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    [–] Can someone explain the Teddy Perkins episode? DawnSennin 5 points ago in AtlantaTV

    Teddy Perkins is an argument on the cost for fame and fortune. Benny and Teddy were raised in an overtly strict and abusive environment by their father that led them (or at least Benny) in becoming successful pianists. Teddy believes that his father raised him and Benny correctly though their childhoods were taken from them. Their story is reflective of numerous child stars and prodigies with the most notable being Michael Jackson. Darius contests Teddy's ideology while being held at gunpoint by stating that growing up in a loving environment would had fostered Teddy and Benny's talents more so than an abusive one. Teddy objects at which point Benny rolls in to murder Teddy before committing suicide. A lot of the episode is vague and is open to interpretation. However, it does highlight the price of success for young artists and prodigies.

    [–] 'I Don't Think We're Afraid of Killing Anybody' -Stefani Robinson (writer of Woods, Barbershop Juneteenth, Value). DawnSennin 2 points ago in AtlantaTV

    I'm not too sure about that notion. Atlanta has proven repetitively that any of its main 4 actors can carry the show by having each lead an episode. In fact, I'll go as far as to say that Glover, Henry, Stanfield, and Beetz are too good for this show. Their level of acting surpasses even those in the film industry. Not only that but they all have range, especially Stanfield and Henry, who are likely among the top 20 actors within Hollywood today.

    [–] Help please DawnSennin 3 points ago in TokyoGhoul

    That's Takizawa's Quinque, which was made from a ghoul Tatara knew.

    [–] Do you think that we might have a time skip like this ? DawnSennin 13 points ago in TokyoGhoul

    Ishida had likely capped his happy quota for the entire series with 125. Don’t look forward to something in the pic without some devastating price.

    [–] One Piece: Chapter 902 DawnSennin 4 points ago in OnePiece

    And the invisible onion chopping chefs.

    [–] One Piece: Chapter 902 DawnSennin 0 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in OnePiece

    Reading that chapter was like eating a wholesome meal. It was fulfilling. A lot of mysteries were left unresolved though but it seems that Big Mum will be taking to the seas again, which would be awesome. Pirates shouldn’t be entirely adhered to land. Also, did Katakuri intentionally threw his fight with Luffy? It seems so given that smug lie. No doubt Jinbei and Germa had escaped as well. I expect to see them at the final battle alongside Luffy. Pudding's story wrapped up nicely too. Officially, she and Sanji’s are still married. I wonder if those pirates Zeff were feeding are Big Mum’s. Anyways, this was a nice conclusion to the arc. Can’t wait to see the Reverie and Wano. Hopefully, Zoro wasn’t in charge of the compass.

    [–] Tokyo Ghoul: the manga | First Reaction DawnSennin 3 points ago in anime

    Are you sure that you read Tokyo Ghoul :Re and not some bootlegged fanfiction? The first chapters of :Re are incredibly detailed almost to a fault. It's story is not complex at all. The first chapters resemble CSI and Law and Order with a few PoV characters.

    [–] Tokyo Ghoul: the manga | First Reaction DawnSennin 5 points ago in anime

    The main problem with this adaptation is the lack of a reference point between it and the original adaptation. An episode dedicated to the final moments of the TG manga would had clarified the plot while providing a backstory for which said plot could be built upon. Also, the new season is fast paced. Pierrot goes through a volume every 2 episodes at the cost of establishing and developing characters, context surrounding various plot elements, and audience investment. Not to mention that the animation is not consistent. The last episode was a literal slideshow with numerous stills. Pierrot made this adaptation for the sake of making it. There is no audience for it and the pacing reduces the overall quality. If you have never read the original manga, don't see this adaptation. If you are a manga fan that has little time to spare, don't see this adaptation. Instead, invest in the manga series, especially since Tokyo Ghoul :Re manga is ending its run.

    [–] Tokyo Ghoul: the manga | First Reaction DawnSennin 2 points ago in anime

    What about the plot don't you understand? Have you asked anyone in the Tokyoghoul subreddit to explain it?

    [–] Tokyo Ghoul: the manga | First Reaction DawnSennin 1 points ago in anime

    The manga was available for free to read the weekend before the premiere. If you hadn't read the manga, then this series is not for you.

    [–] (Spoilers main) Why are the seven so weak? DawnSennin 1 points ago in asoiaf

    It could have been a powerful warg like Six Skins, who was capable of warging into open air for a while.

    [–] (Spoilers main) Why are the seven so weak? DawnSennin 0 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in asoiaf

    From what I’ve heard, GRRM is an atheist. Him writing about the power of deities may be a misdirection for what is actually going on. Melissande is an astute follower of the red god but she was revealed to be a charlatan. Her shadow babies were nothing more than smoke and mirrors. However, she and other members of her faith can disguise others and themselves through glamour using gems.

    Warging and Green Seeing are not gifts from gods but genetically granted abilities that can be found among the descendants of the First Men, who had likely learned from the Children of the Forests to claim those skills. Also, the trees serve as nodes through which green seers can communicate and harness information throughout space and time.

    The Faceless Men are a bit mysterious and their shape shifting techniques may be more attributed to personal skill than their religious fundamentalism.

