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    [–] Might not be funny but it happened. DeeDubb83 4 points ago in Jokes

    I can confirm. This isn't funny.

    [–] Overheard in the deep south: "Mommy, why does the mall have white stuff all over the place at this time of year?" DeeDubb83 0 points ago in Jokes

    The deep South really has nothing to do with this poorly written joke. It would be the same shitty joke without it. Also, look how downvoted this is. Definitely not representative of any popular opinion.

    [–] Two blondes get into an argument DeeDubb83 3 points ago in Jokes

    This is painful to read. It makes no sense.

    [–] Wonder woman DeeDubb83 3 points ago in Jokes

    Damn, even Superman is a rapist? We really do need to pick our heroes more carefully.

    [–] A man walks into a pet store DeeDubb83 -11 points ago in Jokes

    Thank you for not injecting unnecessary racism into this wordplay.

    [–] Nawww DeeDubb83 1 points ago in intermittentfasting

    I got rid of MFP. It was annoying me too much. Especially on my complete fasting days. I have a pretty good grasp on how much I can eat in my 4 hour window to have enough calories, but not too many. It certainly helped in the beginning, but I'm good to go now.

    [–] Falling off the wagon daily. DeeDubb83 1 points ago in loseit

    You've done very well for yourself, and you should be proud of your progress. You may need a new plan, now that you're considerably leaner. 187 is quite a healthy weight for your height. I think it might be a good time to focus on maintenance. Giving yourself a new goal could help to reinvigorate things on your quest for health.

    [–] Workout design help? DeeDubb83 1 points ago in loseit

    You can't really lose fat and gain muscle simultaneously. If you eat at a caloric deficit (take in less calories than you use), you'll lose fat (and a little bit of muscle, but not that much). if you eat at a surplus while lifting weights, you'll gain muscle, and maybe some fat. That's why bodybuilders alternate between cutting and building mass.
    With your knee problem (hopefully PT will help that recovery soon), you can focus on upper body stuff. Weight training helps to burn fat, because you exert a lot of energy when you lift, which requires a lot of calories. I would alternate between pushing days (focus on chest, triceps, shoulders) and pulling days (focus on back, biceps, traps). You won't build muscle, but it'll really help you lean out when you're eating at a caloric deficit.

    [–] I have manboobs. DeeDubb83 16 points ago in loseit

    It's in my hands.


    [–] Anyone baffled by how they weren’t much bigger before losing? [random shower thoughts] DeeDubb83 6 points ago in loseit

    he was dead-lifting 400+ pounds just in the process of standing up out of his chair

    That's true. And also, when you're eating at a huge caloric surplus, you're putting your body in an ideal situation for muscle gain, so lugging around a heavy frame and eating massive amounts of food really puts on a lot of muscle. That's why people shouldn't get upset about losing some muscle in the process of losing fat. You don't need nearly as much muscle with a lighter frame.

    [–] 10+ years of soda, FINALLY switched to water DeeDubb83 3 points ago in loseit

    I haven't quite completely conquered sodas, but I do tend to have a diet when I am desperate for some fizzy pop. I know diet isn't great for you either, but it's a lot better than the real thing. Plus, the taste is off-putting enough to quench my desire without encouraging me to have more.

    [–] What is the douchiest thing you've seen someone do? DeeDubb83 49 points ago in AskReddit

    My best friend growing up turned into a real douche bag. We grew apart in high school, and I didn't see him after we graduated. The next time I saw him was at the 10-year reunion. He showed up decked out in Ed Hardy and Affliction shit, super tan and fat muscley with some 18 year old super tan blond chick wearing a bandana for a t-shirt. Still, he was my best friend! I went up to him to give him a bro hug and say "man, it's been a while, right?" He stuck his fist out and fucking fist bumped me instead, and said "sup?" and then just walked off. He left the event early while I was catching up with people who actually were interested in talking to me. We hear him peel out in his lifted 4x4 truck. He became the closest thing to a literal douche that isn't a literal douche.

    [–] What is the best hero in video game history? DeeDubb83 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Zack Fair in FF7 - Crisis Core. He's the only FF male lead that ever really progressed and matured as a human being. I knew how it was going to end the whole time, but the final cinematic is one of the strongest I've ever seen in any game.

    [–] What movie had horrible reviews that you absolutely loved? DeeDubb83 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Yeah, after all of the bad press, I was expecting it to be so horrible, but it was totally fine. It wasn't a game changer, but it also wasn't some crazy movie laced in feminist ideology like people told me.

    [–] What movie had horrible reviews that you absolutely loved? DeeDubb83 2 points ago in AskReddit

    I love the movie Dreamcatcher. It's reviews are shit, but it's a thrilling mindfuck to me.

    [–] People who beat depression , how did you do it ? DeeDubb83 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I deal with anxiety, but I think it still applies. It never goes away, you just get stronger ammunition to fight it when it creeps up. I know my enemy well, and when those voices start doing their thing, I know exactly how to fight them. I know what to tell myself to calm down, and I know what to do physically to prevent full blown panic attacks. Sometimes, the anxiety still wins, but it's at least a fair fight now.

    [–] why are many so easily offended these days? DeeDubb83 4 points ago in AskReddit

    Being offended is a debate tactic that unfortunately works. It's linked to the appeal to emotion fallacy. When your argument holds no water, logically, you can lean on being offended. "Well, you can't control how I FEEL about it."
    Also, notice, people on the right are SO offended by things that people on the left do and vice versa. When Trump said "Grab 'em by the P," people on the left were so offended, while people on the right played it off as innocuous guy talk. When Kathy Griffin had a picture of a decapitated mannequin that looked kind of like Trump, suddenly, everyone on the right was so offended while people on the left called it "artistic expression."

    [–] [Article] IF negatively impacts a person's social and professional life DeeDubb83 3 points ago in loseit

    Weight loss, in general, is gonna negatively impact your social and professional life, and it's NOT YOUR FAULT! The people in your social and professional circle will often be concerned for you because they think what you're doing is somehow unhealthy (especially with something that goes against the common narrative of health, such as IF. "OMG, you'll go into starvation mode!). Or it makes them feel worse about themselves, causing them to treat YOUR weight loss as an attack on them. Plus when you go out, you might be a total bummer to them. Everyone is drinking, and you're sipping a water. The waiter asks if you want to see the dessert menu, and you say "no thanks," and everyone else feels like crap for wanting dessert, even though you could care less about them having dessert. Weight loss is selfish. The more I embrace that, the less I worry about how my weight loss is affecting other people.

    [–] Build/Maintain Muscle while losing weight DeeDubb83 1 points ago in loseit

    You will lose a little bit of muscle along with the fat, regardless of how desperately you try to maintain it. This is because your body doesn't need the same amount of muscle to carry around a lighter frame, so it is willing to take some muscle along with the fat. Do not concern yourself with losing muscle. Focus on the fat loss. You can't really put on muscle with a caloric deficit and you can't really lose fat with a caloric surplus. That's why most people will cut fat first and then focus on building muscle later.

    [–] Al Franken resigns from Senate over sexual misconduct allegations | US news DeeDubb83 1 points ago in news

    I don't know if it'll work. Hopefully it does, but just denying everything seems to work the best for Republican voters who would rather hear what they want to hear instead of the truth.