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    [–] A new study on different kinds of loneliness suggests that having poor quality relationships is associated with greater distress than having too few, based on 1,839 US adults. In other words, it’s the quality, not quantity, of your relationships that really matters. Death_Star_ 1 points ago in science


    I’m more alone with you than I ever was when I was by myself.

    Still recall those lyrics from my cringe HS pop punk phase.

    Having poorly connected and/or insignificant relationships is often worse than just being alone.

    I think we live in an age where social media enables and exacerbates that; we hear of rises of anxiety and depression and loneliness vs previous generations and I can’t help but think social media plays an integral part.

    [–] Evolution of graphics Death_Star_ 10 points ago in SpidermanPS4

    Ah. Smart move, especially considering that they render the ENTIRE playable area in real-time even if it would take you 5+ minutes to swing all the way across the city.

    I can’t even imagine how much work that would take.

    [–] Evolution of graphics Death_Star_ 19 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in SpidermanPS4


    Swinging around is amazing obviously but I really felt like I was IN the Marvel universe in that game.

    It had more boss fights (each with different ways to beat them, as opposed to “dodge dodge dodge until they’re tired”) and they had awesome cameos (I forget the whole list but obviously Venom, also Daredevil, Cap, FF4 and others).

    That game was legitimately difficult. I feel like the PS4 one is more about accessibility for all ages and to allow more freedom to just do whatever you want, rather than being about a genuinely challenging game. There’s just so much repetition in the game and the learning curve is so flat that by week 3 I was getting 100+ combos easily.

    PS1 SM is a legendary game.

    [–] James Cameron "threw in" a Bruce Lee reference in Alita: Battle Angel, on the basis that everyone 600 years from now will still study Bruce Lee's fighting philosophies. Death_Star_ 4 points ago in movies

    Jesus I’m old.

    I still recall Prince Fielder being drafted and how he was known as “Cecil Fielder’s son,” with accompanying clips of 13-year old Prince hitting home runs at old Tiger Stadium during BP.

    Hell, up until today I thought it was common knowledge that he was “Cecil’s son”’s blowing my mind that at age 36 I’m old enough where people don’t even know that Cecil Fielder exists.

    [–] James Cameron "threw in" a Bruce Lee reference in Alita: Battle Angel, on the basis that everyone 600 years from now will still study Bruce Lee's fighting philosophies. Death_Star_ 1 points ago in movies

    Not exactly a compelling argument when there’s a direct correlation between accuracy, breadth, and depth of record-keeping and time-period.

    I couldn’t name you a single song from the 1930s. I could name you more 70s songs than 60s songs, more from the 80s than 70s, more from the 90s than 80s etc.

    Most importantly, we are kind of reaching a time where we will probably never see an artist as big as Michael Jackson or a painter as well-known as Picasso or a baseball player more legendary than Babe Ruth — social media and the way we use it to evaluate just about anything has pretty much made it impossible for anyone or anything to achieve legend status.

    [–] [DC/Star Wars] Could Superman survive a direct hit from the Death Star’s superlaser? Death_Star_ 4 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    I honestly don't remember, sorry.

    Nah it’s cool, so long as you’re not making definitive statements based on your memory.

    [–] The One Thing I Hate About This Is Us Reddit Posts Death_Star_ 6 points ago in thisisus

    But the one thing I hate about the posts is how people come up with these crazy whack job theories and others jump on to them and are so convinced by the them and as the episodes progress of course none of those crazy theories actually come to pass.

    This is kind of like walking out into the rain and complaining that you’re getting wet.

    I mean, that’s a significantly large reason why just about all in-season TV subreddits exist. Even subs of canceled shows continue with theories years after the resolutions and explanations.

    [–] I found Taskmaster lurking lurking in the shadows again during his challenges... Turns out he's here too. Now I must for find them all. Death_Star_ 13 points ago in SpidermanPS4

    Spider-Man: Hey, I didn’t know you could fight like that...

    Taskmaster: I used to do your fighting moves to make fun of you when I was younger to show you how queer you were, okay?

    Spider-Man: learned to fight like that sarcastically?

    Taskmaster: Yeah, I guess.

    [–] [DC] Wouldn't Bruce Wayne's crime-fighting be better served if he left the Wayne company in someone responsible's hands (Fox, probably), then disappeared from public life entirely and dedicated 100% of his time to being Batman? Death_Star_ 2 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    I keep seeing this answer, and IMO he could only put up this facade for so long before it just completely wrecks his mental well-being.

    We all know he’s Batman and his mask is Bruce. Imagine pretending to be someone else 24/7, with a darkness of violence inside you as you reside in a city filthy with abhorrent crime.

    [–] [DC] Wouldn't Bruce Wayne's crime-fighting be better served if he left the Wayne company in someone responsible's hands (Fox, probably), then disappeared from public life entirely and dedicated 100% of his time to being Batman? Death_Star_ 1 points ago in AskScienceFiction

    It’s a public company. His father was the founder. The company has public shareholders and a board.