    [–] Tokyo Ghoul:re (Season 3) Episode 3 Manga Readers Discussion DawnSennin 2 points ago in TokyoGhoul

    Studio Pierrot Presents: Are you Manga Fans Happy Yet?

    Before I begin this review, I would like to commend the studio for that vivid slideshow at the end of this episode. The animation in this episode was barely noticeable and dispersed between too many stills. It made the club scenes stilted and empty. However, the animators made up for this by inserting flashing lights and having the QS awkwardly dance in the foreground. Such a decision highlights Pierrot's thought process in adapting the manga. What was a sentimental moment in the manga became a flat comedic piece in the anime. Also, the QS group and Haise felt like an actual clique one would find in a club in the manga. Whereas the anime portrayed them as fish-out-of-water undercover cops.

    The faults of the :Re adaptation are more apparent in this episode. Much of the episode felt non-cohesive as Urie and Haise continue to battle for screen time and importance to the overall plot. Urie is the main character this episode as the primary plot revolves around his prior surgery and ongoing recovery. Haise, the true main character of the series, feels forced upon the viewer. His relationship with the QS has more emotion in it than the character himself. Now, it is too late for Studio Pierrot to rectify its direction for the series. The series going forward has little time to build backstory to Haise.

    A good comparison to this episode would be "Batman V Superman" by Z. Snyder. Both pieces were editing disasters with scenes that could be arranged without losing the story. Episode 3 of Pierrot's :Re is no doubt the worse episode aired thus far. The first one was enjoyable and the second was a bit heartfelt. However, this episode, even with a good first half, seems like a canonical episode disguised as filler. Overall, it highlights Studio Pierrot's approach to adapting the series and serves to prove why a proper Tokyo Ghoul adaptation is needed before transforming :Re into an anime.


    • Urie "Happy Trees" Kukie!
    • Montages are less exciting with still frames
    • Lost in this episode: The Budget
    • Next episode will be action packed!
    • Characters Missing in the OP: Ui; Hairu; Urie with a Paintbrush; Stairs-sama; Umbrella-chan; Berserker or Roided Urie; Black Reaper; Big Madam; Madam A; Sasako (Blonde); The numerous "#keepmutsukisafe" tags; The Confusion of Anime-onlies; Nutcracker; Uta's Zebra Outfit; Lolita Rei (with the prosthetic leg); Context

    [–] Can someone explain what is happening in the manga right now? DawnSennin 6 points ago in TokyoGhoul

    I assume you meant after he was rescued by Touka, Urie, Mutsuki, and Saiko.

    Kaneki being released from Dragon caused the giant kagune structure to release "toxins". These toxins increase the RC levels of human beings and ghouls exponentially. Due to this, humans would either transform into ghouls or develop the ROS disease.

    Kimi, Kanou's successor and Nishio's ex, believed a cure could be found underneath an "oviduct", structures that birth the kagune monsters, in the 19th ward. Kaneki and Ayato were sent to discover what this cure might be.

    The Clowns and V attacked CCG and GOAT directly upon Kimi's complete speculation of the cure. OWL and V were implemented to stall GOAT and CCG for a time until something occurs.

    Furuta had never died by Dragon's attack. He survived the 24th Ward Raid before doing the following:

    • Resigning as CCG Bureau Chief
    • Joining up with V to recollect Rize
    • Shooting and broadcasting an expository video about the kagune monsters
    • Journeying to the depths of the 19th Ward (aka Root A20) where he crosses Kaneki

    [–] Bridging the Gap Between Season 2 and Season 3 DawnSennin 8 points ago in TokyoGhoul

    Hold up! Tokyo Ghoul had a second anime season!? Someone, go tell Pierrot!

    [–] question about the manga DawnSennin 1 points ago in TokyoGhoul

    You’ll be even more confused if you start reading at :Re.

    [–] Is anyone else confused? DawnSennin 3 points ago in TokyoGhoul

    Questions like these show why context and background are important in story-telling. It is not your fault, OP, for being confused. Many had foreseen the confused state anime-onlies would be in exactly when the :Re anime was announced.

    I suggest you put the :Re anime on hold to read the first Tokyo Ghoul series. The story at this point in the anime will not be any more clearer as it is now.

    [–] How far will season 3 get? DawnSennin 11 points ago in TokyoGhoul

    It will end with Ui, after his infamous battle with stairs-sama, stumbling across Black Reaper eating Eto’s kakuja lower half.

    [–] Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 4 Preview Images DawnSennin 3 points ago in TokyoGhoul

    Looks like Pierrot is adapting a volume for every two chapters.

    [–] Questions about Juuzo DawnSennin 1 points ago in TokyoGhoul

    Juuzo and Iwa were given prosthetics after their battle with zero.

    [–] Whose kagune??? Sensory ghoul question (Manga Spoilers) DawnSennin 1 points ago in TokyoGhoul

    Given what was shown of Ghouls and detached kagunes, it’s likely that Hinami was implementing a radar-like technique to detect the Clowns. Itori’s alarm system was there to alert the Clowns of any signal GOAT was using to locate them. R