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    [–] 2nd and 3rd place winners of the World Figure Skating Championships help to lift the champion for podium photo CrispyShizzles 1 points ago in nextfuckinglevel

    Two people gently lifting someone up for a photo is not next fucking level. People being nice is not next fucking level, but it appears that that is what this sub has come to.

    [–] We don't deserve Debra CrispyShizzles 7 points ago in oldpeoplefacebook

    More Irn Bru courses through my veins than blood

    [–] Le Civil War has arrived CrispyShizzles 5 points ago in dogelore

    Drummer boys memorized different beats and tempos and the army learned to recognize what each one signified, so orders could be relayed across the battlefield quickly and efficiently. Read Drums of War for an interesting look into the life of a Union drummer boy. And an interesting look into just how many tears it’s possible to cry in one hour.

    [–] Le Civil War has arrived CrispyShizzles 3 points ago in dogelore

    Le me reading Drums of War as a child and not emotionally recovering from it and then trying to reread it as an adult knowing the ending and still sobbing and breaking down has arrived

    [–] I just had an epiphany regarding orphan of kos. CrispyShizzles 2 points ago in bloodborne

    And the orphan(in the waking world) was taken right after he was “born”, ripped from his dead mother’s womb and taken away to Byrgenwerth to be studied and experimented on, likely dying shortly thereafter or kept alive in a weakened state.

    My point is, we fight the Orphan right after he is born. Imagine how strong he would be after a few years of experience, or after he was fully matured. By the time he developed into an adult, he might not need to fight us at all. He’d probably be able to flip your skin inside out and rupture your organs with his fucking mind.

    [–] I just had an epiphany regarding orphan of kos. CrispyShizzles 7 points ago in bloodborne

    Just like how a great one impregnated Arianna without her knowing, it’s possible that Kos was impregnated by Gehrman without him knowing. They share the same voice line of a cry as well, among other similarities

    [–] What golden nugget of information do you have to share? CrispyShizzles 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Ever since that scene in Hatchet where Brian gets his shit kicked in by a moose I never trusted those bastards. Moved to Florida. The moose fear Florida.

    [–] That “I’m already grounded” feeling CrispyShizzles 8 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Because I always started the project the night before it was due. If you put it off until the last minute, it only takes a minute.

    [–] That “I’m already grounded” feeling CrispyShizzles 1 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    This poor guy makes me so sad. He’s also kind of a shitty person.

    [–] Please get my reference. CrispyShizzles 21 points ago in fireemblem

    Edelgard gay and Dorothea hot

    [–] My dream CrispyShizzles 1 points ago in darksouls3

    I think each game’s own engine has its own advantages and disadvantages. DS2 is so different to the others down to the engine that it would feel like a different game. DS1 was so much more slow and methodical than DS3, and I’m not sure it would work with the DS3 engine. Also, powerstancing would need to be in all three games, and I’m not sure it would be implemented well in DS1.

    [–] Oh, Sam. CrispyShizzles 3 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Not a weird bromance imo. Just a bromance. Two friends who care for each other and aren’t afraid to be vulnerable. Frodo might have been gay, but Samwise “Gonna Have Over a Dozen Children with Rosie Cotton” Gamgee probably wasn’t.

    [–] Oh, Sam. CrispyShizzles 1 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Also because he bore the One Ring and it’s implied it makes you immortal, so Frodo went to the undying lands. Sam goes there too after “dying”

    [–] Honestly wtf?? CrispyShizzles 1 points ago in coaxedintoasnafu

    There was a post with awards on there recently that was literally a UPS man hiding a package behind a pillar of the house it was delivered to

    [–] B A L T I M O R E CrispyShizzles 1 points ago in tumblr

    If you’re ever in the Jacksonville(Florida) Beach area there’s a restaurant called Poe’s that’s just an Edgar Allen Poe themed restaurant. All the meals are named after stories or poems and they’re all fucking delicious. Also the bathrooms have a radio that just play audio books of Poe. It’s kind of alarming when you’re tryna shit and Fortunado yells out “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, MONTRESSOR!!!!!”

    [–] One bad apple? Nope. We've seen this movie too many times CrispyShizzles 1 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Some people are saying that it’s due to a new feature on Facebook? Because what happened was someone said that the virus was made to kill all blacks and the police officer said “It didn’t work. How unfortunate.” People are saying that he wasn’t actually responding to the first comment even though his was right under it, because Facebook Live comments aren’t consecutive anymore. Like, they just give you random comments in a random order and they just happened to put a comment that definitely sounded like a racist reply to a racist comment. Nevermind that the entire comment thread was investigated and they found more comments “that were further up that was not suitable for a police officer to put up on Facebook.”(quote taken from the police chief who fired him)

    Absolutely astounding the excuses some people weave to pardon racists

    [–] Really, how is there a thing... there? CrispyShizzles 9 points ago in tumblr

    It gets pretty uncomfortable sometimes. Sometimes shits just flopping around in there and you need to adjust it or else you’ll be in pain but you can’t go fondling your particulars in public so you kinda just gotta deal with it.

    [–] Virgin abstract album cover vs Chad heavy metal album cover CrispyShizzles 4 points ago in virginvschad


    [–] Hope is punk as fuck CrispyShizzles 6 points ago in tumblr

    In The Way of Kings, Kaladin Stormblessed begins training his fellow slaves to fight in secret so that they one day might rebel and escape their bonds. The scene speaks to me a lot because of this quote from him: “The first thing you need to know is that it’s okay to care.” He goes on about how a lot of men think to be a soldier you need to be cold and uncaring, but the first thing Kaladin teaches them is the opposite. It’s the core of his character. He is a man who has always cared about people, and about protecting them, when everyone around him tells him that it makes him weak. Kaladin is perhaps the strongest character in the book, physically and emotionally. He’s emotionally broken, but it allows him to rebuild himself stronger. Kaladin is my favorite fucking character. Tall, dark, and handsome in full effect y’all.

    [–] getting freaky in the dungeons CrispyShizzles 2 points ago in tumblr

    The position of two peoples feet imply sex