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    [–] Why? Cucumber_glasses 2 points ago in SnapTools

    Cowards? You realize they got they got a C&D letter right? They'll be financially ruined if they continue. And Snaptools is still active if you know where to look.

    [–] Ojojoj, nu är dom ifarten. Cucumber_glasses 9 points ago in sweden


    Pointing out to aspiring journo & Rodin spokesmodel, Josh Top, who thinks public polls are controlled by “powerful people” that the media is owned by same. Anyone who thought this was anti-Semitic is just revealing their inner bigot. The context is very clear.

    Säg bara att du hatar judar, vad är så svårt? Du visar det ju tydligt i denna tråd, ynkrygg.

    [–] Waking and baking in Sunny Barcelona.. puff puff pass @ all trees... Cucumber_glasses 1 points ago in trees

    Hi there, I will be going to Alicante in July so I thought i could ask you. Is it only allowed to smoke in the cannabis club or can you buy some weed and go out of the store?

    kind regards

    [–] [QC] these beautiful Gucci aces from Nina Cucumber_glasses 1 points ago in FashionReps

    I think they look great but I'd of course love to hear from more knowledgeable People!

    W2c: Nina

    [–] Baristas, how do you feel about all "barista edition" specialty milks coming in these small cartons, often with a pull-tab? Cucumber_glasses 2 points ago in barista

    Do you have any tips on using Oatly? I can do hearts, tulips and rosettas just fine with regular milk but I struggle a lot with Oatly. Texture of the art always seem off and/or impossible to make. Do you use a different technique or anything you could share? Thanks

    Edit: Here's an example. Not my picture but similar. Can't seem to get the contrast between the milk and espresso right.

    [–] [REVIEW] Daniel Wellington Watch (Sarah) Cucumber_glasses 2 points ago in FashionReps

    Will add to this and say Sarah is a great seller. Still have my DW I ordered from her a year ago, still 1:1, haven't had to change battery or anything. I have a retail too and they look exactly the same.

    [–] How is ordering from Will? Cucumber_glasses 1 points ago in FashionReps

    Yes, DHL and EMS. Literally one of the best sellers out there, took me 5~ min for first response, 2 days for QC, and 16 hours after GL for him to ship. Really great guy. His English is good so i recommend to order directly from him thru Whatsapp

    [–] Do I rlly have to pay so much for shipping? Cucumber_glasses 1 points ago in FashionReps

    Yup, just go on your account balance and there should be a button to withdraw everything to your bank.

    [–] Do I rlly have to pay so much for shipping? Cucumber_glasses 2 points ago in FashionReps

    Automatically, never used PayPal but for debit I get it in my superbuy account.

    [–] Nattbuss inställd pga ordningsstörande Cucumber_glasses 4 points ago in sweden

    Kan så vara, men poängen är nog att narkotikabruk (inte försäljning och tillverkning) är mer utbrett i rika områden än fattigare. Men samtidigt kommer de rika undan.

    [–] [QC] Aooko glasses, Superbuy says defect? Cucumber_glasses 1 points ago in FashionReps

    Yeah they do. OP, you sure they said "defect"? Because when my Aooko's arrived at the warehouse I got a warning that there was an "issue with the product" but they explained that they couldn't verify if it was the correct colorway. It was, so I GL'd and they were fine when I got them.

    [–] This Community is Amazing. Student gave Nano presentation in my Class... (College) Cucumber_glasses 9 points ago in nanocurrency

    No, YOU lost your XRB. In what reasonable way are the devs responsible? One of the key rules in cryptocurrency is that if you don't own the keys, you don't own the coins. Keeping money on an exchange is retarded, and that's your own fault. Same way that Bitcoin isn't at fault for mtgox or bitconnect, dont shove the blame somewhere else.

    [–] [REVIEW] 200 Yuan Batch 350 V2 Creams from Boostmaster Lin (With Retail Comparison) Cucumber_glasses 28 points ago in Repsneakers

    Can't believe we got 200 yuan batches this close to retail. Can anyone argue to put down 120$ for a PK version of the v2 creams? Usually the cheaper batches of 350 V2's have noticeable flaws but this... Wow.