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    [–] Daily Discussion Thread 12/11/18 Dalek_Kolt 2 points ago in smashbros

    I was thinking about how Toon Ganondorf used to have a ton of support because people wanted him to use two swords.

    I put my own twist on the idea.

    [–] So what do you think Joker's classic campaign will be? Dalek_Kolt 1 points ago in SmashBrosUltimate

    I think it might be based around kings and figures of authority, with teamups with characters that rebel against authority in their original games. So Joker would fight against Bowser, Ganondorf, Palutena, and team up with Shulk, Corrin and Bayonetta.

    [–] What SSBU Character Do You Recommend To Brand New Players? Dalek_Kolt 2 points ago in smashbros

    Mario or Kirby.

    Mario has the most general moveset to ease people into the type of game Smash is, and Kirby has a bunch of jumps to make getting back on stage easy.

    [–] Samus's Classic mode features a fight against a giant Ridley, putting him more in line with his Super/Zero Mission appearances. Dalek_Kolt 1 points ago in Metroid

    It's been discussed to death over a great deal of time, I'm surprised that the conversation isn't completely dead despite Ultimate.

    Personally, and it's just a matter of preference, I just wish he was at eye-level to Samus.

    [–] Joker never stood a chance. Dalek_Kolt 8 points ago in TwoBestFriendsPlay

    Funny, I tend to just scratch the button.

    [–] Samus's Classic mode features a fight against a giant Ridley, putting him more in line with his Super/Zero Mission appearances. Dalek_Kolt 9 points ago in Metroid

    Ridley is a great boss though. You just need to boot up Brawl and Smash 4.

    That's the main reason why him being playable is okay to me, even if his portrayal in Ultimate completely butchers him in the eyes of some people. Bossley in Smash has been done to death, and tiny Ridley isn't going to retroactively ruin everything he's done before.

    [–] Ridley's a tall boi... 290cm compared to Bowser's 220cm. Dalek_Kolt 36 points ago in SmashBrosUltimate

    I want there to be a scene in a Metroid game where Samus invades a Space Pirate ship, and every time she breaches a defense it cuts to a bigger, upright, elite-looking pirate in shadows giving orders from a throne. As Samus approaches the boss room, said mysterious pirate grows more unhinged and bestial, ripping the monitor apart/tearing through his throne/generally destroying the room, occasionally revealing more details about his design, and by the time Samus reaches the boss room the commandeering, mysterious pirate has completed his descent into the traditional savage-looking Ridley.

    [–] Classic Mode is a delight! Dalek_Kolt 87 points ago in smashbros

    I love how giant King K. Rool and Ridley are enemies in Samus's Classic mode, being standins for Kraid and, well, Ridley.

    I just wished Mother Brain was a proper boss.

    [–] Jevil VS. The God Question Dalek_Kolt 5 points ago in Deltarune

    You realize him trying this is what led to him being locked up.

    [–] Joker’s Adventure Mode got Leaked. Dalek_Kolt 17 points ago in TwoBestFriendsPlay

    I'm trying and failing to imagine Ganondorf and Ridley having their hearts stolen.

    [–] Yo, Donkey Kong Lore the most SBF thing I can Imagine Dalek_Kolt 26 points ago in TwoBestFriendsPlay

    I thought King K. Rool stealing the banana hoard was done not to feed his troops, but to starve the Kongs so he could take over the island.

    There's some LORE to be read in K. Rool's excursions to Kong Island; First he simply steals their food, then he steals the hoard AND kidnaps Donkey Kong, then he kidnaps both Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong to power a new 'bot a la Dr. Eggman, and by 64, his constant defeat and humiliation at the hands of the Kongs have driven him to the point that if he can't have the island, he'll destroy it and everyone on it instead.

    [–] Who’s next Dalek_Kolt 10 points ago in Animemes

    Waifus are temporary. Speedwagon is immortal.

    [–] yare yare daze Dalek_Kolt 20 points ago in Animemes

    JJBA is just a ripoff of JJBA.

    [–] Bomberman is the only spirit in the game to get new artwork for his spirit Dalek_Kolt 2 points ago in smashbros

    He'd be nice, but I'd rather have Dark Matter as a "true Kirby villain" representative, especially seeing how most Kirby final bosses reference his design (blob monster with a cycloptic eye) in some capacity.

    [–] I Almost Feel Bad For Frank Here Dalek_Kolt 69 points ago in TwoBestFriendsPlay

    Most of my knowledge of Marvel comes from the MCU, so Frank's big shtick of actually killing criminals seems much less eyebrow-raising than it seems like it should be.

    Like I see Punisher and I just see him as a slightly-unhinged Black Widow.