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    [–] Contemplations after Schumi era until today Degnaz 1 points ago in formula1

    Well then 2007 >>> 2012. 2012 had only 2 drivers fighting and we all knew Vettel was going to win because he carried a solid 15 point lead going in. Massa and Webber were sideshows.

    [–] Contemplations after Schumi era until today Degnaz 5 points ago in formula1

    Talking about 2005 and 2017 as a showdown can be misleading, because the identity of the champion was known well before the end of the season and confirmed with two races to spare. 2007 was much more exciting championship-wise, not to mention 2008, 2010 or the best-of-them-all 2012.

    You are contradicting yourself here. You clearly value championships being decided as late as possible and I respect that. Now you say "best-of-them-all 2012". You can't say that because as you said "the identity of the champion was known" with 30 laps to go whereas in 2008 the championship swung with 30 seconds to go so 2008 was the best and most exciting ending to a season.

    [–] Contemplations after Schumi era until today Degnaz 9 points ago in formula1

    The whole 2017 was actually pretty good tbh.

    [–] Contemplations after Schumi era until today Degnaz 15 points ago in formula1

    Yeah F1 has been really good lately. Sure we've had some less exciting seasons like 2013 and 2015 but great ones like 2008, 2012 or 2014 really make up for it.

    It's not all doom and gloom like people make it out to be sometimes.

    [–] My A8 Degnaz 2 points ago in GalaxyASeries

    Thanks! Yeah the camera is not the best but I'm coming from an S3 so it is still quite a healthy improvement for me in the camera department.

    [–] Fresh-faced Alonso in 2001 Degnaz 69 points ago in formula1

    Damn, never knew he had work done to his teeth. Always thought it was naturally as good looking as it is now.

    [–] Fernando Alonso will not race in Formula 1 in 2019 Degnaz 127 points ago in formula1

    Commented my similar story a few minutes ago as well. Been watching since 2005 and it was Fernando who got me into the sport. Always used to hear and see the red cars winning on the sports news but when I heard about some young guy dethroning them I was intrigued and started watching F1.

    [–] Fernando Alonso will not race in Formula 1 in 2019 Degnaz 109 points ago in formula1

    Fernando is the guy who got me into F1. Seeing this young guy defeat the all-conquering Red cars was something special. I will really miss him.

    [–] Dog fears his owner's daughter is being washed away by waves so drags her back to safety. Degnaz 10 points ago in aww

    We as humans, imo we genuinely don't deserve them. All the shit that we put dogs and other animals through, we don't deserve this beautiful treatment from them.