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    [–] [Epic] Subnautica (Free for a limited time/100% off) ends 12-27 Daveed84 1 points ago in GameDeals

    Not sure what you mean by "default window size" but on a 1440p monitor I didn't have to scroll at all to see it.

    [–] Please, just a hint. Daveed84 1 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    None of the big companies (Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc.) "sell data". That would be ridiculous, and not just from an ethical perspective, but also a business one. User data is valuable and these companies know it, so why would they just hand it over to someone else? What they actually do is compile the data and use it to sell ad inventory (the ad industry term for space where an ad is displayed) to advertisers. Advertisers can tell a company like Facebook "I want you to serve ads for our products to users who are Male, between the ages of 18-34, and interested in Cars", and Facebook will use the data it has to target users that match that criteria. The advertiser doesn't know that you, SpiderHuman, are specifically interested in those things... the data is all anonymized. Providing targeting options like this to advertisers is big business, and the actual raw personal data of individual users is rarely (if ever) shared in the manner people always seem to think it is.

    [–] Home Alone Booby Traps Daveed84 7 points ago in Unexpected

    Oof, that edit

    [–] Bomb threats emailed nationwide to schools, businesses, media companies Daveed84 1 points ago in news

    Interesting, Tom Scott tweeted that he got one of these earlier today too. Casting a pretty wide net there.

    [–] [Amazon] Battlefield V ($29.99 / 50% off) | PC | Origin key Daveed84 16 points ago in GameDeals

    That's probably because the Medic weapons were already pretty bad... but now they're even worse

    [–] Manual engineers: code freeze? Daveed84 2 points ago in QualityAssurance

    I've worked on teams where "code freeze" was a hard stop for developers to submit code before a deadline. This would give the QA team time to review a feature without additional changes beyond fixes for bugs reported by testers. The current team I work on doesn't have any policy like this, but I wouldn't say that it's uncommon.

    [–] Far Cry New Dawn: 6 Minutes of Gameplay Featuring Pastor Jerome - IGN First Daveed84 34 points ago in Games

    Yep, and it was different enough that most people wouldn't have recognized it as the same map if it hadn't been pointed out to them. I thought it was interesting that people gave Ubisoft shit at the time for "re-using assets" when it didn't really matter at all... Majora's Mask was released only 18 months after Ocarina of Time because it re-used a TON of assets from the previous game, and no one cared back then.

    [–] Say “G’day” and “Cheerio” to new accents for your Google Assistant Daveed84 53 points ago in Android

    it's probably a staged rollout like all things with Google, and they changed that like 6 months ago

    [–] John Lasseter Will Leave Disney and Pixar at the End of 2018 Daveed84 5 points ago in news

    One thing the #metoo has shown that there is a different set of rules for harassment once you are high enough on the corporate food chain.

    Tell that to Harvey Weinstein

    [–] Heat in the winter! Daveed84 1 points ago in boston

    66 during the day, 62 overnight, 57 when no one is home

    [–] SHIELD Experience Upgrade 7.2 Daveed84 3 points ago in Android

    I like it enough to keep it on, I just wish it wasn't so sensitive. I accidentally turn the volume down all the time

    [–] SHIELD Experience Upgrade 7.2 Daveed84 2 points ago in Android

    Yes, it's live now, it prompted me to upgrade

    [–] [Gamestop] Battlefield V PC Download $29.99 (PS4/XB1 in comments) Daveed84 43 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in GameDeals

    I mean I can only speak for myself here but I wasn't disappointed with BFV at all, it's a big step up from BF1 IMO

    edit: I hadn't heard about the TTK changes so maybe ignore this comment...

    [–] FAQ Daveed84 1 points ago in u_BooCMB

    Résumés, essays, work emails, any formal or professional setting really

    [–] Could Trump use the military to build the wall? Daveed84 1 points ago in NeutralPolitics

    Why is the link so small? I missed it at first as well.

    [–] This wrap changes it's color based on the rarity of the weapon you're holding Daveed84 2 points ago in FortNiteBR

    Hey OP, just a heads up, "it's" is always either "it is" or "it has"..."its" is the possessive form

    [–] Sick and tired of listening to Satellite by Starset Daveed84 1 points ago in forza

    Same here dude, super annoying, don't know why they can't silence this

    [–] Top Ten Tuesday - Wye Oak Daveed84 3 points ago in indieheads

    1. Hot as Day
    2. Join
    3. Lifer
    4. Holy Holy
    5. It Was Not Natural
    6. Say Hello
    7. The Louder I Call, the Faster It Runs
    8. Symmetry
    9. The Alter
    10. Shriek