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    [–] Baiting TTS after a FBI raid when the community NEEDS you. DEBO217 1 points ago in HyphonixRS

    He did tell us the questions he was asked multiple times! They just weren't the questions you wanted to hear!

    [–] Ok this is pretty cool DEBO217 1 points ago in apexlegends

    No its not dope, level 100 on the battle pass is a skin for a gun nobody uses. Its the opposite of dope. It fucking sucks.

    [–] All the SEGA Shining games on my Switch? Don't mind if I do. DEBO217 5 points ago in ShiningForce

    Not quite all, still missing shining force 3 which came out on the saturn

    [–] You are, a fucken' retard. DEBO217 6 points ago in kennyvsspenny

    Still breaks my heart seeing proof the show is faked. But I still watch it anyway

    [–] Please make it happen! DEBO217 141 points ago in DrDisrespectLive

    If he does go on he should go on as guy not the Doc IMO

    [–] When you bash Doc and his viewers instead of improving your own show.. DEBO217 151 points ago in DrDisrespectLive

    They are just trying to get attention and we are giving it to them. Before seeing this I had never heard of them and I preferred it that way

    [–] Huge win for the gaming community DEBO217 2 points ago in apexlegends

    I don't know what "sides" you're referring to. I just saw this and thought it was funny. I'm not on any "side"

    [–] Huge win for the gaming community DEBO217 3 points ago in apexlegends

    Its just meant to be funny. No need to take everything so seriously