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    [–] That wind up... DIA13OLICAL 68 points ago in CatSlaps

    I've been subbed here for a while and I've never seen a cat deliver something that looks so much like a punch and not a slap.

    [–] South Africa Legalizes Cannabis! DIA13OLICAL 128 points ago in trees

    Wow, something good happens in my country. I've been wanting to try this to help my chronic migraines for years now.

    [–] New Image from Shazam DIA13OLICAL 4 points ago in DCcomics

    Imgur mirror for the Sivana one because it 503'd the first few times for me.

    [–] [Meme] Bongo Cat plays Mr. Blue Sky DIA13OLICAL 13 points ago in youtubehaiku

    The top three comments here are nitpicks. I realise some of them may be humorous but, damn, it's just a video someone made for fun.

    [–] Dab on the Haters DIA13OLICAL 1 points ago in northernlion

    Hey man, I'm no lawyer but if you flying kick a man off of a skyscraper you can reasonably assume he's dead even if you don't peak over the edge to see him splat on the ground.

    [–] Poor Nick DIA13OLICAL 3 points ago in northernlion

    I didn't know they got Lil Dicky on the NLSS.

    [–] Dab on the Haters DIA13OLICAL 2 points ago in northernlion

    I've watched a few clips of this game and saw that you can kick people off of buildings pretty easily. Is this Spidey just okay with killing people all the time?

    [–] Super slam on the sister DIA13OLICAL 165 points ago in KidsAreFuckingStupid

    Because /r/DadReflexes became popular and people wanted a sub that went in the opposite direction.

    [–] [Poetry] Alex Jones is Banned DIA13OLICAL 2 points ago in youtubehaiku

    Truly, thank you for this good news, but why did you come back to a 15 day old comment?

    [–] [Fun Friday] Fun/casual deck discussion DIA13OLICAL 1 points ago in pkmntcg

    Eelektrik / rayquaza was really fun when I started playing around base set Black & White. It wasn't the best deck in the format but something about pulling off those OHKOs was a blast. It became much better when keldeo EX came out but before then it was a struggle to play. Maybe nostalgia is clouding things because it was my first competitive deck, but I still like it.

    I tried to make ultra squids work now that I'm playing again and it just isn't the same. Maybe my deck list is trash.

    [–] The Cheapest Deck Possible That Actually Wins Games (Part 2) DIA13OLICAL 1 points ago in pkmntcg

    If you don't mind playing in expanded that deck gets much better with battle compressor.

    [–] The Cheapest Deck Possible That Actually Wins Games (Part 2) DIA13OLICAL 1 points ago in pkmntcg

    How is this running for you, OP, or anyone else trying it? This deck always feels like it's a card or two in hand away from being perfect.

    [–] Tony Stark | I Hope They'll Remember You DIA13OLICAL 1 points ago in videos

    This video popped up in recommended a few days ago and I watched it and enjoyed it for what it was. Little did I know I had opened a pandora's box of hundreds of these videos which all have the same format: choose a character from pop culture, grab a bunch of their scenes and edit them together with overly dramatic music.

    Here's another one called "I Am Iron Man" and it's the same thing as what OP posted. Is this the new Elsagate?

    Edit: I see some people have posted other videos like this too. Is this just a thing I've been missing?

    [–] Weekly Quick Questions Post DIA13OLICAL 1 points ago in pkmntcg

    What site do players in the UK use for single cards? A family member just left today (Friday) and will be there until next week Friday. If I can, I want to stock up on some cards since I live in South Africa and getting singles here is a challenge. If you know of one that can ship cards in a week, let me know

    [–] Money, Cards, and Steals: A Beginner's guide to Prices in the Pokemon Trading Card Game DIA13OLICAL 1 points ago in pkmntcg

    A few things:

    Buy play sets, not singles

    What do you mean by this?

    Negotiate with card stores

    That's a thing you can do? As far as I can tell the people working the register at the card stores don't set the prices. Unless it's a really small store and you personally know the people, I don't think that will work.

    Finally, I just wanted to say something for players like myself in smaller countries. Buying singles from sites like Troll and Toad or Ebay is impossible. The cost of shipping, plus import duties / taxes plus the literal months of waiting for cards means that we're shit out of luck. Unless you or a friend or family member makes routine trips overseas, you need to depend on the people at your league. Can you buy singles? Yes, there's always bound to be that one guy who has a huge collection and is willing to sell. Will you get charged more than the site prices? Yes, but I think it's still cheaper that buying sealed and hoping for the best.

    Another thing you can do is pool together as a league or bunch of friends and do a bulk order with a third party company who expedites imports. This is very expensive, but since single cards (even a few hundred of them) are relatively small, the cost can be lessened by more people pitching in. The trick here is that someone needs to handle the money and there needs to be a lot of trust that this person doesn't run off.

    [–] [Testing Thursday] Play-testing discussion DIA13OLICAL 1 points ago in pkmntcg

    • Has anyone been doing any testing with greninja GX? I've been facing them online and they've been dismantling my zoroark / magcargo / garbodor deck. If it's a smart player they keep items in the discard low and I can never KO greninja because they keep hazing away. I think this is going to be a very strong deck in this standard. Anyone got a solid list?

    • Going off of that last thing: I'm thinking shrine of punishment would work great in a greninja deck. You make the opponent's GXs weak and, even if it damages you, you can just haze away.

    • I've been playing /u/treas92 's shrine deck with very little success. It's probably because I'm a returning player, but it just feels underpowered. Outside of mid-game swings with beast ring and sledgehammer, you can't hit for big numbers because most players are wising up to gardbodor and playing conservatively with items (rayquaza notwithstanding) or guzma'ing them early game.

    [–] Absolute Career Suicide DIA13OLICAL 19 points ago in northernlion

    What's the finish line?

    No joke, Ryan or Edmund dying.

    [–] Radial mechanism made out of Lego DIA13OLICAL 7 points ago in mechanical_gifs

    Thank you! I had no idea what to call it and, since it kinda looks like a radial engine, I went with that.

    [–] My wife’s favorite price tag DIA13OLICAL 2 points ago in lego

    Haha, relevant username then.