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    [–] I am 29 episodes in. Is this show about Aang or Zuko? DannyGlop37 2 points ago in TheLastAirbender

    If you start a pokemon game, Soulsilver for example, you are the main character lol

    Because you are the one who will ultimately beat the pokemon champion

    Aang is the main character because he does the same thing - beat Phoenix King Ozai

    [–] I am 29 episodes in. Is this show about Aang or Zuko? DannyGlop37 4 points ago in TheLastAirbender

    I had to laugh at that Pokemon reference lol

    But in Pokemon, the main character (you) has no backstory and pretty much no development. But in Avatar, Aang has a backstory, relationships, and lots of struggles. Maybe your thoughts will change when you finish the series.

    You can kinda compare Avatar to Pokemon. In Pokemon, most of the attention is on the Pokemon themselves. In Avatar, most of the attention is focused on characters centralized around Aang (except that Aang himself also has some character development, but not as much as others).

    [–] My Wisdom DannyGlop37 0 points ago in TheLastAirbender

    Call me a stupid reposter. I deserve it lol

    I’m gonna delete this anyway because I don’t want to be a stupid reposter for life

    [–] My Wisdom DannyGlop37 1 points ago in TheLastAirbender

    Congrats on being the first to recognize this 😂 the reason I did this was to see how many upvotes I could actually get from this. I will delete this post later cause I feel guilty for being a classic redditor lol