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    [–] Pc servers crashed? DIYW 1 points ago in EliteDangerous

    I thought there was something off about that awkwardly long witchspace jump.

    [–] Government seizes 147 tigers due to concerns about their treatment. 86 tigers die in government care due to worse treatment. DIYW 1 points ago in Libertarian

    Yeah...that bill that got passed didn't work. I called to get an appointment at the closest clinic, not accepting new patients. Nearest clinic taking new patients is an hour and a half drive for me. They told me I didn't qualify for the benefits and couldn't tell me why. I talked to 6 people over a 2 hour span and not one could tell me why I didn't qualify to see a private physician.

    For reference, you're supposed to qualify if you have to drive over 30 min for primary care or 60 minutes for specialty care.

    [–] Phoebe's Heart nebula thru the eye of a black hole DIYW 2 points ago in EliteDangerous

    Are you serious? I was just there last night. I haven't seen a black hole yet.

    [–] Controller LED Color DIYW 1 points ago in ValveIndex

    Thanks! I really thought they were green when plugged in and fully charged when I first got them.

    [–] What place is overrated to visit? DIYW 13 points ago in AskReddit

    Stonehenge. It was cool for a minute then I realized I'm just looking at a bunch of rocks. Reading about them was more interesting than seeing them.