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    [–] People who were childhood friends with a now celebrity, Who were they & what were they like as a young person? CulturedCarrot 4 points ago in AskReddit

    Shaq dunked on my phys ed teacher in college basketball and when we found out there was a pic of it on google we all printed it and put them around the school. Good times

    [–] Bill Gates is a good man CulturedCarrot 15 points ago in interestingasfuck

    I once read somewhere ‘stop buying your kids what you never had, but teach them what you never knew.’ Something along those lines

    [–] What are some things that people dont realise would happen if there was actually a zombie outbreak? CulturedCarrot 2 points ago in AskReddit

    I’ve always thought that if there were zombies, the maggots, flies, etc would eat all the rotting flesh away until it’s a bunch of bones that cannot support itself?

    [–] Vendor review: MushroomMan666 (Australian shipment) CulturedCarrot 3 points ago in sporetraders

    I ordered to Australia aswell and everything was fine, she’ll be right to order

    [–] Vendor review: Mushroomman666 CulturedCarrot 6 points ago in sporetraders

    I’ve seen a few people ask about shipping to aus, thought I’d try it

    [–] Relatable CulturedCarrot 2 points ago in LSD

    I think people see similar entities on higher doses of shrooms n dmt because I heard psilocybin and NNdmt have a similar molecular structure

    [–] How are you really? CulturedCarrot 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Genuinely happy, I havnt stressed since someone told me that the universe has a plan for everybody and that everything that happens is supposed to. Remember peeps, comparison is the thief of joy

    [–] All aboard Pineapple Express CulturedCarrot 9 points ago in trees

    I’m out. Gonna go look at some crazy things on the internet.

    [–] All aboard Pineapple Express CulturedCarrot 17 points ago in trees

    The product of baby fucking