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    [–] Senate has uncovered no direct evidence of conspiracy between Trump campaign and Russia DeckiwDreemurr -2 points ago in worldnews

    Oh, sure. Cause evidence doesnt matter in the west then?

    I swear, commies are ALWAYS like this.

    The division of powers is what keep your ass safe, and that is based on the rule of law, wich is based on empirical evidences ( AKA proofs) . You want to subvert that too? RETARDED.

    [–] Roger Stone Arrested DeckiwDreemurr 1 points ago in worldnews

    Romans didn't have nukes to keep their enemies in line. Ancient politics don't really apply to the nuclear age

    Well, the Russians do have more nukes than you, and apparently they made obsolete your anti-ballistic system.

    If that is true, how will YOU keep them in line?

    And btw, what will you do, if your military system starts to want to be paid in gold? Romans mercenaries sure wanted it.

    to be paid in the new world leader's currency, probably the Euro or Yuan, not gold

    Yea, im sure they will not bind their National currency to gold, expecially if there is a global recession..

    [–] Roger Stone Arrested DeckiwDreemurr 0 points ago in worldnews

    I ment debt. You indebited for around 20 trilion dollar debt.

    Lemme repeat that: 20 TRILION DOLLARS.

    Sounds Romanish to me.. So either you go totalitarian soon, and you buy yourself another 250 years, or you break.

    [–] Roger Stone Arrested DeckiwDreemurr 1 points ago in worldnews

    They recognized the similarities between you, and the Roman, and lo and behold: your situation mirror the fall of Rome.

    1) Too much multiculturalism 2) Women in power 3) Welfare politics 4) Too much debt 5) The value of the dollar falling

    Wanna bet that after the crash, and j the coming years, the one doing buisness with you will want to be paid in gold? All of this cause you didnt listen to the dudes who understood why Rome fell. Nice job.

    [–] Roger Stone Arrested DeckiwDreemurr -1 points ago in worldnews

    Okay. Maybe you are correct. Then, can you please educate me? I legit thougth that your founding fathers intended for you to have a currency based on precious metal, not on faith ( we amo have it, since Nixon ). Didnt Ron Paul say the same thing? Didnt healso say that this Fiat scam would have bougth another 29 crash?

    [–] Roger Stone Arrested DeckiwDreemurr 0 points ago in worldnews

    AOCs policies will generate a more prosperous America Sure. But what about all that oil that you are exctracting thanks to the "shale" revolution? You gonna toss it all away? Cause, from where im standing, the USA returned to be the greatest seller of oil!!

    Communism though huh? I couldn't even imagine being you How can you be So ignorant? Her party' s logo is legit a Red rose, she is one of the American Socialists!! And lemme tell you, Socialism = Comunism with extra steps.

    [–] Roger Stone Arrested DeckiwDreemurr 0 points ago in worldnews

    Feminism is not a cancer, it's fighting for equal rights. I used to be a male feminist, believe it or not. Then i understood what feminism brings. Single moms, depopulation, the trashing of the tradizional family, the shame of straight men. Also, women having child later, and thus having more autistic kids. Also, if its so equal, how come there is a litteral epidemic of male suicides? No. Feminism is used to fuel the economy, but it eat your future to give you a stronger present. But i am the one being influenced by propaganda, eh? Sure. Remember this, when you ll stop your massive immigration, and you will find yourself below repopulation levels.

    unregulated capitalism leads to oligarchy, corruption, and the death of democracy Funny, cause it happened the exact opposite in every other republic. The more centralization, the more corruption, the more democracy ends. It has been true since Rome, and you havent changed it.

    [–] Roger Stone Arrested DeckiwDreemurr -2 points ago in worldnews

    So its the FED, and having a FIAT currency. Your point?

    [–] Roger Stone Arrested DeckiwDreemurr -7 points ago in worldnews

    We think alike, friend!!

    Thats the same thing i say about feminism and comunism, and the people who try to destabilize my country with that.

    [–] Roger Stone Arrested DeckiwDreemurr -8 points ago in worldnews

    eating rats Yea, they sure like to eat them under a commie regime. Ask Venezuela!!

    Saying that Trump needs to stay in power of the US will go down is ridiculous to me. Trump is the only thing peeling non guys from another 29. He goes away, you take a massive hit, and there will be the rise of Russia.

    [–] Roger Stone Arrested DeckiwDreemurr -53 points ago in worldnews

    Nah, the markets will crash, you idiots will Blame Trump ( even if you deposed him ), and you will scream to elect Ocasio Cortex, even if its incostitutional for you. But that never stopped you. So, say Hello to comunism!! And frankly you deserve to eat rats like the rest of the commies if that really happens.

    Also, that will create another global depression, and this time Russia have missiles that doesnt care about anti-ballistic defences.