    There would be a lot of questions being asked about where Bruce Wayne is if he didn’t appear at any of his own company’s events — especially if he’s still taking up residence in Gotham, however secretive.

    If we are talking movies, the more serious question is how did A) Bruce become a total recluse for 8 years and B) Batman completely disappear for 8 years and then no one put 2+2 together? Combine that with Bruce being “resurrected” from legal death years earlier and then the Batman first appearing and you have millions of idiots in Gotham. No wonder the crime rate is so high.

    [–] Coward. Death_Star_ 2 points ago in SpidermanPS4

    I used Perfect Dodge and Quad Power.

    It was hilarious. It began with his cutscene trash talk, then he lunged, I dodged and turned on quad power and wailed on him (perfect dodge allowed me to get 6 upper cuts in — and if it really is 4x power then it was like getting 24 upper cuts on him) and finished by tossing a cinder block at him and it lasted, without exaggeration, less than 5 seconds.

    [–] Coward. Death_Star_ 2 points ago in SpidermanPS4

    Combat ones were awesome. I recall getting 90,000+ points on a 65,000 gold — no joke, I usually finished them within 15 seconds.

    Becomes really easy once you unleash all your drones and electrify everyone.

    [–] Cannot get enough of this suit! Death_Star_ 2 points ago in SpidermanPS4

    Loved using the homecoming suit vs Taskmaster. It was hilarious to me for some reason.

    [–] Anyone else waiting for a debug/cheat mode? Death_Star_ 2 points ago in SpidermanPS4

    If you set your Suit Power setting to Rapid Focus and your 3 powers to

    1) increased focus from gadgets

    2) +1 gadget per finisher

    3) x2 XP from webbed attacks

    You’ll virtually never run out of gadgets since you’ll constantly have enough focus to be using finishers to get more and more gadgets.

    [–] For those that didn’t know: Shooting a Web Bomb while Web Striking allows you to stay undetected! Death_Star_ 1 points ago in SpidermanPS4

    Oh man I played the game way too much when it came out, I still remember that challenge clearly and repeatedly trying to top personal bests.

    It was easy after a while. First take out the guy by the computer. Then jump across docks to back side and take both guys out. Lower down one level and shoot webbing to distract guy on left, take out guy on right then guy on left.

    Jump across docks to strike down sniper on ledge. Jump far right of docks to take down scout from above and then immediately hit triangle again to hit another patrolling scout.

    From that point on there should only be 2 guys left, both of whom can be taken out by web strikes from the ground.

    I remember getting that level done in under 30 seconds.

    I’m partially sad I sold it.

    [–] For those that didn’t know: Shooting a Web Bomb while Web Striking allows you to stay undetected! Death_Star_ 2 points ago in SpidermanPS4

    I would be terrible without gadgets.

    There’s zero chance I’d be able to get a 105+ Combo bonus in the DLC without them. Or get 90,000+ pts on the Taskmaster combat challenge (65,000 is Gold).

    Also, web grenades can be hit or miss even when 1v1 — you can achieve OP’s similar effect via Impact Webbing.

    Some tips:

    • Use electric web for crowd control, especially against the “thicc boys.” You can even throw/web throw electrified enemies into oncoming ones to electrify them.

    • Maxed-out Spider Bots are without a doubt the most OP part of the game. You launch 4 of them against a crowd of 15-20 enemies while using Suspension Matrix and electric webbing them while suspended, all 20 guys will be KO’d before your Bots disappear.

    • Web Grenade + Concussion Blast = 3-4+ guys webbed up against the wall

    • I HIGHLY recommend using the Rapid Focus Suit Power plus 1) Scavenger (+1 gadget per finisher) 2) Increased Focus using gadgets and 3) X2 Web Attacks. You’ll never run out of gadgets and basically play on unlimited gadgets

    [–] Olivia Munn Confirms She Won’t Appear In Upcoming ‘X-Men’ Sequel: ‘I’m Not In It’ Death_Star_ 39 points ago in movies

    I heard back then it was more of a soft, amicable “Katie if you know what’s good from you, just step away from this and we won’t have to drag you through the trades” from WB because of the “baggage” she carried not as “Katie Holmes” but as “Tom Cruise’s wife.”

    Remember, Batman Begins came out in 2005, the same year that Cruise jumped on Oprah’s couch and gave the worst acting performance of his career by professing how in love he was with Holmes. For Cruise himself, it wasn’t until Ghost Protocol in 2011 that he was back to being a movie star first and nut job second.

    Holmes’ official statement was “scheduling conflict,” as in, her filming of Mad Money) — which was direct to DVD.

    Btw, Holmes had ZERO film roles between Batman Begins and Mad Money, so....

    [–] Yesterday – Trailer 1 (Danny Boyle) Death_Star_ 8 points ago in movies

    Yeah I mean, it’s written by the guy who wrote About Time...

    ...perhaps the most egregiously plot-holey movie ever (and yet I still found it enjoyable). It’s a time travel movie that actually explicitly sets up unique and presumably unbreakable rules only to unequivocally break every. Single. One. Of. Them.