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    [–] If you've been swiping right on everyone, you're digging your own grave. DeltaCharlieEcho 1 points ago in dating

    I might be making that move here in the coming weeks, I have done /alright/ in the midwest but I'm hoping moving out somewhere more chill vibes me better.

    *alright, meaning: I've dated some really really really attractive women that I should have never been able to get on an appearance level, but their mental states were so fucked up that it completely ruined it for me.

    [–] I know I shouldn’t be looking... DeltaCharlieEcho 1 points ago in confessions

    The odds are staggeringly in your favor that once you stop looking a man will come along. Have confidence in yourself, be respectful to yourself, and live your life in a way that honestly depicts who you are. The world has a tendency to benefit those that live in such a way. It may not be in the ways you think you need, but it does work better that way.


    [–] If pi is infinite, there is a fragment of it in which you can find the whole bee movie script in binary DeltaCharlieEcho 0 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Nothing is infinite, everything has a finite end. We use the term infinite to define that which we do not know the finite end to or that which we can not comprehend the finite end to. It is very unlikely, frankly most likely impossible that anything of any significance in full exists externally of itself in another form.


    [–] Is it wrong to date an acquaintance's ex-boyfriend? DeltaCharlieEcho 1 points ago in dating

    There'd be nothing wrong with it even if she was your closest friend; stop putting the happiness of others before that of yourself.

    [–] If you've been swiping right on everyone, you're digging your own grave. DeltaCharlieEcho 1 points ago in dating

    This has been a known algorithm trick for years, what was it like living under that rock for as long as you obviously did?

    [–] Sparring Gloves: Lace Up or Hook and Loop? DeltaCharlieEcho 1 points ago in amateur_boxing

    We have quite a few amateur fighters at my gym and none of them use hook and loop gloves for sparring. The drills class guys do because we're between the standard class level and the competitive level and most of us just haven't made the investment to upgrade. I'm looking at Rival, Ringside, Title [mid level], or Twins

    [–] The domino effect DeltaCharlieEcho 1 points ago in dating

    TL;DR: Don't stress it man, this is a generational trend that is on the way out; things will turn around and balance out when they naturally need to and I don't see that being too far off. Keep fighting man, you're gonna get knocked down again and again, but all you can do is keep getting up and fighting.


    [Director's Extended Cut]:

    I think of the domino effect more in relation to preselection bias that has to do with the fact that men that are unavailable due to another woman already finding him desirable leading to more and more women finding him attractive.

    Women are generally vindictive by nature and there's a fairly massive trend of not only allowing and or justifying this mindset but encouraging it against men. Where men are more biologically programmed to get in a fist fight and handle a situation in minutes, women are programmed to attack the reputation and validity of each others, a tactic that is effective among them but is also being used against men with increasing frequency. We're going to se a lot more of this until one day it just stops almost as if it never happened in the first place. If it were to be graphed out, it's going to look like a limit curve where it exponentially increases until it hits a flashpoint where it is no longer effective in the slightest. I actually think that's what's going to happen with the current wave of "feminism", we're going to see a lot more growth then suddenly nobody will call themselves feminists anymore or they'll be labeled a hate group as mens rights groups have been.

    When you start feeling down about the current state of gender balance it is important to remember that nothing in society is permanent and is ever evolving; no life can exist without both male and female sides to the species, and even if we have gotten to a point where one gender can reproduce without the direct assistance or general assistance of the other side, the moment technology infrastructure collapses is also the same moment that everything goes right back to the way it is supposed to be.

    [–] I don't want to get married. DeltaCharlieEcho 1 points ago in dating

    Blew it pal, she was probably the one that you'll later realize is the one that got away... You royally fucked up here, pal.


    [–] How do you get into the amateur boxing scene? DeltaCharlieEcho 1 points ago in amateur_boxing

    Ive been hitting since January 2013 when I started suspecting my first ex fiancé was cheating on me. Over the last 6 years I’ve developed he ability to generate pretty power but never really worked on defense or movement. That’s what I’ve been working on all year so far. I have two coaches that want to train me. Point being, with enough energy, effort, and ambition you can make it where you want to be regardless of age.

