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    [–] You can’t hide, Jonathan. DefenTheNation 31 points ago in imsorryjon

    Your attempt at sexual intimacy will not delay the inevitable, Jon. We will fulfill our destiny

    [–] 50,000 members. Wow. DefenTheNation 2 points ago in imsorryjon

    First time I saw it was here

    It was my gateway comic into the void

    [–] Mark 10:17-22 DefenTheNation 71 points ago in dankchristianmemes

    "You mean a camel has a better chance of makin it through the eye of a needle? Again with the peasant jokes!"

    [–] i never care DefenTheNation 5 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago) in ComedyNecrophilia

    I do not like this sub, Sam I Am.

    I wouldnt view it in a car, I wouldnt view it from afar.

    I wouldnt view it on a train, I wouldnt view it on a plane.

    I wouldnt view it on a boat, I wouldnt view it or ever vote!

    I do not like this sub my fam, I do not like this sub Sam I Am!

    [–] Got this fantastic message today on tinder DefenTheNation 1 points ago in justneckbeardthings

    "Haldo gentlesir! I laud your forthrightness but I must exclaim unto thee: whosoever is requesting mine hindquarters on thine face shall also undergo a rite of immense testicular torsion! All mine loyal subjects must endure an excruciating agony unbeknownst to the common pleb, a passage of pain that foments a shout of terror of such magnitude that all aurally abled persons in the kingdom endure the cacaphony of your shrill shrieks of terror, that what thou experiences rules the history books as hell on earth. Wouldst thou agree to a damned existence for a shred of a chance to experience mine posterior?"

    [–] Mueller paper after the White House be like: DefenTheNation 70 points ago in copypasta

    Itd be nice to have a bot to summon Big Chungus ascii art at will

    !summon chungus

    [–] cum tree! DefenTheNation 37 points ago in ComedyNecrophilia

    All dicks are cum trees, thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

    [–] I (15F) Had an Affair with a Teacher (46 M) in High School DefenTheNation 4 points ago in confessions

    Hey OP, its not your fault. 15 year old you was just in a lot of pain and probably felt abandoned by your parents.

    This is not a reflection on you as a person but a reflection of the loneliness you felt and what your parents put you through.

    [–] Do I Dual-boot Windows 10 and BunsenLabs or just install BunsenLabs bu itself. DefenTheNation 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in makemychoice

    Dual boot. Im not sure if your game can run in WINE/Proton but its nice to have a fallback OS if youre not ready to be 100% Linux yet or if youre just trying out the distro

    Ninjy edit: Sounds like youre in school, so there may be office apps or windows only programs you might have to run at some point, especially for gen ed classes

    [–] Care to explain ladies? DefenTheNation 3 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Not to this extent but my wife had dreams where I did something like cheat, and she'd wake up but still feel like she was in the dream

    To her credit, she didnt take it out on me but told me what happened in the dream and how she felt.

    I heard all that and told her that Dream-Defen is an asshole and I should kick his ass. It gave us a laugh and I think it helped her get out of that post dream funk

    [–] Leave a note to say you're there. Please. DefenTheNation 1 points ago in confessions

    Hey Yiyu, I dont have BPD but struggle a lot with anxiety and depression. There was a time in my life where I couldnt leave the house, shower, eat well, or socialize. I was working from home in IT and was fortunate to have very little to no work to do as I could not even do that much.

    I am moved by your heartbreaking story and wish you all the best. Therapy saved my life after my suicide attempt, and it helped me to focus on the good instead of the bad, to face my childhood trauma instead of letting it run wild to wreck my life

    Your post mentions a lot of things you have done wrong but not enough things youve done right. You have found your passions and performed in plays. That is amazing! Especially with all the hardships of BPD!

    Thank you for sharing. Ive hit a rough patch lately with facing some hard trauma in therapy, but in a weird way hearing your story helps me a lot. I guess its comforting for me that theres someone out there going through something similar

    [–] i give u irön man lämp DefenTheNation 16 points ago in coaxedintoasnafu

    While this may be the case, I have a proper permit to use such verbiage freely and without repercussion.

    [–] Holy juice DefenTheNation 1 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    "The Juice is loose!" - Pharoah, after the 10 plagues

    [–] Depression arc DefenTheNation 3 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    nah thats gay real homies go straight for the S U C C an suck the sadness out their dick

    [–] Spotify DefenTheNation 23 points ago in emojipasta

    Stick the other end of the CAT6 in my dingaling and let me UDPP with you

    [–] Why do windows programs almost always freeze when they're loading and you press a button? DefenTheNation 2 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    .NET desktop dev here, this is spot on. The app doesnt respond to Windows messages in this case, so Windows will mark the app as Not Responding

    Windows 10 is more agressive about notifying if an app is unresponsive so older apps are more likely to have this happen

    [–] Neckbeards being neckbeards DefenTheNation 26 points ago in justneckbeardthings

    Murder is a means to an end. GTA youre tryin to make a life and stay alive and fight off rival gangs/mafia/etc, but with rape, it is an end, a dark one at that. There is no story telling, just the act.

    Im sure a game where you are a serial killer and relish in the kill and torture innocent people in the process would be met with a similar scrutiny as this game.

    [–] Los Angeles failed to hit 70 degrees in February for the first time in recorded history DefenTheNation 1 points ago in LosAngeles

    Yes, Downtown specifically. The article linked the National Weather Service's report with the details of the stats, and that report specifically mentions Downtown LA temperatures breaking the record.