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    [–] [Serious] If black people dislike the N word and it causes aggravation and offence, why is it said to another fellow black person with no problem? Currynrice9728 1 points ago in AskReddit

    To start I'm not racist, as I feel the need to have to say. I'm only asking due to a lot of 'drama' around the BBC in Britian as a correspondent in a news report 'repeated' the N word on a news report about a racist hit and run on a black NHS worker. There has been major backlash of 18,000 complaints and people leaving ect.

    [–] I am a 26-year-old woman who was born blind, AMA. Currynrice9728 1 points ago in IAmA

    Wait, so you're reading this without reading it? I always wonder have you ever been on drugs or drunk? If so What was it like?

    [–] My first ever tattoo, always loved banksy and his work :) Currynrice9728 1 points ago in Banksy

    Brilliant tattoo man. I have the girl holding balloon, instead of the balloon it's a purple butterfly as my sister has lupus. Edit: heres a plat award for ya 🖤

    [–] All this over a dam mask which prevents people from d y I n g ffs. Currynrice9728 2 points ago in MakeMeSuffer

    'If it hurts to look at, post it' in my opinion it hurts to look at and is cringe suffer worthy.

    [–] 8 weeks on the juice. Currynrice9728 1 points ago in Minoxbeards

    jelous sigh routine please?

    [–] Man attacks skater kids 3 times before eating a board Currynrice9728 1 points ago in instantkarma

    Get that boy... no that guy clearly deserved it. That boi can sk8 off