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    [–] Today marks the fourth anniversary of the Galaxy Note 4. Degnaz 1 points ago in Android

    Still the most feature-packed phone in history.

    Removable bat, IR blaster, heart rate sensor, MicroSD slot, S-Pen...the list goes on and on

    [–] Fernando goes off-roading Degnaz 3 points ago in formula1

    That was the slickest comeback in the history of this sub. Fucking hell.

    [–] What Alonso said about Vettel here in 2013 seems to be coming true as every post-Red Bull day for Vettel passes Degnaz 6 points ago in formula1

    Don't forget, we are dealing with Raikkonen here. The guy who hasn't won a race in half a decade yet has had cars capable of winning in 2015, 2017 and 2018. He's hardly a yardstick for top performance.

    [–] Verstappen and Vettel have contact, Vettel spins Degnaz 0 points ago in formula1

    Ferrari have the dominant car, Mercedes has the dominant driver. I think if Hamilton was in the Ferrari and Vettel in the Merc, Hamilton would have rapped up the WDC title already.

    [–] Verstappen and Vettel have contact, Vettel spins Degnaz -2 points ago in formula1

    /u/Mcquiz takes digs at Hamilton and discredits him at every opportunity. Go through his profile to find out. He's just a bored sick man. The way he is so obssessed with hating on Hamilton, I'm starting to think we may have a racist on our hands here.

    [–] Hamilton has scored 168 out of a possible 175 points since Silverstone. Vettel has scored 93 in the same period - a swing of 75 in seven races Degnaz 28 points ago in formula1

    Dude, I haven't been on this sub for ages and decided to enter now and see how things are. Surprisingly better than I last remembered from months ago. We were chatting cool on another sub a few days ago and I thought you were one of the good guys then I see you spewing this bullshit all over this thread. WTF?

    Stop it dude. Stuff like this is why I left the sub.

    [–] Grandpa is having the time of his life Degnaz 2 points ago in trashyboners

    Yeah I remember he had like a 1 month ban or something. Did he get another one? LOL

    [–] My A8 Degnaz 2 points ago in GalaxyASeries

    Nah, I doubt it. I wish we did get it but I don't think we will.