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    [–] What was insanely hyped up only to flop horribly? DeeDubb83 -6 points ago in AskReddit

    What’s really sad about this is that it wasn’t a malicious attempt at scamming people. It seemed to be a good idea with good intentions, but they spent too much on marketing and they couldn’t afford anything they promised. The guy got in over his head and couldn’t get out of it.

    [–] When you do OLLCP/COLL but get a Z perm DeeDubb83 12 points ago in Cubers

    That’s the key. Don’t do your U and M moves with the same hand

    [–] Have you ever wondered how people with a poor eyesight see the world without glasses or contact lenses? The artist Philip Barlow show it vividly to us through his fascinating oil paintings. DeeDubb83 8 points ago in pics

    I've heard that it's recommended to wait until you are 30 to get LASIK because your eyes are still developing into their shittiness, so the results are more successful if you wait longer. I've also heard things like you should have had the same prescription for 2+ years (which demonstrates that your vision has stabilized). I think 21 is way too young for LASIK, and that's more likely the culprit for needing glasses again rather than due to astigmatism.

    [–] While in ICE custody, thousands of migrants reported sexual abuse DeeDubb83 -1 points ago in news

    If they didn’t want to get raped and have their kids taken from them, they shouldn’t have come to the US! It’s all part of Trump’s plan to turn our country into a shithole so other people won’t want to come here

    [–] This fuckwad. DeeDubb83 -1 points ago in mildlyinfuriating

    If the parking lot is wide open, who cares?

    [–] How would get over Roman? If Vince just gave you the booking for Roman DeeDubb83 -2 points ago in WWE

    Get rid of his stupid fist cock thing and pound the ground thing. Give him the dominator as a finisher. Run him as a heel, crushing small baby faces for a year. Put him in a feud with AJ. AJ wins two out of 3. Let him heel out in IC feuds for a while. AJ loses to Brock. People are sick of Brock. AJ back in another feud with Roman. Double turn and Roman beats AJ as a face. Roman beats Brock as a face.

    [–] Rusev DeeDubb83 1 points ago in WWE

    He made the deadly mistake of getting over on his own. He’ll be slowly buried until the Rusev Day chants stop.

    [–] What are some signature moves that seem to violate the laws of physics? DeeDubb83 1 points ago in SquaredCircle

    Where does the sound come from? I have some students who know how to make the crazy loudest click sounds from their mouth. That's my theory.

    [–] What joke do you tell when someone asks you to "tell a joke"? DeeDubb83 1 points ago in AskReddit

    An old man and an old woman are in a retirement home. The old man says to the old woman "I bet you can't guess how old I am."
    The old woman says, "I'll bet I can. Let me try something."
    She reaches down his pants and starts fondling his privates while thinking deeply. After a few minutes, she says "You're 87."
    The old man says, "Wow! How'd you know?"
    "You told me yesterday."

    [–] Churro. Cones. DeeDubb83 1 points ago in FoodPorn

    Are these low carb?

    [–] Putting on his war face DeeDubb83 17 points ago in aww

    If you want to test me, I’m sure you’ll find...

    [–] TIFU by pretending to be a medium, ruining a family, and having a DeeDubb83 22 points ago in tifu

    The type of person who would pretend to be a medium for attention is the same type of person who would fabricate an elaborate story about pretending to be a medium for internet attention.

    [–] Sloppyboys appreciation thread DeeDubb83 6 points ago in comedybangbang

    They gave me some Don’t Stop or We’ll Die vibes.

    [–] Elementary school named after Confederate general renames itself after Obama DeeDubb83 -7 points ago in UpliftingNews

    Fox News and Breitbart will demand that the school stop receiving public funds because it was named after Obama. It'll happen. Just wait for it.

    [–] I'm NOT having children. DeeDubb83 4 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    As an aside, is it “hear, hear” or “here, here”. Both make sense in their own way