    [–] [27 F] Somehow I’ve been through 6 breakups (4 guys) and 0 real relationships in the last year DeltaCharlieEcho 1 points ago in dating

    That sucks, at least you haven’t had to live through two broken off engagements in the last decade. I still haven’t fully gotten over my ex that left me in July and is already on her second or third guy.

    [–] Eventually kids are going to see the marvel movies the same way that kids today see old Western movies. Interesting, but primitive. DeltaCharlieEcho 1 points ago in Showerthoughts

    Old westerns are only "interesting but primitive" to those that don't understand the absolute mastery of technique that was required to get those perfect shots. Hell, even modern directors still use those techniques to accomplish that feeling when they could just do everything in post and accomplish the same visual representation of the idea.

    Marvel will go down in history the same way that most people consider the 90s batman movies to have gone down, though I personally think they're perfect and fit the absurdity of Batman's world perfectly especially in the illustrative style of that time, but that's a completely different conversation for a different thread.

    [final thought: The 90s Batman movies will always be the greatest super hero movies to be made, everything else will just be an attempt to one up them and pretend that realism is a thing in the comics universes.]

    [–] How do you get into the amateur boxing scene? DeltaCharlieEcho 2 points ago in amateur_boxing

    I'm hoping to have my first fight by the end of the year and I'll be 29.

    [–] Knocked out during sparring DeltaCharlieEcho 1 points ago in amateur_boxing

    That's a down not an out. You may have been stunned but you most likely weren't completely out. I've taken 10+ foot falls to the side of the head while skiing and not knocked myself out, you likely just scared yourself pretty bad to the point that you don't remember those 5 seconds. You should have taken a break for the rest of the night, but I think you'll be fine to spar again soon, just go light and make it clear that it's just LIGHT SPARRING.

    I spar with people of different abilities and the people that are below my skill get treated with kid gloves, I let them hit as hard as they want while I'll just hit them hard enough that they know they got hit on an opening. I spar with other guys that do the same exact thing to me specifically a guy that is at the top end of amateur trying to go pro who will fuck with everyone. He's good, he know's he's good, he knows he doesn't have to hit you hard for you to learn what you did wrong but he'll keep hitting you the same way and let you bloody yourself up. It sounds like the guy you were sparring with was a little above your level and some part of him wanted to prove something. Just talk to him next time you're in, be cool with him that's all you can really do.


    [–] My first fight and won by a unanimous decision. I'm in the blue corner - any feedback would be really useful (my fight starts at 1:12:55) DeltaCharlieEcho 2 points ago * (lasted edited 8 hours ago) in amateur_boxing

    Good movement man, very smooth. Red corner seems to be trying to be a brawler and had a lot of body openings you didn't really take advantage of when you could have, but you won by unanimous decision, so good job.

    Round 2:

    I noticed that you're chasing your shots and if you end up fighting anyone really good they'll take massive advantage of that with counters and that might do some damage you wouldn't be expecting.

    Round 3:

    You're really trying to throw some powerful shots near the end of the round unfortunately you're losing a lot of power in those throws because you're opening up your hooks so much, keep the punches compact and generate your power from your torso and legs. Most of your fight, from both fighters, was arm punches work on your rotation.

    [–] Does anyone else find training and sparring extremely therapeutic? DeltaCharlieEcho 1 points ago in amateur_boxing

    It really has helped me in my life, I do controlled sparring 1 minute rapid fire rounds on fridays, usually get around 10-15 total rounds usually ending up with 5 consecutive rounds and then individual rounds with breaks for round robin style sparring. It's definitely a confidence boost when I'm in the ring and getting told to lighten up and I'm not even putting any power into my shots. It's gotten a lot of my aggression and stress levels decreased for the rest of the week.

    I'd say you're definitely not alone in your noticing of those qualities in yourself.


    [–] Ohio lawmaker wants to make it illegal to smoke in a car with a child under 6.....YES, PLEASE. DeltaCharlieEcho -2 points ago in Columbus

    Next Up: Regulating thought and offering rewards to anyone that reports individuals with dissenting opinions. Vote YES please!

    [–] I anonymously told my friend her fiancé is cheating on her... DeltaCharlieEcho 0 points ago in confession

    Good for him, at least he's not falling victim to the disposability that the rest of us are facing.

    [–] Should I wait for love to come to me? DeltaCharlieEcho 1 points ago in dating

    Nothing comes to those that wait, only to those that work.