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    [–] [General Discussion] Around the Horn - 4/16/19 Death_Star_ 1 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in baseball

    Vlad didn't have anyone on his team taking away the spotlight in Montreal or LA.

    This kind of makes a better argument for Vlad than for Edmonds. Vlad was MVP without someone like Pujols or Rolen to drive in or for protection. More importantly, he was rarely, if ever, the best hitter on his team, let alone the division or league.

    Also, Vlad was a legit 5 tool player. Edmonds maybe 2.5. Vlad had 77 stolen bases in a 2 year stretch; Edmonds had 62 SB in his career.

    34 batting points is a huge gulf; it’s the difference between a .300 hitter and Tony Gwynn.

    Vlad also had a more consistent career throughout. At the very least, a Hall of Fame outfielder should have more than 1 .300-30-100 season — Jimmy had only 1 in his 16 seasons. You give him 162 games and he averages .284-32-97, which is like a very good 5 hitter for a good team.

    “Very good 5 hitters” don’t really make the HoF. Fred McGriff has a better case than Edmonds, especially playing in a less dubious hitting era, and his numbers are prototypical “very good 5 hitter” numbers.

    Vlad averaged .318-34-113 over his 15 seasons. That’s a great 3-hole year and pretty much what you’d expect from a HoF. If a team today paid $300 million for 10 years of that they’d be ecstatic — I’d be thrilled if Machado ended up with even 300+ HRs and a .290 avg with the Pads.

    Edit: I’m surprised there was this much to write. Matched up and under the microscope, Edmonds has no case vs Vlad.

    [–] I feel like Rorschach and The Punisher would've been murder bros. Death_Star_ 26 points ago in Defenders

    They’d never get along as “buddies.”

    Rorschach is a moral absolutist while Castle is able to allow some grey area.

    For example, Rorschach would not have spared Daredevil’s life if he had fucked with his plans TWICE in 2 nights.

    Rorschach is also quite possibly clinically insane — and/or at the very least a sociopath — but just highly functioning enough during a “fortunate” time of global crisis despair and chaos. He doesn’t have an MO, or a code, or much philosophy, and definitely not much humanity or empathy.

    Frank isn’t a sociopath. Otherwise he wouldn’t give a shit that his family died.

    The Punisher enjoys killing mobsters. Rorschach enjoys killing and is closer to Dexter than Punisher.

    [–] The dragons ate ghost Death_Star_ 1 points ago in freefolk

    Eh, Jon was heavily in denial about being a Targ when Sam, probably the man he trusts the most, and Bran, his former brother, delivered the news that he’s in fact a Targ...and not a bastard....and not Ned’s son....and not the half brother of any of the Stark kids....and the heir apparent to the throne of Westeros...and the product of a historically gigantic civil war and revolution.

    Aka, just being told “You’re a Targ” isn’t going to be the most convincing thing to hear by itself for Jon, especially with all the other things going on.

    So, having him ride a dragon, especially Rhaegal and especially riding him like an old familiar bike was necessary to further chip away at his denial, something they’ve been doing since last season.

    [–] [SPOILERS S3E10] Did anyone find this distasteful? Death_Star_ 6 points ago in TravelersTV

    Along the same lines, if the exercise just barely misfired and 001 ended up in a different body, there’s a virtual guarantee that that unintended body would have been a casualty anyway, as they could just use the non-Victor traveler to at least report back what went wrong (assuming that was the contingency, that they use the misfired body to still send an e-mail to the future).

    [–] Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam (2010) took the fight scene from Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing (2006) Death_Star_ 0 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in MovieDetails

    The damages aren't loss of sales of undisputed 2.

    You are 100% wrong here. That would be the exact nature of damages in a copyright case involving damages.

    There’s no such thing as “the damages here are the stolen labor.”

    That’s absolute nonsense.

    Damages would be lost sales. Which would be zero. (If we are talking about damages in general; copyright damages are different and ruled under federal statutes)

    It’s more like, the labor and training amounted to the filmed choreography that made it into the final product, and presumably under this ridiculous argument sales of Undisputed 2 have been diminished due to the Shazam/Black Adam “infringement” of that choreography. And this isn’t a product/good; no labor went into it in a legal sense, and it’s not a service either.

    Even if “they stole the labor” then the damages would be $0.

    When someone steals a big screen TV from Walmart, they’re not “stealing labor and parts” but the TV itself.

