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    [–] Orgasms are like opinions. DeeDubb83 1 points ago in Jokes

    The loudest ones are produced through assholes

    [–] I mean, it's true DeeDubb83 1 points ago in funny

    /r/askreddit Is this true?

    [–] [NSV] semi fasting DeeDubb83 2 points ago in loseit

    That’s still not how you do it

    [–] The weight wont come off and I'm doing everything right DeeDubb83 0 points ago in loseit

    Weight fluctuates daily. You can’t trust the scale every day. It’s a data point that will give you a long term story of your weight loss. You are not creating healthy eating habits. You’re looking for a quick fix. You are areas in a healthy weight range for your height. If you want to improve further in a healthy way, you need to shift your focus to fitness.

    [–] Trying to lose bellyfat without going underweight DeeDubb83 1 points ago in loseit

    Anyone who is not obese and looking to improve their fitness should be focused on weight training in my opinion.

    [–] [NSV] semi fasting DeeDubb83 2 points ago in loseit

    Fasting is a legit method for weight loss, but it’s extremely dangerous and ineffective when executed in an emotionally driven and uneducated manner. Fasting after a morning of eating pure sugar is asking for trouble. You need to educate yourself and use logic rather than emotion.

    [–] What if losing weight creates no visible change? DeeDubb83 8 points ago in loseit

    1-2 months isn’t what you need. You need a lifestyle change that lasts a life time. You’ve got your whole life ahead of you, and you’ll get where you want to go if you keep doing the right thing. No one can tell you how long that will take though.

    [–] I NEED YOUR HELP. PLEASE. DeeDubb83 4 points ago in loseit

    You’re good at losing weight, just not keeping it off. I think that comes down to needing to realize that your body is very vulnerable after losing a considerable amount of weight. You need to be as diligent about maintenance as you are about weight loss.

    [–] Betty from The Flintstones cosplay DeeDubb83 3 points ago in pics

    She’s no Rosie O, but she’s aight

    [–] [H]PayPal [W]KOR Marshadow Code (other current Korean redeems?) DeeDubb83 1 points ago in Pokemonexchange

    Thank you for the smooth exchange! 1 redeemed successfully, gonna redeem the other one soon.

    [–] All the rap battles DeeDubb83 7 points ago in comedybangbang

    My favorite one is from the first Halloween episode. Miles Archer is a legit rapper. The verse was prepared, but it was amazing. Ghost boy also killed it.

    [–] [H]PayPal [W]KOR Marshadow Code (other current Korean redeems?) DeeDubb83 1 points ago in Pokemonexchange

    Also thread showing I'm legit from an exchange I made in the past (before reference pages were a thing, I believe)