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    [–] Similar artists to Misery Signals? CynicXoutcast27 12 points ago in Hardcore

    Shai hulud With honor Heart in hand To the wind Ghost key Conveyer Renounced Morning again

    [–] Thorns - Shifting Channels CynicXoutcast27 2 points ago in BlackMetal

    Not really. Thorns are one of a kind.

    [–] As Cities Burn - Bloodsucker Pt. II CynicXoutcast27 2 points ago in PostHardcore

    A couple of years ago they wrote an album with TJ and even put out two singles and then it just never came out.

    [–] Wage War toss' fans phone at show; Varials member defends band CynicXoutcast27 4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in Metalcore

    Seriously, I always wonder who actually goes back and watches videos of shows they went to. Im pretty sure no one ever.

    [–] Harms Way - Posthuman [800 X 800] CynicXoutcast27 1 points ago in AlbumArtPorn

    I cant believe I’ve never heard of this guy, his work is incredible!

    [–] Loathe - White Hot (OFFICIAL VIDEO) CynicXoutcast27 3 points ago in Metalcore

    Gotta love that deftones vibe in this song and that breakdown at the end holy shit!! Easily one of the best young bands out there!

    [–] What nu metal albums should I have not missed out on this year? CynicXoutcast27 1 points ago in numetal

    Viletongue - Self Help VCTMS - Vol. II Inside the Mind The Gloom in the Corner - Homecoming

    [–] What are similar shows to Big Mouth? CynicXoutcast27 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I guess Kroll show. Its not animated but was also written by Nick Kroll and features pretty much everyone that does voice acting on big mouth.

    [–] My Hand - Graphite on Paper - 9x12 CynicXoutcast27 24 points ago in Art

    Two in the blood, one in the mud