    In any event, it’s all moot. There are no damages here. Also, despite the mirrored choreography, it’s not really infringement because the choreography itself isn’t really fully-formed or long enough to be copyrighted and protected.

    The inventors of the Macarena would be billionaires under your logic.

    PS — insert “the more I read comments poorly explaining things in a field I am educated/an expert/experienced in, the less I trust anything written about topics outside of my field” comment

    [–] Jon Snow everytime he gets rid of one title and they give him a higher one Death_Star_ 9 points ago in freefolk

    Thing is, I think the Iron Bank really profited when slavery wasn’t outlawed.

    Though I think the Iron Bank will fund sellswords to help the living vs dead because

    1) if the North falls, so does Cersei and all of Westeros except for the Iron Islands, and the IB ain’t looking for coppers

    2) it is far more likely that anyone but Cersei will be crowned, and even if the North kills most of the threat but dies and the Lannister armies finish off whoever is left, Westeros will have a population of maybe 100,000, most of whom are women and children, and the Iron Bank isn’t getting gold from them

    3) if Dany or Jon prevails with help, then they conquer Cersei and have essentially 2 kingdoms’ worth of gold


    4) this is ASOIAF, and we will get as far as Jon getting crowned with literally castle-sized amounts of gold....but then Qyburn acts as Cersei’s dead-bitch switch and ignites the rest of the sub-King’s Landing wildfire and everyone dies and the Iron Bank loses.

    My theory is that Jon retires to a quiet farmland far from the north and the capital, and as Dany gets crowned, while pregnant, Cersei blows up KL and 8 years worth of fighting and dying and Jon is the only main character left in the books.

    [–] Jon Snow everytime he gets rid of one title and they give him a higher one Death_Star_ 8 points ago in freefolk

    She is in Volantis.

    In S7 when Jon arrived she watched from the cliffs and admitted to Varys that she’s not on the best terms with him and Davos, and will be shipping off to Volantis but she’ll be coming back to “die in this strange country.”

    Makes me wonder if she’s going to come back during the last leg of the Great War with some last minute deus (deusi?) ex machina Vale Knights/LOTR Ghosts/LOTR Rohirrim rescue with a whole band of holy priest warriors wielding fire swords like Thoros of Myr.

    [–] “You’re not just my great love story, Rebecca, you are my big break. And our love story, I know it may not feel like it right now, but baby, I promise you, it’s just getting started.” -Jack Pearson Death_Star_ 5 points ago in thisisus

    I love the show, and won’t go as far as to disparage people for their lifestyles and perhaps daydreams....but yeah, I do agree in as much as, well, in my own life words are just that — words. It’s the “walking the walk” that matters (to us.).

    I used to talk like this all the time to all my girlfriends and had maybe a 50-75% hit rate on following through.

    TLDR — From my experience, it’s not what you say but what you do that really matters.

    [–] Theon to the rescue Death_Star_ 1 points ago in freefolk

    Well in the books Euron cut out there tongues after he went insane during a storm, I cant remember if they mentioned it in the show.

    In the show, Euron said he got tied to the mast for cabin fever/insanity, and when he got freed he cut all their tongues out “to get a little peace and quiet.”

    I’ve always wondered how he managed two things:

    1) how to cut out everyone’s tongue — did they literally form a line aka willingly avail themselves? Or did he somehow sneak up on like 50+ crew members over the course of years and cut their tongues? Because you’d figure that once 3-4 guys get their tongues cut out and their buddies are like “ayyy what’s the problem?,” there’d be a mutiny and Euron would be thrown overboard


    2) even if he had a mute crew, how did/does he manage to actually run it? More so than just about any form of travel, large ship sailing needs constant, clear, loud, and efficient communication and camaraderie.

    Zero chance a huge ship can sail with all mutes and a Captain.

    [–] Pinpoint accurate kick leading to an amazing try as time expires in the NRL Death_Star_ 1 points ago in sports

    “We need a new Carr with Les Miles”

    • Michigan fan whose lame duck coach was named Lloyd Carr and Michigan was courting Michigan alumnus Les Miles for head coach

    I’ve seen hundreds of signs but that’s probably the most clever one I’ve seen.

    One more boring note, my fantasy football team name is Ha Ha Clinton Dick-Pix

    [–] Pinpoint accurate kick leading to an amazing try as time expires in the NRL Death_Star_ 1 points ago in sports

    You can tackle a player if either

    A) another player has faked giving him the ball


    B) a player has just released the ball for a pass or lateral

    But both have to be within a reasonable amount of time ie there was a legitimate reason to believe that the player had the ball as you began to tackle him.

