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    [–] Top left corner: above the crab. Could someone explain to me what the arrangement of the colors mean, and how to adjust your strategy to it? Thanks. DeliveryDrone 8 points ago in EmpiresAndPuzzles

    Green is weak to red, blue is weak to green, red is weak to blue. If you go the opposite way, red is strong against green, blue is strong against red and green is strong against blue

    Yellow and purple are strong against each other

    [–] Which theme does he come from? DeliveryDrone 1 points ago in EmpiresAndPuzzles

    Is there a list posted somewhere? I’d like to see who is scheduled to be released.

    [–] Raiding can seriously be rage inducing. DeliveryDrone 2 points ago in EmpiresAndPuzzles

    The game pairs you against teams within 300+ or - your current cup count. It has nothing to do with your TP score

    [–] Premier league sponsorship earnings. DeliveryDrone 4 points ago in reddevils

    When does that run out? There is no way we get a deal like that again

    [–] League table after GW1 DeliveryDrone 15 points ago in reddevils

    It’s coming home?

    [–] 2019 German Grand Prix - Post Qualifying Discussion DeliveryDrone 1 points ago in formula1

    No way man.. he would certainly get wins, but challenging for the title? Come on. Not too long ago Alonso was in a Ferrari and he couldn’t even manage a title.

    Also, by that logic, you’re saying Rosberg is a better driver than Hamilton because they had the same car.

    [–] 2019 German Grand Prix - Post Qualifying Discussion DeliveryDrone 1 points ago in formula1

    Put Lewis in any other car on the grid.. is he winning races this season? Put any other driver from the grid in the Mercedes, are they winning races?

    [–] no cluster foxtrots in my unit DeliveryDrone 1 points ago in apexlegends

    The actual term used in the military is “Charlie Foxtrot” which means cluster fuck

    [–] Bottas sliding around the hairpin DeliveryDrone 104 points ago in formula1

    That almost seems like a faster way around

    [–] Really cool drone footage of Max at Zandvoort today DeliveryDrone 21 points ago in formula1

    I know they started to film drift events (races?) with drones, this would be amazing in F1. The turn 1 footage alone would be worth it.

    [–] New to the apex store today........ Absolutely nothing 👍 DeliveryDrone 4 points ago in apexlegends

    Yeah, I’ve posted this a bunch as well. I would be very happy to spend $20 on 4 items, I’d never spend $20 on 1.

    Do they want my $20 or not?

    [–] Finally, I can return to the outside world. DeliveryDrone 21 points ago in apexlegends

    Win 50 games with each of the legends totaling 350 wins.

    50 with Bloodhound, 50 with Gibraltar, 50 with Lifeline....etc

    [–] Nokk operator icon DeliveryDrone 1 points ago in Rainbow6

    Who’s there?