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    [–] Daily Discussion Thread 04/22/18 Dalek_Kolt 2 points ago * (lasted edited an hour ago) in smashbros

    That's fair, I never heard of half the characters people asked me to make.

    Character request sheet
    Drake Redcrest (Chibi Robo) Chibi Robo Geno (SMRPG)
    Mike Jones (StarTropics) Rex (Xenoblade Chronicles) Pyra (Xenoblade Chronicles)
    Marina Liteyears (Mischief Makers)
    My wishlist
    Ganon (Zelda) Ridley (Metroid) Porky (MOTHER) Black Shadow (F-Zero)
    Ganondorf (Zelda) Dark Samus (Metroid) Dark Matter (Kirby) King K.Rool (Donkey Kong Country)
    Skull Kid (Zelda) Sylux (Metroid) Marx (Kirby)

    [–] The Helmet is off by Dreatos Dalek_Kolt 12 points ago in mylittlepony

    Sees Aurora Borealis mane

    There's still good in her.

    [–] Royal Sketchbook - The Return Dalek_Kolt 1 points ago in mylittlepony

    My problem is that Twilight here is never given the chance to play to her greatest strength, that of friendship. She talks to one bandit about to be put away, gets mocked for her approach, spat in the face, and told that she couldn't do anything. I'd call her out on just taking all this abuse, but she is understandably distracted during the rest of the trip by the death of a friend.

    Redeeming villains, even in Equestria, isn't supposed to be easy. And while this arc paints them as irredeemable, I just don't see these guys as any purer evil than, say, the changelings. Some guys are total Chrysalises, but others could just see it as the only way of life. That's why if we ever see these guys again, I want to see Twilight actually do what she does best once she's past her mourning period.

    On a lighter note, I love how over-the-top evil the "realistic" bandits presented were here. Dudes make the Mane-iac and Daybreaker look subtle and nuanced.

    [–] [Continuation] The Princess and the Party Pony Dalek_Kolt 1 points ago in roleplayponies

    Begins massaging her inner walls, tugging on a breast with his other hand.

    [–] Tried fitting Samus inside her armor. Dalek_Kolt 2 points ago in Metroid

    Thanks, this is all very interesting.

    Gonna be honest, I'm just an idiot with access to a vectoring program and too much time. Figured there was a canonical explanation, but wanted to try my hand at the SR model anyway as just a one-piece suit.

    Which is frustrating because it seemed like the SR model was really close to being "realistic" despite the wide shoulder span in the turnaround. I look at this concept art and I can actually see her in the suit instead of her head pasted on a robot body or the "layers" explanation.

    [–] Royal Sketchbook - The Return Dalek_Kolt 7 points ago in mylittlepony

    Little disappointed that this arc ended with Luna vindicated. I get that Twilight isn't right all this time, but this situation seemed contrived specifically to figuratively and literally spit in Twilight's face and everything she believes in.

    I'll cut her some slack though, friend died and yadda yadda. If this ever gets revisited I'd be interested in seeing Twilight actually trying to reform the bandits despite/in spite of their jackassery.

    And if this never gets revisited, I can still retain my headcanon that Ridley is the bandit leader.

    [–] A Moment of Weakness by dilarus Dalek_Kolt 11 points ago in mylittlepony

    Fer the last time, I like stallions.

    Oh cruel fate!

    Wonder if Starlight has a genderswap spell...

    [–] Characters from the N64 era that could have a chance to be in Smash Dalek_Kolt 3 points ago in smashbros

    A nonclone Ganondorf?

    Why do I find that less likely than getting James Bond in Smash Bros...

    [–] No post in 4 hours Dalek_Kolt 5 points ago in MLPLounge

    The afternoon, cuz I'm awake.

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread 04/21/18 Dalek_Kolt 1 points ago in smashbros

    First reason being I didn't know anything about her when someone requested her.

    Second being I didn't want her art being covered by Rex's icon and wanted people to see both characters equally.

    [–] Daily Discussion Thread 04/20/18 Dalek_Kolt 1 points ago in smashbros

    I have now.

    So are Rex and Pyra a Stand/Stand user combo, do they work together like Ice Climbers? i don't know why people keep asking for them together as a slot.

    [–] [Continuation] The Princess and the Party Pony Dalek_Kolt 2 points ago in roleplayponies

    Scratching as quickly as he can, moving down her neck.

    [–] [Continuation] The Princess and the Party Pony Dalek_Kolt 2 points ago in roleplayponies

    Let's play a game.

    I'll scratch for every word you say.