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    [–] When people brag constantly about how good they are at something, you automatically assume they suck at it. DeltaCharlieEcho 0 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Which is why I generally don’t bring up the fact that I was a minor sponsored athlete at one point. Who cares what others think and fuck their notions.

    [–] Usually only attracted to girls out of my league DeltaCharlieEcho 1 points ago in dating

    You need to fix yourself if you believe these boundaries actually exist; it’s called projection and it’s what you’re doing.

    There was a period in my life where I was making minimum wage dating a pediatric surgeon; she wanted to get married, give me a Porsche, a very expensive guitar, and let me live rent free and do art to sell. A single bad decision on my end to move ended it. Money is irrelevant, don’t be a bitch.

    [–] Usually only attracted to girls out of my league DeltaCharlieEcho 0 points ago in dating

    No such thing as leagues. If you know what you want, go get it. I’ve been in relationships with models, cam girls, strippers, suicide girls, and was kissed on prom night by the two hottest girls in my grade. I’m not that attractive, I just know what I want and what I don’t; knowing those things makes you attractive.

    [–] I've been told not to be too needy but whenever I'm not needy I come off as too uninterested. DeltaCharlieEcho 4 points ago in dating

    Definitely not the case in any of my relationships. I’ve been in ops shoes many times. You get told to be needy then they get annoyed; so you become aloof and they feel like you’re leaving them. Its stupid and it’s a game stupid people play.

    [–] My Father came out as Transgender and is changing their name to a feminine one, and I feel like my Dad just died DeltaCharlieEcho 6 points ago in confession

    I’m not going to tip toe around this or be politically correct; you’re not wrong in how you feel. You’re absolutely right in all that you have said.

    [–] Will I be single forever? DeltaCharlieEcho 2 points ago in dating

    All you can do is keep on keeping on. Even if you don’t get what you think you want, you get what you need. Don’t let others drag you down, but don’t ignore what they have to say.


    [–] Older introverts with life advice, should I [20M] stop being picky when it comes to dating? DeltaCharlieEcho 5 points ago in introvert

    Short answer: no

    Long answer: no

    Don’t settle but don’t go looking for traits. Be attracted to whomever you’re attracted to and make the moves you need to make.

    Medium length answer: no

    [–] Will I be single forever? DeltaCharlieEcho 2 points ago in dating

    Didn’t read your post just the headline.

    The short answer is: no

    The longer answer is: the odds are staggeringly in our favor that we won’t be alone forever.

    You’re going to have shitty relationships; don’t stick them out because you feel that they’re all you can get. You’re going to have good relationships that just don’t last. Life gives us what we need most when we need it most; it’s funny that way. Your relationships will come in time, don’t look for a reason to rush time because it never works out in your favor.

    [–] How/Where would I find a nerdy girl? DeltaCharlieEcho 3 points ago in dating

    Don’t bet on it. Don’t look for ideas look for people. Just learn to appreciate everyone and life becomes much less complicated.

    [–] I’m leaving my current life behind to escape my ex DeltaCharlieEcho -3 points ago in confession

    She needs to block me. I can do far more damage to her than she can. I’m not going to lie to you or myself and say that I’m the bigger person here, I’m not.

    I bought a 24 pack of bud light, I hate bud light, but I bought it anyway. If she starts shit with me at any point of the day, at night I’ll pop one of the cans open and send her a pic of it in my hand. You see her mother left her father, died of an overdose, her father subsequently drank himself to death, and her aunt is a lifetime recovering alcoholic. I told her that she drove me to drink, she watched me out down a third of a bottle of brandy in a night only to dump it down the drain right after our breakup. If she wants to play emotional warfare games, she’s shooting spitballs while I’m launching nukes; were just waiting for hem to land now.

    She genuinely thinks that I’m becoming an alcoholic, she thinks that I need to get help before my drinking takes over my life. She thinks this because I’ve told her that I’m going to drink myself to death because of her. As big of a douche as this makes me, it has worked pretty well so far. Her communication has been limited, she’ll send me stupid messages here and there, but at the end of the day all it takes is a pic of a can of bud in my hand to end the conversation.

