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    [–] meirl CurrentTicket 9 points ago in meirl

    Thanks. It's just that the music industry has changed quite a bit since I was a kid. Becoming a famous rockstar is definitely unrealistic nowadays, or at least insanely hard... But I do try to play as much as I can and it brings me tremendous joy, doesn't even matter that much if I don't become famous.

    [–] Best vpn app for ios? CurrentTicket 1 points ago in iosapps

    Seconding Nord here. And if you're too lazy to go beyond reddit for discounts then just go to r/vpncoupons

    [–] thE Media CurrentTicket -1 points ago in dankmemes

    The media: So you're saying that cartoons also cause violence?

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    [–] just do it pousee CurrentTicket 1 points ago in memes

    Well now I won't do it

    [–] Which parent are you closer to and why? CurrentTicket 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Mom because she cares more than my dad, he's just a big ol' grump