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    [–] Hamilton "changed the reference" like Senna or Schumacher - Ross Brawn Degnaz 2 points ago in formula1

    So was the 2009 McLaren. It got 2 wins. The 1996 Ferrari got 3. The 2009 McLaren was worse than the 1996 Ferrari compared to their respective grids. Pure facts and stats.

    [–] Hamilton "changed the reference" like Senna or Schumacher - Ross Brawn Degnaz 15 points ago in formula1

    He has been in the fastest car forever

    Since when has 2014-2016 been called "forever"?

    [–] No hate truly curious, why did he disable his YouTube comments ? Degnaz 20 points ago in Salomondrin

    Silly IMO there are only like 100 or so comments on the site where YouTube had thousands

    And out of the 100 comments, half of them are silly GIFs posted over and over again by the same handful of users.

    [–] Everywhere Degnaz 5 points ago in formula1

    Damn, that gonna be a banger. Can't wait!

    [–] Fernando using photoshopped version of this picture Degnaz 37 points ago in formula1

    Wow, I can downvote you twice. See the second one as your belated Christmas present.

    [–] Ice Universe: This is the Galaxy S10+ screen cover, its data is accurate, if you like to draw a rendering, you can make it according to it. Degnaz 11 points ago in Android

    Just get a Galaxy A8 (2018). It's basically an S8 with a flat screen. I have one and used it alongside an S8. r/Android has an undeserved hatred for the A series but it's actually a really good phone.

    [–] Senna ain’t no hypercar Degnaz 1 points ago in Salomondrin

    If it is has the same technology as the P1 and can match it, is it not then a hypercar?

    No, not exactly. A hypercar is defined by being cutting edge at it's time. When the P1 came out in 2012, it's peformance was cutting edge. Bring out that same performance today and it's not cutting edge and therefore not a hypercar. The performance definition of a hypercar changes with time. Take a 2019 Audi TTRS to the 60s and it would be considered a hypercar. Today it's very far from it.

    [–] Team AMG Degnaz 1 points ago in AMG

    Thanks for sharing the pics man.

    [–] Looks like he'll be getting a Speedtail as well. Degnaz 3 points ago in Salomondrin

    Besides Manny Khoshbin, do we know any other allocations?

    I assume maybe Lewis Hamilton will get one?

    [–] TIL more people have gone into outer space than have won an F1 race Degnaz 1 points ago in formula1

    With that definition we also can call the Williams from this year capable of race winning

    Well it didn't so we can't.

    Also don't forget that the 2008 STR was a Newey designed car unlike the STRs of today. That car was quick. Vettel finished just off the podium on many occasions. Looking at Vettel's performances in subsequent seasons, it's hard to deny that Alonso could have bagged an extra win or two in the 2008 STR. In Monza, Vettel was lucky that STR gambled well on the strategy in quali for a wet race. It paid off and boom, they got the win. Sebastian fucking Bourdais qualified 4th that weekend. The dude who only got 4 points all season. That weekend was a car anomaly and not a driver one just like Maldonado at Spain 2012.

    [–] TIL more people have gone into outer space than have won an F1 race Degnaz 3 points ago in formula1

    I went in on you a little hard because you went in on me earlier with your comment towards me saying:

    Trying to act like those wins were similar accomplishments is just an absolute joke

    You were also quite cunty there. Anyway, I'm sorry for the aggression in my response. It was an immature retaliation.

    [–] TIL more people have gone into outer space than have won an F1 race Degnaz -2 points ago in formula1

    In 2008 Toro Rosso would have come 9th in the WCC if it wasn't for Vettels Monza drive.

    Bull-fucking-shit. Toro got 39 points and the next team got 28. If Vettel didn't win, they wouldn't have moved any lower in the standings. Back then you got only 10 points for a win. Unfortunately for you, I went and fact-checked and didn't take your corrupted "facts" at face value.