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    [–] Who’s Afraid of Bernie Sanders? A Lot of Democrats, Apparently. DawnSennin 1 points ago in politics

    Clinton was pompous and couldn’t read a room for what it’s worth. She’s an elitist of the very definition and her campaign made a number of serious mistakes that cost them the election. Remember this also, no one, including most people who view the polls, expected Clinton to lose the Rust Belt. Her campaign snubbed Sanders supporters, cheated her through the primaries, selected a right wing VP, and coasted to the election. It also helped propped up The Berder in Chief.

    Bernie was less popular because he was not an A-list celebrity like Clinton, who coasted through the primaries without having a single press conference. Also, Bernie was largely ignored by the MSM because they wanted to cover Trump’s empty podium rather than showing Bernie’s policies.

    Yes, Bernie has less votes than Clinton but there should be no excuse for Clinton losing the Plains and the Rust Belt to an unknown Senator from Vermont during the primaries. There were many intracacies in the 2016 primaries that led to Clinton winning. However, if Bernie would to run, he would demolish every candidate in the race. He has something all of the current runners and Harris do not and that’s grassroots energy.

    [–] Who’s Afraid of Bernie Sanders? A Lot of Democrats, Apparently. DawnSennin 1 points ago in politics

    Brown’s policies are so revolutionary that no one cares to list them? The only good thing about him is glthat he gets an “f” from an organization that shouldn’t have a say in politics at all? Bernie stands for 15 dollar minimum wage, free public college, and Medicare-for-all. Brown stands for nothing worth mentioning.

    [–] 6 reasons that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the most powerful woman in politics DawnSennin 1 points ago in politics

    “Narrative and Feels Before Facts” is the true motto of Faux News. Roger Ailes watched the channel on mute.

    [–] Who’s Afraid of Bernie Sanders? A Lot of Democrats, Apparently. DawnSennin 1 points ago in politics

    And what credentials are those? Bernie believes in raising the minimum wage to 15 per hour. He fights for Medicare-for-all. He wants to see college students attend school tuition free. Is Brown for that?

    [–] Who’s Afraid of Bernie Sanders? A Lot of Democrats, Apparently. DawnSennin 1 points ago in politics

    Bernie won over 40% of the vote and no one knew who he was. If not for insider meddling, he might have been POTUS by now. Trump won because, like Bernie, he ran a populist message, which has invigorated New Democrats to run like AOC, who served on Bernie’s campaign. If Bernie decide to run for 2020, not only won’t he demolish the competition but he’s likely to come out on top. Look at the number of hit pieces the media is throwing at him before he even makes an announcement. The establishment is scared of Bernie. The establishment is scared of his policies. Medicare-for-all, 15 dollar minimum wage, and free public college are detrimental to the wealthy and one percent. Bernie, if he decide to run, will likely win the primary and he would defeat Trump effortlessly.

    [–] (Spoilers Extended) The Others are evil and the biggest villain is the Great Other DawnSennin -2 points ago in asoiaf

    No, all the Others ever did was lure out the Nights Watch by attacking Waynar’s team.

    [–] (Spoilers Extended) The Others are evil and the biggest villain is the Great Other DawnSennin 5 points ago in asoiaf

    There is no evidence in the book that the "Others" are purely evil. Much of their history was either buried with the First Men or passed down through elaborate tales. Thus far, the Others have only attacked the Night's Watch at the Fist and haven't made an appearance since then. Some believe that the Others are being manipulated by external forces. My personal theory is that the Others are trying to bait House Stark in hopes of capturing them for their own means.

    It must be noted that the term "Others" has a xenophobic stigma around it.

    [–] The US president catering a visiting football team with fastfood because his staff is furloughed DawnSennin 9 points ago in trashy

    Was Tiffany born in wedlock?

    edit: She was. Forget Fox News. The DNC wouldn't had allowed Obama to run if he had 5 kids by 3 wives.

    [–] Asians don't care about political correctness DawnSennin -2 points ago in trashy

    Makes you think that American racism is not as bad as it seems in comparison

    You have no idea how bad "American racism" was and is today.

    [–] Nintendo Switch outsold PlayStation 4 systems during 2018 in Japan; passes 7 million units DawnSennin 2 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    The Switch is one console that Nintendo got right for their home market. Some R&D guys must have studied their work routine and concluded that people only have free time during commute.

    [–] President Trump serves fast food to Clemson in bizarre White House visit DawnSennin 1 points ago in politics

    This quote has now confirmed my theory that writers for the Onion had successfully infiltrated major news outlets to discredit said outlets by writing entertaining but sad works of fiction.

    [–] Fast food fan President Donald Trump chows down on burgers with Clemson football team DawnSennin 3 points ago in politics

    I know its winter but the POTUS should at least taken out the ole smoker and have a barbecue. Buying a ton of fast-food burgers and other junk food for collegiate athletes, who should be on strict diets, is near insulting.

    [–] Switch voice chat cutting off during match in SSBU. DawnSennin 1 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    It just might be better to call your friend instead of using the app, which is exactly what Nintendo’s app does.

    [–] Clemson football champions to get fast food buffet at White House visit DawnSennin 11 points ago in politics

    I guess the White House chef and his crew were apart of the "non-essential" workforce that was furloughed.

    [–] Corporate Media Bias on 2020 Democratic Race Already in High Gear DawnSennin 5 points ago in politics

    To many, Trump was the best available option. A lot of Americans aren't threatened by his xenophobia and racism. Some even share his views. What Trump did differently than Hillary and his fellow GOP contenders is that he promised to better the lives of the American people.

    [–] Resident Evil 2 Remake on Track to Become the Biggest Launch in the Franchise Based on Demo’s Player Counts That Tripled RE7’s Demo on Steam DawnSennin 1 points ago in Games

    RE2 remake launches simultaneously alongside KH3. However, RE2 would likely sell more due to it being more accessible than the Kingdom Hearts franchise and its availability on PC, which SE has yet to port its KH franchise to.

    [–] Corporate Media Bias on 2020 Democratic Race Already in High Gear DawnSennin 9 points ago in politics

    The reason Trump is POTUS is because a number of elitist on both sides of the aisle continued to ignore the needs of the American people.

    [–] Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the voice of an ignorant generation DawnSennin 6 points ago in politics

    The anti-AOC propaganda machine does not wear down. Fox News must be really desperate to avoid the fiasco surrounding Trump and Mitch’s shutdown by advertising a young socialist democrat and her policies that would extend the lifespan of its audience’s grandchildren. The more people learn about AOC, the more have and her policies increase in popularity. The establishment should be afraid because AOC will end the relationship between government and industry.