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    [–] Elbows are overrated Cup-of-Noodle 19 points ago in HadToHurt

    I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to hit someone like that in wrestling period.

    [–] Sony cancels its participation at PAX East. Cup-of-Noodle 4 points ago in PS4

    All it takes is one pesky jokester to fart into the VR goggles and there's an epidemic

    [–] I'm not saying ALL furries are perverted weirdos, but the cringe level is catastrophic Cup-of-Noodle 28 points ago in awfuleverything

    From my limited understanding "cubs" are furries who dress and act child-like... kind of like a "loli" in anime.

    They piss in diapers and shit at parties where the "host" is the adult and the cubs are weirdo furries who act like babies. I'm pretty sure they have weird sex and stuff too. That's what I have gathered anyway.

    [–] Trash. Complete garbage. Cup-of-Noodle 98 points ago in trashy

    Isn't just her tired shtick at this point to be as offensive as possible because it's the only time people give an ounce of shit about what she's doing?

    [–] Hi guys! this here represents Brazil more than football. Cup-of-Noodle 333 points ago in WTF

    If there is one thing I have learned from watching Brazil crime videos on the internet, it's that Brazilian cops absolutely don't fuck around.

    [–] My Beauty and the Beast cosplay! :-) Cup-of-Noodle 87 points ago in pics

    Every post like this where the girl is intentionally looking hot you get the mandatory downvotes of any comment pointing out that they are hot.

    ShE iZ jUsT DoInG CosPLay u InCelS, yIkERZ

    [–] Woman ruins Jenga games Cup-of-Noodle 43 points ago in trashy

    It's that "smack a stranger in the face with a pie" type of comedy that's way more douchey than funny the vast majority of the time.

    [–] Don't worry, HE DOES NOT BITE, BUT HE WILL DEFINITELY BEAT THE HELL OUT OF YOU Cup-of-Noodle 619 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in WTF

    I think it's a "bully"... a breed that's notoriously plagued with health problems and shouldn't exist. Breeders try to get them to be as big as possible which just exacerbates their common health issues.

    It's like having bicycle tires holding up a tank.

    [–] [PS4] [Image] Made PS4 Exclusive valentines for my coworkers! Full images in comments Cup-of-Noodle 4 points ago in PS4

    Yeah, I'd probably get called to HR for giving the "we click pretty well" card to a female employee

    [–] Metal detecting in Australia, minus 2 gold rings I returned Cup-of-Noodle 399 points ago in pics

    I don't understand what the thought process is that would lead you to conclude the person who stole your shit is calling you up to give it back...

    [–] Officemate just returned my classic, out of print copy of the Handmaid's Tale after insisting on borrowing it Cup-of-Noodle 77 points ago in trashy

    It also looks like something done by a child, in which case this could have been something the person who borrowed it didn't even know happened.

    Kids love scribbling on any shit they can find

    [–] Blursed_in_the_park Cup-of-Noodle 31 points ago in blursedimages

    He didn't say it was him, but okay

    [–] Altered Carbon Season 2 | Main Trailer | Netflix Cup-of-Noodle 16 points ago in television

    I've been waiting for a release date on this for so goddamn long.


    [–] Thanks I hate Oreos with salsa Cup-of-Noodle 155 points ago in TIHI

    Yo dawg, we heard you like cookies and creme, so we put cookies and creme into your cookies and creme

    [–] This was my ex’s bedroom. Dat room doe. Cup-of-Noodle 7 points ago in NeckbeardNests

    In a way that almost makes it more annoying, because you could clean all of this up and make the bed and everything in thirty minutes tops.

    When it's a total nest beyond repair I can sorta see why they are putting off even trying to clean it, but this could easily be taken care of with just a small amount of effort.

    [–] Mod on this subreddit removes my post even though I had 200+ upvotes Cup-of-Noodle 23 points ago in subredditcancer

    How could you kick out a guy who mods respectable subreddits like /r/strugglefucking ?

    "For everyone who prefers to take without asking. A sub for rape fantasy hardcore porn."

    [–] [Spoilers] Vikings 6x10. My opinion on it and interested to hear yours. Cup-of-Noodle 10 points ago in vikingstv

    I know this show takes a lot of liberties with realism, but I struggle to see how the hell anybody could be going full berserker after being run through by a goddamn sword... unless the next battle is supposed to take place a long time after. Your shit would be wrecked, especially with ye olden medical treatment.

    [–] Guy contacts ISS using a ham radio Cup-of-Noodle 361 points ago in videos


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