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    [–] Firenado 🔥 CynicXoutcast27 1 points ago in NatureIsFuckingLit

    Throw some sharks in that bitch

    [–] Form Study. Pencil. A3. 2017 CynicXoutcast27 3 points ago in Art

    Reminds me of one on my favorite artists Derek Hess

    [–] You gotta wonder if it's his... CynicXoutcast27 119 points ago in trashy

    Micro penis or giant clitoris? Either way I'm horrified

    [–] Counterparts - Swim Beneath My Skin (apparently too hardcore for metalcore...) CynicXoutcast27 3 points ago in melodichardcore

    The whole sub genre thing is silly to me. I think its a generational thing. Bands that were hardcore in late 90's early 00's are now considered metalcore by kids that weren't around then. They'll argue with you all day that converge, ptw, shai hulud are metalcore but those bands were hardcore before anyone used the term metalcore. Same kids will bitch if you use a term like djent despite the fact that people know exactly what you mean when you say it (actual sub genre or not) but call everything under the sun metalcore.

    [–] Ideal Hardcore Show Line Up CynicXoutcast27 0 points ago in Hardcore

    Poison the well Shai hulud Misery signals Counterparts

    [–] End - From The Unforgiving Arms Of God [745 X 737] CynicXoutcast27 1 points ago in AlbumArtPorn

    Im guessing there not gonna tour much, especially with will in the band, hes a busy dude. Id say its worth it

    [–] Nü metalcore CynicXoutcast27 3 points ago in numetal

    I dig it (although i dont really like the four bands you named) hears some more band for anyone interested:

    Sylar Fire from the gods VCTMS Viletounge Ocean grove Neurotic November The gloom in the corner (personal fav)

    [–] Is glorious Latvian sandwidge! CynicXoutcast27 10 points ago in LatvianJokes

    Save one corner incase need suicide