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    [–] Daily Discussion Thread 04/21/19 CuboneDota 7 points ago in SSBM

    he seems to literally think that speech is spelled with an A lmao

    [–] [Tournament Thread] Pound 2019 - Day 2 Discussion Thread (ft. Mango, Plup, hungrybox, Axe and more!) CuboneDota 10 points ago in SSBM

    i think you misunderstood my post homie ('preciate the lowkey condescend tho, thx for that).

    i'm saying falcon never has to play against pichu on FD in a bo3 because he can literally always ban it and it's far and away his worst stage in the matchup so he has no reason not to always ban it

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread 04/19/19 CuboneDota 38 points ago in SSBM





    PGH Carroll

    [–] r/SSBM users who post on this sub also post to... CuboneDota 8 points ago in SSBM

    generally any sub dedicated to a single player game is pretty garbage because there's not a whole lot to discuss once the game's been out for longer than a month and everyone that's really into it has beaten it. they usually devolve rapidly to fanart, cosplays, "breathtaking" screenshots, and the occasional rando who just beat the game and wants some karma for their "so glad i finally played this" post

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread 04/17/19 CuboneDota 5 points ago in SSBM

    does anyone have any vods of mango playing sheik? there's a little on youtube but i know there's been some streams where he plays sheik for like a solid chunk of time

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread 04/15/19 CuboneDota 2 points ago in SSBM

    Shine is actually really important to allow fox to hit her shield

    [–] Should I switch from Ultimate to Melee? CuboneDota 16 points ago in SSBM

    It depends what you want honestly. Melee is harder to control your character, but you can be much faster and more precise. Melee has a lot more interesting combo system, but it means you'll be getting comboed a lot more, especially when you're new. If you want to play a smash game super casually without much practice, Melee will probably be less fun than Ultimate cause you need to learn the basic techniques to really start playing the game. If you prefer a game that's deeper, faster, and more challenging, Melee is a better choice.

    [–] This old house renovated with modern design CuboneDota 129 points ago in pics

    I think it's just a case of OP using "modern" as it's normally defined (meaning contemporary), not as it's used in architecture (Modernism)

    [–] This old house renovated with modern design CuboneDota 10 points ago in pics

    At least in this example, a custom sized window would be totally unnecessary, the space looks sized for a standard off-the-shelf one, and even if it didn't fit perfectly you could just use a slightly smaller size and center it

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread 04/13/19 CuboneDota 1 points ago in SSBM

    I actually think the phantom menace is the best prequel. Young anakin is awful and jar jar is doing his thing but there's a much more coherent plot and it has some really great sequences like the podrace and the ending lightsaber duel which is probably the second coolest in the series (after the empire strikes back obviously). Darth maul is also just such a dope villain.

    [–] The Duomo [Building] CuboneDota 3 points ago in architecture

    It is pretty weird to title this "the duomo" when duomo literally just means "dome", which isn't shown here. This cathedral wasn't designed by Brunelleschi, so I feel like they're really separate projects

    [–] TIL MIT, often cited as one of the world’s most prestigious universities, puts almost all of its course materials online for anyone to access for free. CuboneDota 2060 points ago in todayilearned

    MIT's open courses got me into grad school for architecture. When I decided I wanted to go back to school I had to create a portfolio and I needed to include some projects that were more related to architecture. I had nothing like that and no time to enroll in something, but I found an intro to architecture class on their website and was able to stumble through two of their projects on my own. It changed my life--if I hadn't been able to do that I don't think I would have ever gotten in.

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread 04/04/19 CuboneDota 13 points ago in SSBM

    The main reason to get hype was to enjoy the inevitable schadenfreude from when the peach flairs who think llod has a chance have to watch their boy get dookied on by plup

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread 04/03/19 CuboneDota 6 points ago in SSBM

    Ha jokes on you beywiz sucks at shitposting and he gets 10x the ladies you do

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread 04/02/19 CuboneDota 5 points ago in SSBM

    Wouldn't the rule just be that they have to take percent from each other? Lmao seems like a pretty dumb loophole

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread 04/02/19 CuboneDota 18 points ago in SSBM

    0 chance Mango has ever been/will ever be timed out

    [–] Why is Armada considered the GOST and not Mango or Ken? CuboneDota 12 points ago in SSBM

    I agree with the other commenters about how dominant Armada was which is probably enough justification on its own.

    About ken, it's like Gretzky x10 or something. The caliber of players was so low at the time that it was almost like a different game compared to "modern" melee. When the game evolved to become more technical and fast, ken fell off super hard and despite still trying for a long time was never able to come close at all to his former greatness. He'll never be seen as the best because of this. He was super ahead of his time but he was never good enough at the game as we have come to know it to really earn the title.

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread 04/02/19 CuboneDota 17 points ago in SSBM

    It's so niche and difficult I don't think it will have an effect at all. Probably axe will do it to Mango in an iron man or something. I don't even really see zain doing this since it has so much risk and potential counterplay

    [–] Johnny reacting to melee killer technology CuboneDota 2 points ago in SSBM

    Lgl would do nothing in the set this tweet is reacting to

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread 03/30/19 CuboneDota 1 points ago in SSBM

    No the art wasn't the directions. They would keep the directions someplace safe and they were never shown. The art was the thing on the wall, the point is the guy that made it just had to come up with the idea, not actually be able to paint it himself.

    There's another example in Donald Judd, who almost never made anything himself. He would do shitty little drawings of say a series of slightly different cubes, then send these sketches to a fabricator who would then build them insanely precisely. Judd himself didn't have the skill at all to build these pieces, but he still gets all the credit because the idea of them was what was powerful, not the ability to make it himself. Total "idea guy"

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread 03/30/19 CuboneDota 3 points ago in SSBM

    I mean there's been a lot of artists who don't need to actually create their own work but instead choose to rely on others' craftsmanship to execute their designs. In this sense, they were purely "idea guys".

    One famous example of this was Sol Lewitt, who sold a bunch of wall drawings/paintings that were actually just text documents he wrote with very specific directions about how to paint a piece on the wall. He was completely separate from the process of actually creating the piece. If a client would then later want to sell that piece, they'd literally paint over the wall and then sell the piece of paper Lewitt wrote.

    All of this to say, I think you're underrating the value of having good ideas. It's true that in the industry, without substantial game dev skill your ideas will not be valued. But that doesn't mean that those ideas couldn't be used to create an excellent game, just that they won't be used, which I think is an important distinction.