    [–] Single people, what are some traits that's you're looking for in a partner but that seem to be hard to find? DeltaCharlieEcho 2 points ago in dating

    Oh, I do. You haven’t met me. I don’t look like a weirdo outwardly, but deep down I’m a freak.

    There’s a certain level of average that’s needed, but at the same time I want the Daria-esc cynic artist at heart but outwardly I don’t really care. I just want to find someone with real passions, and no i don’t mean doing makeup or anything like that; I mean real, solid, interests. I’ve not found too many out there. I used to practice guitar around 1000 hours a year; I study design and philosophy because I thoroughly enjoy understanding them; the last girlfriend I had was obsessed with a Joel Michale book she bought. A book of literal nonsense that was intense as a coffee table flip book, she read it cover to cover multiple times. She spent weeks trying to convince me that pop punk is anything other than pop music, and as a musician that had about 5 practical years of experience studying and playing music, I had to bite my tongue and let her believe she was right. I can’t stand boring and I can’t stand ignorant, and those are really what I’m trying explain in my comments above.

    Again, I don’t know you, this was not a personalized commentary of you or all women, just something I’ve experienced quite frequently in my dating life

    Peace bruh

    [–] I’m leaving my current life behind to escape my ex DeltaCharlieEcho 2 points ago in confession

    Eh I’ve dated suicide girls and banged a very well paid cam girl on the regular, I’m not concerned about getting someone hotter than her. Getting someone better in bed might be a nice change of pace though; god so I miss the crazy when it’s used in the right way.

    It’s going to eat her alive when I find another “girl next door” type that’s sweet to me but has a fiery temper to anyone that fucks with me. It might do some damage that needed to be done sooner. Not to sound like a sadist or anything here, but she needs to understand that she’s just an ex now.

    [–] I am just wondering but is 29 just a weird age to find dates? DeltaCharlieEcho 2 points ago in dating

    What’s being addressed by the “women mature faster” nonsense is a physical maturation. That is it. Women mature to a level around 20 slow down and completely stop by 25; men rapidly progress in their maturation all the way to 25. Again, women mature with different focuses than men, and to compare the maturation rates isn’t fair to anyone. This gets into some tricky societal “theories” that end up getting people labeled as members of certain hate groups or mentalities so in an effort to kill that before it starts, I will say no further on the topic.

    [–] Single people, what are some traits that's you're looking for in a partner but that seem to be hard to find? DeltaCharlieEcho 1 points ago in dating

    The issue isn’t the specific items in focus, more the concepts they represent. Like the dad where girls would say “I’m so random” and when they say “legitimately” or “actually” every time they’re trying to make a point. Or complaining about basic bitches while drinking their other stupid order from Starbucks. It’s the idea that uggs are bad so you have to buy something else in the same fashion but that is more ethically made.

    If I was to make the idea a quote it would be: “I’m an individual; unlike all those other girls that claim to be individualistic, I really am.”

    Or even simpler: Yes, you’re very special; just like everyone else.

    Seriously no offense intended; I just hate the stupid average bullshit that women convince themselves is unique. I get so fucking irritated when a girl I’m dating wants to spend money on stuff that looks like it was found in a fucking barn; or that looks like it was made in paint by Pinterest guides. I guess I’m just a little jaded because I went to art school and the shot that the girls there made looked like ikea had commissioned them to make it, it was sturdy, modern, and truly one of a kind. I’m just so tired of the average woman I guess; maybe I need to grow up


    [–] I am just wondering but is 29 just a weird age to find dates? DeltaCharlieEcho 0 points ago in dating

    I’ve dated older, younger, and same age. The best a guy can do is find a girl within 2 years of his age not much younger definitely not older. The age difference I noticed was apparent when college girls were telling me “how life really worked” while mommy and daddy paid for everything. The immaturity difference is kinda ridiculous below 25 and unless you’ve known them forever and can tell them they’re being stupid and immature. Once women hit 25-26 (just as with me) and the reasoning centers of the brain are fully developed, then you can start thinking long term; below 25 should be considered strictly fun because nobody knows who they are let alone what they want before that reasoning center is fully developed.

