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    [–] Get Into Fighting Games (Intro) ~ WoolieVersus CustomThemesOff 2 points ago in Kappa

    it's that game where you rotate and line up colored blocks to make them disappear while jaunty Russian folk music plays.

    [–] What games have your favorite character creation? CustomThemesOff 3 points ago in TwoBestFriendsPlay

    Not really 'character creation' but I liked dawn of war's army editor.

    Also not really character creation but the "your name please?" prompts in Earthbound. As aside: here's a live version of the theme that plays during that.

    [–] Boner culture CustomThemesOff 2 points ago in Kappa

    this is the kind of turn of phrase I'd normally expect to learn from Aris's chat

    [–] UK's richest man moves to Monaco to 'save £4bn in tax' CustomThemesOff 10 points ago in worldnews

    But dragon makes more sense. Rich people are in fact, savvy, with access to information and reosurces we don't, they can't really be harmed easily (having wings, they just fly away from threats) and they are legitimately powerful allies, but they're also fickle, miserly, and often kind of bad for anyone nearby them who isn't explicitly an ally (where "ally" can simply mean 'pet charity project').

    [–] Progress report after the most recent community update CustomThemesOff 2 points ago in starcraft

    After offracing as zerg, it really is baffling how much difficult gameplay shit zerg players put up with in stoic silence while T players complain far and wide.

    [–] Progress report after the most recent community update CustomThemesOff 2 points ago in starcraft

    That's fine. necessity is the mother of invention, and nothing says 'necessity' like not having a balance patch to bail out your playstyle.

    [–] Best fake out in video games CustomThemesOff 3 points ago in TwoBestFriendsPlay

    The 'boss battle' with Letz Shake in the first No More Heroes

    [–] me_irl CustomThemesOff 1 points ago in me_irl

    this is just like the ending of that 'Stan' song Eminem did

    [–] Free Talk Friday - February 15, 2019 CustomThemesOff 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in TwoBestFriendsPlay

    I'll just do the entire Steely Dan album Aja. The story is set in New York City during the early 70s.

    [BLACK COW] is a close-ranged stand that releases a mist that rapidly inebriates anyone nearby it. The mist smells like chocolate. Touch amplifies the effect. The current user is a failed jazz artist who lives on his friend's couch.

    [AJA] is a stand made entirely out of stained glass, and like the stone, can produce deadly laser beams and blinding light when exposed to sunlight or other powerful light sources. It can also amplify light sources exposed to it but is not great in a straight fight with other stands. It belongs to the local head of an antiwar activist group who uses his stand to protect his fellow protesters.

    [DEACON BLUES] is a weak stand that can change it's shape into a variety of forms. Very high potential curve, it's further power is unknown. It's current user is an unhappy middle aged white collar worker who received stand power only very recently.

    [PEG] is a camera that makes anyone shot with it feel more beautiful and attractive than they are (among other mental effects); it's current user is a small-time criminal who uses it to recruit women for pornographic films.

    [HOME AT LAST] is a giant Greek trireme boat that the user can use to sail through the sky. The user, (a homeless Vietnam vet) is tied to the mast whenever the stand is summoned and therefore cannot meaningfully act physically while using the stand.

    [I GOT THE NEWS] allows the user to learn secrets about people by touching them with the stand. The current user is a high school dropout working at a movie theater; he uses his stand mainly to (unsuccessfully) attempt to seduce women, but his most recent mark is the daughter of a local mob boss. Knowing this, the user forms an ill-advised scheme...

    [JOSIE] is a short-ranged automatic stand that looks like a giant golden football player and that becomes more powerful as the user is 'convinced' they are losing a battle. The user is a local drunk who loves sports, but is in debt to the mob over sports bets. So far, they've been "unsuccessful" in collecting that debt, thanks to the stand.

    [–] I just thought of a awesome concept for a rival in a character action game. CustomThemesOff 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in TwoBestFriendsPlay

    Iirc the rerelease of Front Mission 1 had something similar with it's second campaign where you play as the enemy forces: during the 1st (default, ported from the SNES) campaign, this song is the 'enemy turn' theme, but is your turn theme in the 2nd campaign.

    edit: wait maybe I'm totally wrong about this one but it would still be cool

    edit again: appearantly it isn't the song above they do this with, it's this one, which is a remix of the above theme.

    [–] Tetris killers are on a whole another level man CustomThemesOff 25 points ago in TwoBestFriendsPlay

    The mistakes are all there on the board, waiting to be made."

    -Savielly Tartakower, chess Grandmaster

    [–] hi im daisy CustomThemesOff 1 points ago in TwoBestFriendsPlay

    oi dats a basbol