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    [–] Prinsen har på sig yeezy-skor nu Cucumber_glasses 2 points ago in sweden

    Japp du har rätt. Ändrat! Var ett tag sen jag höll med dem skorna.

    [–] Prinsen har på sig yeezy-skor nu Cucumber_glasses 11 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in sweden

    Nejnej, nu får jag rätta till lite. Kostnaden för de i medelklassen brukar vara runt 150$ 250$ (vilket är helt acceptabelt för ett parskor i bra kvalité). Dock finns de olika färger och mönster, där vissa är mer sällsynta och efterfrågade än andra. Dessa dyrare "modeller" kan gå upp till flera tusen dollar.

    [–] Any 5 shoes from YeezyBuy.Net Cucumber_glasses 1 points ago in FashionReps


    Thank you!

    [–] Mussolini and Hitler attempt a handshake Cucumber_glasses 9 points ago in cringepics

    This is wrong. Propaganda is just a form of communication with the intent of pushing an agenda. Anti Hitler propaganda sure did exist during the war. See for example this Soviet allies-propaganda:

    And while we're on the topic, I recommend checking out r/propagandaposters, really interesting historical subreddit

    [–] Pro-Russian networks see 2,000% increase in activity in favor of Catalan referendum Cucumber_glasses 6 points ago in worldnews

    El pais is highly pro-madrid, their goal is to discredit the referendum by claiming the russians are behind it.

    [–] Strange Things Creators Say Finn Wolfhard Kept Dropping F-Bombs After IT Cucumber_glasses 107 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in StrangerThings

    How do I find a link to his playlist?

    Edit: his spotifyname is "fwolfhard"

    [–] Losers are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories, study finds Cucumber_glasses 7 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in nottheonion

    But it does mean you didn't even read the article.

    The article talks about election losers, not losers as in "wow those guys are losers". You can have your opinion, it's hardly controversial and I even agree with you but showing you discussing something you didn't even read makes you look bad.

    [–] PewDiePie makes a small mistake Cucumber_glasses 15 points ago in h3h3productions

    For you maybe, thank god jokes are subjective. Just thought it was bad taste and kind of weird that you told a guy to "shut the fuck up" over a sarcastic comment, which is just standard reddit talk.

    But you're free to do so if you want, who am I to judge

    [–] PewDiePie makes a small mistake Cucumber_glasses 28 points ago in h3h3productions

    You realize the guy you replied to was joking... Right?

    [–] When your friend's Snapchat story is an hour long Cucumber_glasses 12 points ago in rickandmorty

    Well that's a lot more interesting and fun to watch than 50 snaps of a concert imo

    [–] FWD: !! ANTIFAR ARE THE REAL ENEMY ! Cucumber_glasses 2 points ago in forwardsfromgrandma

    I'll tell you this; I had no idea that guy was innocent until now. I'm active on twitter and followed @Yesyoureracist when all this happened. Being labeled a nazi, sex offender or peadophile is a conceptual death sentence and will turn family, friends and collueges against you. It's hard to wash off labels like that even when you're proven yourself innocent.

    [–] FWD: !! ANTIFAR ARE THE REAL ENEMY ! Cucumber_glasses 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in forwardsfromgrandma

    Well antifa itself came from germany originally, but it thrived in the american punk scene.

    Two replies back I said that antifa might be different in Europe than the US, and what stands is that they follow the same ideologies and moral codes. (My last paragraph in the reply above applies both to the US and Europe).

    I told you to look at the bigger picture for this exact reason. Antifa has been in Europe since right after Nazi Germany fell and now they're looked on from many as a militant anarchist group, and classified as a threat to democracy by several countries, including my own.

    And the US has been very right-leaning compared to many European countries. Only in the last couple of years (especially after this election with Sanders and anti-trump groups) the left has gotten a place in the political climate. I just want to remind and enlighten people that Antifa isn't a nice leftist group. Just because they're against fascism, their whole ideology requires violence which is horrible in an already polarized country such as the US.