    INb4: but women mature much sooner than men. NO! Well yes, physically. But, NO! Women mature at exactly the same rate as men with significantly different priorities and perspectives. To go beyond that moves the conversation to another subreddit category, but this is the simplified answer.

    [–] I’m leaving my current life behind to escape my ex DeltaCharlieEcho 1 points ago in confession

    Part of why I’m moving is because my longest time best friend is kinda fading from everyone. He might be depressed but his family doesn’t hear from him enough to be able to really figure it out. Dude’s like the brother I never had and he hasn’t talked to me in a couple of years since his breakup. I really want to help him if I can.

    Believe it or not I’ve gotten the “she wasn’t good for you” and “we didn’t like her” from all of my past coworkers with the exception of my most recent job that hired me in part because of how hot she was. No joke by the way. She was North East Ohio hot but pretty average if not a little above for a major metropolitan area; I’ll be doing better in no time.

    [–] I’m leaving my current life behind to escape my ex DeltaCharlieEcho 13 points ago in confession

    I’m planning a motorcycle project right now and might try to start a cafe racer and street fighters club in my new city once my bike is finished.

    I’ll be back in a place with my favorite concert hall in biking distance so I’ll definitely be seeing shows again. I’m going to be trying to get my graphic design projects going too; I have a personal business I’m trying to start and a non-centralized creative collaborative that I want to get running locally.

    I’ve got stuff to do and I hope I can find someone special to do it with and fuck shit up with. Haha

    [–] I’m leaving my current life behind to escape my ex DeltaCharlieEcho 4 points ago in confession

    I did some fucked up shit. I said some things that shouldn’t have been said. I did try to get her into a psych ward. It was for her own good, but I failed. She messed me up to the point that I can’t even go to work without thinking about her. I don’t miss her, I don’t want her back, i still love her in a healthy way, but I find myself longing for her when I go i my job.

    I just need to leave and maybe the space will help her really heal; she’s faking it and doing it pretty well; but she really needs to get past me.

    [–] Want to start dating DeltaCharlieEcho 2 points ago in introvert

    Check /r/dating for more comprehensive advice. If you’d like any specific advice or general i can see what advice to give you.

    Generally you need to be okay with being known places. I suggest finding a hobby you love and hanging out wherever that can be explored extremely regularly. I’d try to be wherever that is 3-4 times a week. Get to know the staff, regulars, new customers. Here’s the trick; learn to get to know people PASSIVELY. Listen carefully to what you’re being told, get to know the demeanors of each person, learn to care about them as a kind of family.

    When something seems off open a conversation invitation and let them tell you about their life. Learn to show extroverted tendencies but don’t let those tendencies overpower your personality.

    Once people accept you as part of the atmosphere, you’re golden, but it takes a while to get there.

    [–] How do you approach women? DeltaCharlieEcho 0 points ago in dating

    Nope it’s all the same. All you can do is talk to people and try to be as genuine as possible. If you’re a piece of shit, own it; a saint, own it. That’s all you can do, there’s no magic formula; what works for me won’t work for you.

    All you can do is own yourself and roll with it.

    [–] A wise man and a wise guy are two very different things DeltaCharlieEcho 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    In Zen Buddhism they’re the same. A wise man is wise enough to dick you around because he knows he can’t give you the answers you’re seeking. All wise zen masters are wise guys.

    [–] I am unable to trust guys. DeltaCharlieEcho 1 points ago in dating

    Don’t feel bad, I have a deep inability to be untrusting of women. I do my best but it’s always lingering. It’s just part of a healthy relationship.