    [–] [No Spoilers] Do you think we will ever see what the traveler team look like in their own bodies from the future? Death_Star_ 6 points ago in TravelersTV

    I binge watched the show maybe 4-5 times but my memory apparently sucks, but I could have sworn that we saw both Grant’s and Carly’s future bodies when Grant was making out with his wife but picturing future Carly (I don’t think we see Grant).

    [–] I painted Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Death_Star_ 5 points ago in movies

    Another tidbit (that’s not in the video):

    Test audiences very much disliked or were disinterested in this part of the film — particularly due to the pacing and placement.

    (This scene was originally placed after Bueller’s Twist and Shout).

    When it was edited to be rearranged as it is in the movie, the test audience scores were incredibly higher, and I think we can all agree it’s a much better choice.

    [–] I painted Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Death_Star_ 1 points ago in movies

    The (original) lyrics may be “Egypt Land,” but Cameron unequivocally and undoubtedly says “Egypt’s land” in his version.

    [–] The Mass Firing of Agents Has Begun: Patton Oswalt & others fire agents in solidarity with WGA Strike. Death_Star_ -6 points ago in movies

    15% is justified because the market demands it. It would be so simple for an agency to collect 12% and take virtually the entire market share if the price didn’t match value.

    [–] Peter Jackson's "King Kong" was well-received at the time it came out yet it has faded within the public's conscience through the years Death_Star_ 21 points ago in movies

    The famous Kong finisher of taking the T. rex by the jaws, struggling to get a good grip, and then giving it a fatality by splitting the jaws in a 180° “angle.” Pretty sure that was memorable.

    That was so memorable that they had 2014 Godzilla “tease” fans with finishing a monster in the same way by clearly trying to grip its jaws and struggling to yank the jaws separate only to BOOM! atomic breath down the digestive tract.

    One of my favorite cinema moments. Some people were groaning like “not this again” but then the theater erupted.

    [–] The next 6 Sundays Death_Star_ 14 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in freefolk

    Jon will survive and live a life of solitude raising his son that Dany gave birth to.

    Dany dies after Jon pulls the real Lightbringer from her heart in order to 1v1 the Night King. Dany was already going mad before this, especially learning of the incest and even worse the fact that her entire campaign was built on a falsehood — she never for one second had a better claim to the Iron Throne than Jon. People try to console her about her accomplishments in Essos but Essos is in ruins after Daario says “fuck this” to being a prime minister to an absentee Queen.

    The wars are over, Jon lives a life in solitude full of guilt and solemnity with no glory and no songs sung for him.

    Magic leaves the world forever.

    Edit: and the throne remains but democracy is installed, and Jon explains that the Night’s Watch has functioned for thousands of years and 1000+ leaders with a democracy.

    Sansa gets elected as Queen and first monarch since she has all of the North, the Vale, the Iron Islands, the sympathy of whatever is left of the Reach and Dorne.

    Sansa marries no one though because she doesn’t trust anyone and doesn’t need an heir anyway.

    Arya ironically becomes the Lady of Winterfell and marries Gendry.

    Bran is planted in the land beyond winter.

    [–] The next 6 Sundays Death_Star_ 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in freefolk

    I still think Bran is just part of the Brandon Stark circle of Stark lineage that dates back thousands of years to Bran the Builder (who built the wall) and it’s just a time-loop Hodor-Hold-Door paradox thing where Bran is the one who builds the wall by warging back thousands of years but he also led it to its destruction by allowing himself to warg without the 3-eyed raven and thus getting ice-blue marked and allowing the Night King to touch him and break through and kill the 3ER, consequently leading Bran to become the new 3ER (and due to the old man’s death the Wall comes down because he can’t keep the Night King from marching forward anymore) and Bran is no longer the same Bran and round and round she goes....

    TLDR - it will be revealed as one big time-loop involving Bran where he is both the reason why the Wall breaks (he got the 3ER killed, leading to the army finally advancing) and why the wall is built (he wargs back thousands of years to Bran the builder)

    Hodor hold the door flashbacks....

    [–] In Iron Man 2 when War Machines armor is compromised the language in the suit changes to Russian Death_Star_ 2 points ago in MovieDetails

    Also, Tony’s suit is hack-proof, so it hasn’t been hacked. Tony speaks English. Thus, his HUD displays English, which is a different language from Russian, the language the hacker speaks.