    I'm trying to stay out of the current political situation in the US because to be honest your climate is FUCKED and I'm not sure it will ever fully recover. I do follow some journalists such as Taylor Lorenz and Tim Pool which have covered some of the Nazi rallies and Antifa demonstrations. Here is a lady that justifies throwing m80's at crowds where there were many innocents including elderly women. And this isn't really an isolated incident from what I've seen, is this really something to support?

    [–] FWD: !! ANTIFAR ARE THE REAL ENEMY ! Cucumber_glasses 2 points ago in forwardsfromgrandma

    Sure doxxing (And doxxing the wrong guy)

    (Leftist newsletter) Antifa threatning a leftistgroup Swedish liberal recieving death threats "Your disgusting whore, the day we see you should fear for your life." "What we are going to do to you is just self-defense, bad luck." "How are you able to complain about the violence from us when the society we live in strikes back Against us, thanks to capitalists like you. "" You're going to die a painful death. " Attacking a federal judge in his home Antifa wanting to show they're not racist so they go into a suburb with majority-immigrant population and get chased out by the immigrants themselves. Violence, destruction of property and disturbing the peace. TV-team got attacked for filming. 0:35 the two men say:

    "We're not fighting the police. They come here and do problem. And this is the beginning of ramadan. They are not from rosengård (the suburb) they are from denmark or other cities. We want them out of here. Attempted murder on another politician Stopping a pride parade. From the article:

    Their goal is to stop policemen, moderates and, as they say, "other Nazis." "There are many unable to join the parade anymore, and I understand them," said Edith Escobar, gay and district chairman of the Moderators' HBTQ League, Open Moderates. Murder

    Antifa are far from the worst political group out there. Even the swedish securitypolice (Our equivelant to the FBI) said that the Nordic resistance movement are a bigger threat than Antifa.

    That said, none of these groups should be glorified. They want to dismantle the state (Which is fine, we have freedom of speech and freedom of opinions) but they want to do it through violence which should never be accepted in a democratic country.

    [–] FWD: !! ANTIFAR ARE THE REAL ENEMY ! Cucumber_glasses 4 points ago in forwardsfromgrandma

    Once again, people trying to compare "What is worst?" and thus deciding that the lesser evil is now OK, whats up with that?

    This is what doxxing does.

    [–] FWD: !! ANTIFAR ARE THE REAL ENEMY ! Cucumber_glasses 2 points ago in forwardsfromgrandma

    Alright now I know at least you're American. You might not like what I have to say now, but what the hell.

    Antifa and their associates are doing exactly what you said. Sure it's easy to agree with them when they say "fuck Nazis" but that's not the only thing they do. They have most definitely murdered and tortured people for years. They've also carried out terrorist attacks and profiling and doxing of innocent people.

    Just because they're doing something you find to be good, remember to look at the bigger picture. Prehaps antifa is what's needed right now, but let's not paint them as heroes.

    [–] FWD: !! ANTIFAR ARE THE REAL ENEMY ! Cucumber_glasses 7 points ago in forwardsfromgrandma

    Alright I guess we will have to agree to disagree. (Assuming you're American now) antifa in the us might not be as bad as they are in Europe so I can't compare them accurately. All I've seen are YouTubevideos and the news where they've definitely done some bad stuff but now that I think of it, not even close to what the group is doing across the sea.

    [–] FWD: !! ANTIFAR ARE THE REAL ENEMY ! Cucumber_glasses 24 points ago in forwardsfromgrandma

    Are you a native English speaker? I'm genuinely curious because I didn't even come close to putting them in the same category. Neither did they guy you were replying to. Prehaps you misunderstood. But thanks, now I know your opinion on the matter, that's all I wanted to know.

    [–] FWD: !! ANTIFAR ARE THE REAL ENEMY ! Cucumber_glasses 33 points ago in forwardsfromgrandma

    Well yeah of course but the question was if they've done bad things beyond hitting people, and you awnsered that destruction of property doesn't count.

    What I want to know is why it doesn't count, and if you agree with the practice of destroying things that aren't yours.