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    [–] Eating At The Worst Reviewed Restaurant In My City DeeDubb83 1 points ago in videos

    If you order the French onion soup, you definitely Ramsay.

    [–] What is your "accidently caught your spouse" cheating horror story? DeeDubb83 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Caught her emotionally cheating, live in the act.

    We were living together, and she would always go take an hour long sabbatical in the bathroom before bed (probably dropping a deuce and doing other stuff that girls do). I was in the bedroom, and pulled up my laptop to check Facebook. She had logged onto Facebook earlier on my computer and hadn't logged out, her page came up. I was going to log out, but I noticed a live chat going on. The first thing I noticed was a message she sent some guy:

    "When I break up with *my first name*, I'll move back to Portland to be with you once you break up with your girlfriend."

    Needless to say, this peaked my curiosity, and I scrolled up to find a long message chain about how she was unhappy, blah blah blah... I know I wasn't the best boyfriend, but you could have at least let me know that you had mentally checked out of our relationship before crawling into bed with me.

    [–] Adam Driver may have just had the performance of his career last night on SNL. My word. DeeDubb83 1 points ago in videos

    It's a bit... awkward to have a firefighter in a sketch referring to a character played by Pete Davidson.

    [–] Need a friend in Brazil? DeeDubb83 2 points ago in PokemonGoFriends

    Wow, 1:10000 chance friend code!

    [–] What was insanely hyped up only to flop horribly? DeeDubb83 -7 points ago in AskReddit

    What’s really sad about this is that it wasn’t a malicious attempt at scamming people. It seemed to be a good idea with good intentions, but they spent too much on marketing and they couldn’t afford anything they promised. The guy got in over his head and couldn’t get out of it.

    [–] When you do OLLCP/COLL but get a Z perm DeeDubb83 13 points ago in Cubers

    That’s the key. Don’t do your U and M moves with the same hand

    [–] Have you ever wondered how people with a poor eyesight see the world without glasses or contact lenses? The artist Philip Barlow show it vividly to us through his fascinating oil paintings. DeeDubb83 7 points ago in pics

    I've heard that it's recommended to wait until you are 30 to get LASIK because your eyes are still developing into their shittiness, so the results are more successful if you wait longer. I've also heard things like you should have had the same prescription for 2+ years (which demonstrates that your vision has stabilized). I think 21 is way too young for LASIK, and that's more likely the culprit for needing glasses again rather than due to astigmatism.

    [–] While in ICE custody, thousands of migrants reported sexual abuse DeeDubb83 -1 points ago in news

    If they didn’t want to get raped and have their kids taken from them, they shouldn’t have come to the US! It’s all part of Trump’s plan to turn our country into a shithole so other people won’t want to come here

    [–] This fuckwad. DeeDubb83 0 points ago in mildlyinfuriating

    If the parking lot is wide open, who cares?