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    [–] The FUCK? CrossP 2 points ago in RimWorld

    This is what happens when you knock all of your surgery tools on the floor and then knock the patient out of bed on to them.

    [–] My grandma's necklace from the early 1900s. The black "rock" looks and feels like plastic? CrossP 2 points ago in whatsthisrock

    Hardness will differentiate those two for sure. You can also do the poke it with a hot needle test. An acid test may work too. I'm too lazy to look up what jet does in acid.

    [–] Gays can turntables too CrossP 19 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Love the parishioner not the prayer.

    [–] How to make Books into interesting loot? CrossP 1 points ago in Pathfinder_RPG

    A book might contain recipes or instruction that are of great value to NPCs. Maybe an old alchemy book has notes scribbled in the margins for how to substitute local plants for expensive imported plants, and the local potion maker would gladly trade a handful of potions for it and give a permanent discount.

    Maybe they find a book detailing smithing styles for some ancient blade styles, and the local smith gives you the first masterwork weapon that she tries making from the book after it turns out to be a great success.

    You could also reward them with a census or history book that proves some lineage resulting in one of their favorite local allies receiving a lost title of nobility. Perhaps the new viscount even has some prizes or favors to offer after such a boon.

    [–] A sad but unavoidable end for two of the abandoned babies CrossP 6 points ago in PetMice

    I've tried this endeavor numerous times and found it to be nearly impossible. Godspeed.

    [–] *Laughs in Osteopath* CrossP 2 points ago in Residency


    [–] Treats before cleaning his cage! Reddit, meet Chance the Dapper 🐹 CrossP 2 points ago in chinchilla

    The trouble mostly is that oats and other cereal products have enough carbs that if the carbs aren't absorbed before they get to the colon and cecum, certain natural gut bacteria that should be a minority among the gut flora will gobble the carbs up and over multiply. Some of them produce gas when they digest carbohydrates. Some of them produce waste chemicals that mess with gut muscular action.

    So basically, while chins are usually fine with occasional carby treats, a big carb meal can cause these problems which can lead to constipation, diarrhea, pain, or gut paralysis.

    Since there is no specific prescribed safe amount, hardliners will simply say never give sugar/carb treats. The mods here always take a hardline stance because, well, they're the mods and can't risk being responsible for some user's tragedy.

    [–] Ain’t this the truth. CrossP 3 points ago in funny

    Suppressive fire!

    [–] Tree down blocking my sidewalk [Seeking Advice] CrossP 6 points ago in bloomington

    Pretty unlikely. You've taken "reasonable action". It isn't a hidden danger. And it isn't an "attractive nuisance". This should cover your ass pretty well.

    [–] Found a bun in the parking lot, meet Penny :) CrossP 16 points ago in Rabbits

    Throw em in a laundry basket and take them on a long car ride! Too unbalancing for a proper fight, so you gotta learn to be friends.

    [–] Ain’t this the truth. CrossP 2 points ago in funny

    Look, my grandma sometimes poops in my toilet.

    [–] Ain’t this the truth. CrossP 2 points ago in funny

    Not really. All of those bacteria were already in you.

    [–] Ain’t this the truth. CrossP 5 points ago in funny

    Also snakes can legit enter your house through the toilet.

    [–] Ain’t this the truth. CrossP 3 points ago in funny

    Except no flushing

    [–] Questions about Metal Dice to those who own them CrossP 4 points ago in DicePorn

    1. It's mostly about appropriate shape And rolling on a surface that isn't too slick and smooth.

    2. Rolling on to wood doesn't sound great and if the table is nice the sound of dents being formed will make your butthole pucker every time. Rolling them on to a glass table it like hitting your teeth with a hammer but in your ears.
      I would highly recommend investing in a "leather" dice tray. The sound and weight become satisfying and pleasant. Velvet trays work too, and adhesive-backed velvet sheets are cheap if you're making your own tray.

    3. I have a steel d20 the size of a baby's fist. We only ever roll it on the carpeted floor, but it does feel sort of amazing to use it for super important rolls or rolls that represent the whole party in some way. We used it mostly for kingdom rolls in Kingmaker.

    [–] My salty luck... CrossP 1 points ago in funny

    Oxidation of the NaCl?

    [–] My salty luck... CrossP 0 points ago in funny

    Nah. Ground is pretty moist

    [–] Can we please have bench seats back? CrossP 10 points ago in pics

    Low karma and recent account creation are two things that the anti-spam algorithms check for. So there are account farmers who use bots like this to build accounts that look slightly more real to the automated defenses. Then they sell those accounts to spammers who want to use them for advertising or influencing elections or whatever.