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    [–] Casual blowjob DJHF206 2 points ago in TotallyStraight

    Dude is a champ! I’d love to see the source, as well!

    [–] Police sources: New evidence suggests Jussie Smollett orchestrated attack DJHF206 1 points ago in news

    The day before yesterday (Friday), as I recall. They announced that a container with bleach residue was found near the site of the attack, and that it ‘corroborated the attack’

    Perhaps I came across the wrong way in my original post, I simply think the police involved have been irresponsible in their messaging and releases of information.

    [–] Police sources: New evidence suggests Jussie Smollett orchestrated attack DJHF206 0 points ago in news

    Ugh. A friend was immediately skeptical, but my impulse was to give him the benefit of the doubt. Then the police announced they found substantiating evidence that validated the attack.

    Now they say, “Oh, wait, we think the incident was orchestrated now.”

    Beyond my disgust for anyone faking such an attack, what the actual fuck is going on with this police force? At this point they might as well put Scooby Doo on the case

    [–] I FINALLY did it!! DJHF206 2 points ago in QuittingTianeptine

    Hell yeah! <3 and I’m here anytime in the future. Knowing the progressive joy of becoming free of Tianeptine, It just makes me so happy for you!

    [–] having a really tough day, i hope this will take my pain away:( DJHF206 2 points ago in opiates

    Hope it takes your pain away, too. <3

    Though, I’m sure you know opioids are a losing game when it comes to dealing with pain like this. Sometimes we need to feel it to grow, as painful as it is.

    [–] SERIOUS QUESTION RX DEMEROL DJHF206 1 points ago in opiates

    I’m so sorry you are dealing with this pain. I can personally empathize.

    Even if you have not previously been prescribed this medication, you can claim you have—and that it helped. What your physician wants to know is how your medical condition is affecting your life—how you feel day to day. Communicate that as best you can and you should be ok. It may be a (frustrating) process, but stick with it and never second guess advocating for yourself.

    Much love <3

    [–] From the makers of Suboxone DJHF206 17 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in opiates


    [–] Slender DJHF206 1 points ago in TotallyStraight

    Daaaaamn. Incredible body!! Love those biceps. 💪

    [–] Backflip DJHF206 10 points ago in gifs

    ‘Bitch, get the fuck off!’

    This sort of familiarity and interaction with elephants will guarantee their extinction.

    [–] Fully loaded DJHF206 1 points ago in TotallyStraight

    Because the condom is mostly full of piss.

    [–] The bottom rises majestically! DJHF206 2 points ago in TotallyStraight

    Hot video!

    That website sucks though, it kept trying to redirect me to like half a dozen times XD I was laughing, like ‘no, I do not wish to view, thank you’

    [–] The accuracy though... DJHF206 22 points ago in opiates

    Ohhhhh snap! Too true...

    [–] Don’t be this guy DJHF206 1 points ago in opiates

    It’s absolutely atrocious...

    [–] Don’t be this guy DJHF206 3 points ago in opiates

    His asshole will be 80% larger in 15 years. Oddly, ok with that.

    [–] The most SHREDDED handsome TEEN bodybuilder | HAMPUS BOTVID | workout with POSING | DJHF206 3 points ago in broslikeus

    He’s very fit (and handsome) but that level of striated muscle just does not do it for me, its too much :/

    [–] Army Boredom DJHF206 1 points ago in broslikeus

    If that is true, he sounds like a dick, and honestly the amount of jizz produced because of his videos makes me super happy in that context.

    [–] Has anyone ever IV'd tianeptine? DJHF206 1 points ago in QuittingTianeptine

    Its a bit confusing, as krokodil is a slang term, but its been used to refer to both desomorphine (which is produced illicitly with tons of contaminants, sort of like ‘shake-and-bake’ meth in the US) and to tianeptine tablets, crushed and injected in Russia.

    They both cause similar severe health issues with IV use.

    [–] Has anyone ever IV'd tianeptine? DJHF206 2 points ago in QuittingTianeptine

    Tianeptine has some euphoria as a mu opioid (honestly this goes away pretty fast, for me it was a few weeks.) It also has dose-dependent stimulating effects. I’ve been off for over a year now, but I took the sodium salt orally (and its very bioavailable, the risk/benefit for IV’ing when its so orally available makes IV’ing sooo not worth it.)

    There are various uncomfortable side effects—I had several episodes of total dysphoria, so the feeling of impending doom, that everything is wrong and always will be, etc.

    I also experienced one episode of severe rhabdomyolysis which could really only be explained by my tianeptine use. Swelling in the extremities (edema) and I had my first seizure and was diagnosed with epilepsy (at age 30) the same month I quit, and had 60 seizures over the next 30 days. The seizure connection is not fully understood, but I know multiple people here have experienced seizures associated with Tianeptine use. Many, many people here have mentioned edema as well.

    This is not a typical opioid, and while I know this is entirely your choice, having been through its use and excruciating withdrawal, I strongly recommend against it.

    [–] INJECTABLE 🤔 DJHF206 1 points ago in opiates

    No worries!! :) and it happens to the best of us, Reddit chokes sometimes with posts and comments