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    [–] I wouldn't be that brave Daedalus128 2 points ago in skyrim

    It's an old game now... If they're young, I could understand why

    [–] Maybe did something wrong Daedalus128 2 points ago in Grimdank

    I'm new to the lore, can you explain this? This is new to me

    [–] Warrior Angel by Dion Harris Daedalus128 1 points ago in EbonyImagination

    Sometimes they wack Sometimes they smack

    [–] A bully took my lunch money so I _____ him. Daedalus128 -2 points ago in AskOuija

    Unexpected? What's much more unexpected was that this WASNT the answer

    [–] Dacre Montgomery says Billy Hargrove plays a huge part in 'Stranger Things 3' Daedalus128 22 points ago in StrangerThings

    What? Billy didn't like Lucas because he was black, they made that real obvious? And his dad was homophobic because he called Billy a F******. Tbf, Billy could easily also be homophobic, but how he stared down Steve in the shower, how he checked himself out in the mirror and how much faux machismo he generally has are, imo, good indicators of his repressed feelings. But that could just be me grasping at straws

    [–] Death Racing w/ a Mage Daedalus128 5 points ago in Shadowrun

    Oh I had PLENTY of fun with the decker, but ultimately I wanted more from her than she could give me.

    The game isn't too Pink Mohawk, but it's also not super serious either. The death race got insane, but entirely because it's a death race 🤷 kinda hard not to get a bit crazy. Like it has elements of pink Mohawk, we stopped a fucking bug invasion by blowing up the boiler room of a anti-tech doomsday cult (who were the family of one of the characters), but also uber serious moments such as when said character killed his family in the bug invasion contemplated suicide for abandoning and killing his entire world.

    Changing the map made this session change from a "Well that was fun" to "HOLY SHIT BALLS WHAT THE HELL IM IN LOVE" because I would have dropped out of the race otherwise because the convicts were significantly more important. Then GM surprised us with a fucking jewelry store? Best fucking thing.

    And ya, face to face, which made playing heavy metal and everyone saying it was Trolling Thunder (which one if the characters is an uberfan of in game) so much cooler.

    [–] Death Racing w/ a Mage Daedalus128 7 points ago in Shadowrun

    Rigger focused with decker abilities. My last character was hyper decking, and she was insane at it, regularly rolling 16s right after CC, but it wasn't fulfilling. This character was 100% designed for racing, with strengths in swarm based drones on foot, and a no-stealth decking (focused on brute force and data spike).

    [–] Never gets old. Daedalus128 2 points ago in StrangerThings

    Gotta defend those kids man

    [–] Dacre Montgomery says Billy Hargrove plays a huge part in 'Stranger Things 3' Daedalus128 3 points ago in StrangerThings

    Becky also definitely would have died to if Department of Energy wasn't being harassed by Demo-dogs when she called about 11

    [–] Them 2$ white tees Daedalus128 1 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    If someone is 1/8 white, does that automatically mean they aren't black? The one drop rule man, if they can pass as black then they, if only you because the rest of society will see them as black, and not care that they have some white people ancestors

    [–] Them 2$ white tees Daedalus128 1 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    In my case yes, but that's not always true, and even if it is, that doesn't make them less black?

    [–] Them 2$ white tees Daedalus128 139 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Are light skinned blacks now no longer allowed to even call themselves black? Man I'd love to hear your opinion on mixed kids too 😒