin and glued it in. I've covered it with a tiny bit of greenstuff now and will do another horn tomorrow once the hair has cured. On the original I tried just attaching the greenstuff directly to the model without a pin but they fell off within a day and were lost in the carpet.

    [–] What video game has the best music? CrimsAK 9 points ago in AskReddit

    Exactly. I never even played Chrono Cross and I still listen to the OST all the time.

    [–] Anachrony paths of Harmony and Domination done at tabletop level with contrast paints CrimsAK 2 points ago in minipainting

    Super happy with how fast it was to get these done. I have noticed that the contrast medium doesn't work as well as I'd like for the windows/viewports. I thought it would flow differently over convex surfaces but if they're too shallow it doesn't move as much as I'd like.

    Still, given I did these all over a couple evenings I'm pleased.