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    [–] in exchange for a blond vinyl DaLastMeheecan 1 points ago in FrankOcean

    $100 + plus a blowjob while Chanel plays in the background

    [–] when customs find out it wasn't just socks DaLastMeheecan 0 points ago in FashionReps

    It’s a sticky to make sure people know. It’s a good thing, my guy.

    If you’re annoyed just ignore it.

    [–] [Giveaway] Sid Meier's Civilization 6 & Zombie Kill of the Week Reborn DaLastMeheecan 1 points ago in RandomActsOfGaming

    I want Civ 6. Thanks OP

    Also, I’ve been enjoying Dark Souls 3 (again)

    Decided to play it and damn, this game never gets old.

    [–] Patch 9.4 notes DaLastMeheecan 3 points ago in leagueoflegends

    How many school buses tho?

    [–] with this samsung telephone DaLastMeheecan 3 points ago in FrankOcean

    Guess imma go ahead and hold this L

    u/Izzo444, come hold with me 😂

    [–] guess you cant blame the ones you choose DaLastMeheecan 2 points ago in FrankOcean


    [–] How insecure do you have to be to wear a stock x tag on your shoes DaLastMeheecan 3 points ago in Sneakers

    Footlocker receipts are only for views. If you actually scan the codes like Service ID#, transaction ID#, and even cashier ID# it’ll show up as blank on everything. If you email footlocker with a receipt you can easily get this checked out.

    [–] Dont buy from /u/YeKidsSeeGhosts. I bought a mag off him then he refunded me 3 days later because he sold for more money then called me a nigger DaLastMeheecan 1 points ago in FrankOcean

    I’m not gonna argue further, but all I’m tryna say is that: don’t you think it’s a stretch to bring up such a hot, controversial topic just because somebody’s username relates to it? That guy might not even be a Ye fan. Maybe he just got that name.