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    [–] General Discussion - Saturday 8th June - 2019 Canadian GP FP3 & Quali Degnaz 2 points ago in Formula1Lounge

    I personally expected the Ferrari to dominate this race because of the characteristics of the track.

    There was a lot of hype surrounding Ferrari's performance going into this weekend because the Ferrari did well in Bahrain where there were a lot of long straights and few slow corners. Like you said, I think FP1 was more realistic and FP2 was the anomaly.

    What do you think of McLaren's pace from FP2? Do you think they could qualify both cars in the Top 10 this weekend?

    [–] Hamilton "changed the reference" like Senna or Schumacher - Ross Brawn Degnaz 14 points ago in formula1

    He has been in the fastest car forever

    Since when has 2014-2016 been called "forever"?

    [–] No hate truly curious, why did he disable his YouTube comments ? Degnaz 20 points ago in Salomondrin

    Silly IMO there are only like 100 or so comments on the site where YouTube had thousands

    And out of the 100 comments, half of them are silly GIFs posted over and over again by the same handful of users.

    [–] Fernando using photoshopped version of this picture Degnaz 38 points ago in formula1

    Wow, I can downvote you twice. See the second one as your belated Christmas present.

    [–] Ice Universe: This is the Galaxy S10+ screen cover, its data is accurate, if you like to draw a rendering, you can make it according to it. Degnaz 12 points ago in Android

    Just get a Galaxy A8 (2018). It's basically an S8 with a flat screen. I have one and used it alongside an S8. r/Android has an undeserved hatred for the A series but it's actually a really good phone.

    [–] Looks like he'll be getting a Speedtail as well. Degnaz 4 points ago in Salomondrin

    Besides Manny Khoshbin, do we know any other allocations?

    I assume maybe Lewis Hamilton will get one?

    [–] TIL more people have gone into outer space than have won an F1 race Degnaz 2 points ago in formula1

    The 2008 STR wasn't capable of winning anything.

    It clearly was a race-winning car, I mean it did win a race.