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    [–] How is ordering from Will? Cucumber_glasses 1 points ago in FashionReps

    Yes, DHL and EMS. Literally one of the best sellers out there, took me 5~ min for first response, 2 days for QC, and 16 hours after GL for him to ship. Really great guy. His English is good so i recommend to order directly from him thru Whatsapp

    [–] Do I rlly have to pay so much for shipping? Cucumber_glasses 1 points ago in FashionReps

    Yup, just go on your account balance and there should be a button to withdraw everything to your bank.

    [–] Do I rlly have to pay so much for shipping? Cucumber_glasses 2 points ago in FashionReps

    Automatically, never used PayPal but for debit I get it in my superbuy account.

    [–] Nattbuss inställd pga ordningsstörande Cucumber_glasses 5 points ago in sweden

    Kan så vara, men poängen är nog att narkotikabruk (inte försäljning och tillverkning) är mer utbrett i rika områden än fattigare. Men samtidigt kommer de rika undan.

    [–] [QC] Aooko glasses, Superbuy says defect? Cucumber_glasses 1 points ago in FashionReps

    Yeah they do. OP, you sure they said "defect"? Because when my Aooko's arrived at the warehouse I got a warning that there was an "issue with the product" but they explained that they couldn't verify if it was the correct colorway. It was, so I GL'd and they were fine when I got them.

    [–] This Community is Amazing. Student gave Nano presentation in my Class... (College) Cucumber_glasses 8 points ago in nanocurrency

    No, YOU lost your XRB. In what reasonable way are the devs responsible? One of the key rules in cryptocurrency is that if you don't own the keys, you don't own the coins. Keeping money on an exchange is retarded, and that's your own fault. Same way that Bitcoin isn't at fault for mtgox or bitconnect, dont shove the blame somewhere else.

    [–] [REVIEW] 200 Yuan Batch 350 V2 Creams from Boostmaster Lin (With Retail Comparison) Cucumber_glasses 27 points ago in Repsneakers

    Can't believe we got 200 yuan batches this close to retail. Can anyone argue to put down 120$ for a PK version of the v2 creams? Usually the cheaper batches of 350 V2's have noticeable flaws but this... Wow.

    [–] How long does Lin take to ship Cucumber_glasses 1 points ago in FashionReps

    Hey man, could you tell me what payment option you used to pay Lin? Does he accept anything else than Western Union?

    [–] [LC] Legit check on these Human Races? Cucumber_glasses 1 points ago in Repsneakers

    I have yet to see a rep that has the text not overlap like the right shoe on that pic see the comparison to retail here.

    [–] My TOP 5 sneakers in my collection Cucumber_glasses 9 points ago in Sneakers

    That's the off-white (a brand that collabed with Nike to create "the ten" sneaker lineup) tag. Mostly for flexing I'd assume, and yes some people wear them like that. I got the off-white x Nike vapormax and removed mine cause I think it looks tacky but each to their own I guess.

    [–] När långsamma rullväskemarodörer gör dig så trött på livet att du utsöndar WIFI Cucumber_glasses 5 points ago in sweden

    Jaja, jag avskyr också PK-vänstern osv osv men du menar alltså att du blir kränkt av att sträckgubben är en man? Snacka om snöflinga.

    [–] Skatteverket spårar affärer i Bitcoin Cucumber_glasses 3 points ago in sweden

    Oetiskt tips är att ta ut dina BTC kontant, för att undvika skatt (exempelvis på Localbitcoins). Då måste du såklart ha mycket kontanter på dig vilket inte alltid är så kul.

    [–] Swedish police detain 15 at neo-Nazi gathering in Gothenburg Cucumber_glasses 19 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in europe

    Oh please. That's the most BS excuse ever. These guys are anti semites, there's no discussion about it. It's not a secret that many Palestinians in Malmö dislikes Jews.

    [–] Barack Obama is a Twitter follower of RaiBlocks core developer Zack Shapiro. Cucumber_glasses 2 points ago in RaiBlocks

    I've never tweeted in my life (just have it installed to read the news) and this guy follows me.

    [–] boostmaster lin when somebody tries to refund yeezys Cucumber_glasses 3 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago) in FashionReps

    Thanks, I will keep that in mind for the future. Pretty sure I got a pair from his cheaper batch since Ive heard that one has "RACE" instead of "SPECIES" so I'll reach out to him tomorrow.

    Edit: yeah I used superbuy so I will probably get a refund one way or the other

    [–] boostmaster lin when somebody tries to refund yeezys Cucumber_glasses 6 points ago in FashionReps

    Does Lin often refuse refunds? I don't have enough karma I think so I could just post this here...

    Got these NMDs from Lin, and the text is all wrong right? It said "SPECIES" on cnfashionbuy and got these lmao. Tried to ask for refund but got refused.

    [–] Banger kastad in i matsal på skola – två poliser till sjukhus Cucumber_glasses 13 points ago in sweden

    Att förminska bangers till "knallskott" är att kalla hagel för duggregn. Är inte direkt tigerraketer eller gröna kulor som används.

    Du har helt rätt att det nog kategoriseras som knallskott, men de bangers ute på gatan nu för tidens kan skapa allvarlig skada ifall de sprängs nära folk, så tycker inte de använde någon felaktig terminologi.