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    [–] Daily Discussion Thread 08/15/19 CuboneDota 13 points ago in SSBM

    Mango recently said on stream that he thinks it should be banned because he thinks melee is a spectator sport and all the spectators hate wobbling

    [–] Wobbling Banned at TBH9 CuboneDota 2 points ago in smashbros

    Usually matchup experience will overcome wobbling. But wobbling is just a mechanic that makes the variance of matches super high. So it's possible that if they played another set chillin might wash PudgyPanda without anything changing between them skillwise. If the wobbler hits a few grabs or whiffs a few grabs the entire set could be different. Also there's a lot of different setups that the wobbler can go for which creates a learning curve that matchup inexperience doesn't help because you might be getting grabbed in ways you haven't prepared for.

    [–] Wobbling Banned at TBH9 CuboneDota 26 points ago in smashbros

    Honestly it's not even likely he'll play a good ICs because they won't make it far enough in bracket to play him if they can't wobble...

    [–] Congratulations to the winner of Super Smash Con 2019! CuboneDota -4 points ago in SSBM

    Tournament wins are a huge factor. There's 0 debate about who is currently number one. That said, hope leffen does take it by the end of the year.

    [–] Utah's legislature is approximately 75% male, 80% Republican, and 90% LDS...none of which match the demographics of the state. CuboneDota 21 points ago in Utah

    I'd guess for a couple reasons. First, as mentioned above, these statistics are more in line with the voting population rather than the total population.

    Second, I guess economics plays a big role in it. Politicians tend to be very wealthy, and I'd bet that generally speaking the relative wealth of LDS members makes them more likely to be successful in political careers, as do their connections with other wealthy LDS people to support their campaigns etc.

    [–] Super Smash Con 2019 Finals Day Discussion Thread CuboneDota 6 points ago in SSBM

    Yeah that loss was pretty big. Honestly when I'm watching hbox sets I worry less about the people that just get rolled game 2 DL than those that come close to winning. It's easier mentally to just shrug off a quick loss than to go from almost being up 2-0 to suddenly having to face an even set.

    [–] UT students making news CuboneDota 23 points ago in Austin

    That's definitely the Co-op

    [–] What is Fox privilege in Melee? CuboneDota 4 points ago in SSBM

    The thing that's privileged about it is you're going from being about to die to getting a kill combo for free just because your opponent messed up slightly or guessed wrong. Not very many other characters can get an on stage reversal into a kill setup from their recovery move

    [–] [Tournament] Super Smash Con 2019 - Day 2 Discussion Thread (ft. Mango, Hbox, Leffen, Axe, Zain and more) CuboneDota -5 points ago in SSBM

    dawg, idk why you or this other guy thought i wanted to have a debate about the merits of blur's statement. i clearly think he's an idiot and his opinion is wrong. just because i posted this doesn't mean anyone can just come in and demand me to have a logical, level-headed debate with them. like sure, he's free to type his (bad) take on my post, but i don't feel the need to then engage in a serious discussion about it.

    in my opinion it's such a stupid take that people who agree with it are all going to be way too dense for there to even be a point in arguing it out with them. like, say i write out a bunch of well-thought out points and make a detailed post with statistics about how many times per game axe got wobbled and at what percent, what do you think the odds are that this guy changes his mind? my guess is less than 10%, which means i don't feel like going through all the trouble. it's like going on facebook and having a debate with some old acquaintance who now owns an AR-15 and a couple glocks about the merits of gun control. whether you do or don't discuss it doesn't matter in the end when the result's going to be the same anyway

    [–] [Tournament] Super Smash Con 2019 - Day 2 Discussion Thread (ft. Mango, Hbox, Leffen, Axe, Zain and more) CuboneDota -1 points ago in SSBM

    again, i thank you for this unasked for clarification of your rationale! and while, YES, this was extremely appreciated, let me please ask you to refrain from further enlightenment! your first two posts were so well-worded and clear that your stance on the issue requires no further elaboration!

    [–] I'm sick of people saying TFT is purely luck! CuboneDota 46 points ago in TeamfightTactics

    That just means you're playing sub-optimally. Most of the time you lock you are essentially throwing away 2 gold for no reason, as the same roll would happen next turn anyway and you could then spend the gold on what you get.

    If you are rolling intentionally, you should be cutting yourself off before you are hitting the point you can't buy the champs you roll. Obviously, there are exceptions like this roll where you get way more useful champs in one roll than you might reasonably expect. But if you are locking a lot it means you're doing something wrong.

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread 08/09/19 CuboneDota 4 points ago in SSBM

    Anyone know what happens in this clip? He gets hit and knocked down by samus up-b and takes 0 damage.

    Did he somehow take less than 1% and have it rounded down or something?

    [–] AITA for waiting till the 5th date to tell a guy about my issues with sex? CuboneDota 40 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Just because you want to be able to have sex with your romantic partner at some point in the future without contracting a lifelong disease on your genitals (which you will then have to inform other potential partners about for the rest of your life) doesn't mean you are treating sex as a "reward".

    Yeah, he had an obvious goal: he wanted a romantic partner, not a platonic friend. When you're going on dates, no one's in it just for the friendship or the fun times. Everyone's trying to find love, and sex will be a part of that at some point in the relationship.

    [–] 9.15b Patch Notes CuboneDota 1 points ago in TeamfightTactics

    The upside you mention is actually a downside, as there's pretty much no reason to make this item. Both its pieces are components for other top tier items. The only time I would ever make one is if you're pretty much guaranteed to die next round without doing something drastic.

    [–] the current state of america CuboneDota 2 points ago in pics

    Obviously everyone would rather have that (including me), but there's no proof at all that we can do that in an expedient, reliable manner. Whereas if we implement stricter gun control we will see results (lives saved) immediately. Why not try for both?

    [–] the current state of america CuboneDota -12 points ago in pics

    If all of the people with a D next to their name are trying to put in place policies that will help prevent tragedies like those that occurred this week;

    and all of the people with an R next to their name are at best allowing them to continue with zero effort to prevent them, or at worst stirring people up enough to actually create them;

    then what the fuck do I care what the motive is for the people with a D to stop these tragedies? Why does it matter? The important thing is voting for politicians which will actually do something about the problem, and NONE of them have an R next to their name.

    [–] the current state of america CuboneDota -3 points ago in pics

    Fuck off with your shitty red herrings.

    The reason behind the shootings isn't nearly as important as taking away the means to carry them out. Anyone trying to steer the conversation away from guns is a part of the problem in my opinion. Solving 'mental health', nationalism, racism, etc. is so nebulous and difficult to achieve that there's no point in discussing it (with respect to mass killings) when we have scientific proof that a viable option to significantly deter mass killings is to simply take away their access to the highly deadly weapons they use to carry them out--assault weapons, high capacity magazines, etc.