    So, unless you hit the singularity first, you are fucked.

    Besides, your 250 years are almost up. Either you go make legit big reforms, and go super centralized ( imperial Rome style ) or you are done.

    [–] Roger Stone Arrested DeckiwDreemurr -30 points ago in worldnews

    Nixon didnt have your debth, and there was no other capitalist country on the planet big enough to take thier money. Now there is.

    [–] Roger Stone Arrested DeckiwDreemurr -51 points ago in worldnews

    Eheh, you Americans dont seem to understand the situation.. If Trump goes down, the USA go down.

    [–] "Capitalism gives everyone a fair shot" DeckiwDreemurr 1 points ago in LateStageCapitalism

    1) My country was held by the Nazis. Whitout the USA, we would still be under Germany. My gramps can testify to that. Also, yes, the core reserch of the Manhattan Project was initialized by Enrico Fermi, in Italy, but he realized what was up with Hitler.

    2) The damage to the USA were only marginal. The USA's infrastructure was solid, and took no damage. Quite the contrary, the USA restored their economy after the 29 crash thanks to WW2. What im saying is, that the USA financed the Sovietic Rush to power, cause they were smart, and they understood that if they build an empire (Rome 2.0 ), they would require an enemy to slow the behavioural sink. And it marginally worked. Till the gig was up. Now its too far gone, sadly, and ( ironically ) Russia is trying to heal their behavioural sink.

    3) Need to elaborate on China. Well, look on YouTube for Brettenwood, dude! What was the saying? The alliance Figth the soviets, the Romans ( sorry, the americans ) provide safe economic routes.

    4) Very effective Free education system. Sure dude! The problem is nothing comes out of thin air, and this was made possibile by huge investments, and a huge centralized system that sucks the life out of the money that goes to the working class. Ironic, eh? Thats why, btw, all of the rich people in China have goes to the party. Cant allow little Timmie to work by himself, and enjoy the fruits of his own labor, can we?

    5) The new market. You mean the mixed economy that is based up in debth and scam fiat currencies? THAT is insanity. And even this system have less corruption than having a full centralized comunistic system. It will crash soon, taking the USA with it, while the new Imperial Russia will take power imo ( maybe even without WW3 since Trump seems to be disengaging peacefully).

    [–] "Capitalism gives everyone a fair shot" DeckiwDreemurr 1 points ago in LateStageCapitalism

    I dont care, i want to engage in conversation, cause im scared of radicalizing myself.

    I think that if i dont talk to the "other side" ( lol, i know i sound poumpus and retarded man, sorry ahah ), i wont be able to see the other point of wiew, and i wont be able to be more understanding and inclusive..

    Also, i definitely could be wrong, so if i am i would want someone to correct me!!

    Nothing is more dangerous than a closed mind, and a incorrect opinion inside it, IMO!

    [–] She cashed out before any more net worth dips happen DeckiwDreemurr 1 points ago in MGTOW

    It doesnt have to be. Sure, every other time a civilization had to fall and balkanize before marriage could become stable again ( yes, women were that greedy and stupid)..

    But we have the internet now, i think that we have a legit shot at making women understand how important it is for them to make childrens!!

    And if it doesnt happen.. Well.. Russia is cracking down on feminism. The arabs too.

    Unless we develop an artificial womb, ofc.

    [–] "Capitalism gives everyone a fair shot" DeckiwDreemurr 1 points ago in LateStageCapitalism

    Well, not quite. The nuclear tecnology was developed fully in the USA ( else nowday you would have a swastika waving on your house ), same as computing.

    All of the comunist regimes acquired the tecnology almost magically ( meaning the USA gave it to them to slow their behavioural sink by making the americans scared ). Sure, they improved upon them, but thats it.

    Also, comunism in not immune to the behavioural sink ( the only thing that matters), and we are seeing some of that traits not only in the USA, but in China too.

    Also, after the fall of the Soviet Union, the rise of emergjng markets was possibile due to an increase in taxation of corporation in the USA, so that companies could go overseas and rise other nations up ( including China ). That is what i referred to.

    [–] She cashed out before any more net worth dips happen DeckiwDreemurr -1 points ago in MGTOW

    Dude, this is what marriage is in the west nowday.

    Before it wasnt like this. Also, cultural Marxism makes it seems a bad deal, when instead a woman doing a mother in a marriage is a full time job.

    If they would encourage monogamy via massive tax cuts to married couples with kids, ( and take away said massive cuts when divorce happens, leaving the woman fucked too ) i wouldn play ball tbh.

    [–] "Capitalism gives everyone a fair shot" DeckiwDreemurr -8 points ago in LateStageCapitalism

    How is the percentage increase of people with an education thanks to capitalism: 90%

    Yea, that sucks, man!! We gotta be commies, its hip, and cool!!