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    [–] When you're smurfing and have 52 kills in silver I DepressdosAsbestos 2 points ago in csgo

    Once i played with a smurf in silver who was mad his teammates played like silvers then abandoned the match... getting a game full of real silvers is more of a win then an an actual win at this point.

    [–] The scaling in this game is one of a kind.....and stupid DepressdosAsbestos 2 points ago in remnantgame

    The enemy level is like this. Your highest level gear is n. Even if you have one +7 gun and everything else you have is +3, your highest level gear is n. Enemy scaling is when you first enter a zone all enemies levels therein will be n + 1.

    [–] Finally filming Kung Fury 2 DepressdosAsbestos 8 points ago in movies

    No problem, i know that some of the subtle details that you usually find in movies made by a swedish man in a basement with a green screen usually get missed.

    [–] Finally filming Kung Fury 2 DepressdosAsbestos 7 points ago in movies

    The reason his one liners cause him pain is a plot point. The first one liner he makes is after he gets his powers, this same one-liner is what some would call the weakest. David: "Knock Knock" Ninja: "Who's there?" David: "... ... ... knock-les" The power of the one liner came with his powers of kung fu, and through the movie he has to come to term and learn to use these powers properly (actually we dont see that part). You can tell he learned to use his powers extremely well from the first painfully executed one-liner to the arcade fight, where he says "Game Over" in a much more one-liner tone. This shows us how he has been able to learn to weild these powers.

    [–] I still have Nightmares. DepressdosAsbestos 5 points ago in remnantgame

    Is this about the 2 flying beasts that attack you on that bridge and knock you off?

    [–] I am Ace Watkins, the only Gamer running for President of the United States, AMA! DepressdosAsbestos 1 points ago in Gamingcirclejerk

    Mr. Gamer Watkins, i have a couple questions for you.

    Do you believe that chucklefish's mistreatment of workers will hurt the indie game market or kickstartign games as a whole?

    My favorite games are those of space exploration and rythm, my friends do nothing but plot against me by making me play FPS and strategy games. How will you work to get rid of gamer-group oppression?

    [–] Youtube comments section Starter Pack!! DepressdosAsbestos 7 points ago in starterpacks

    Just find a "very" legal website to watch it on, and you better watch parts 1 and 2

    [–] For all those tough boss fights DepressdosAsbestos 1 points ago in remnantgame

    Oh gorefist is THE worst. You have to constantly be dodging his attacks while also shooting/dodging the little exploding guys as well. I died so many times becuase i would get exploded once and stunned so gorefist would finish me off. I'm on the primievil(is that how you spell it?) Forest though but so far he was the hardest biss

    [–] For all those tough boss fights DepressdosAsbestos 6 points ago in remnantgame

    At first i thought "fuck i need someone to kill these adds while i fight the boss, this game is impossible without friends", then i got good and would kill a miniboss/boss my first time seeing them and think "maybe this would be too easy without the adds"

    [–] Nikita on Pestily's stream right now, confirmed a pre-wipe event DepressdosAsbestos 5 points ago in EscapefromTarkov

    Meta isn't what's fun. People who run meta gear or strats are there to win. They don't care how unfun it is because they get to win. Sure they waited 40 mins but now they have 3-8 peoples worth of loot to get and they havent had to move since the raid started, while using like 1 magazine or a handful of mosin rounds.

    [–] Nikita on Pestily's stream right now, confirmed a pre-wipe event DepressdosAsbestos 2 points ago in EscapefromTarkov

    I hope they make it so when you die you can't play and also you don't get scav runs. They call it a "realistic shooter" just from removing a case that helps new players make any money or experienced players garuntee loot???? But still you can magically take a few bullets to the head and keep kicking, or if you want to mind control some random guy you can and they STILL call it "realistic". Smh my head my head.

    [–] Is this subreddit serious or satire? DepressdosAsbestos 7 points ago in Noearthsociety

    I love both, but i do base building and exploring as my 2 favorite things so i like how starbound has teleporters to go between builds (maybe no mans sky but i'm not that far) but i do have like 70 starbound mods and 0 no mans sky mods. I do like no man's sky more though

    [–] Is this subreddit serious or satire? DepressdosAsbestos 27 points ago in Noearthsociety

    How dare you? I have hundreds of hours on starbound and have yet to find earth, and have yet to find earth on no mans sky as well. THE PLANET THAT IS SO IMPORTANT ISN'T IN THESE 2 SPACE GAMES ALL ABOUT PLANETS????? THE PLANET SO IMPORTANT WE LIVE ON IT BUT IN SPACE GAMES IT DOESN'T EXIST? AND YOU COME IN HERE "IS THIS SERIOUS"?????

    In conclusion: fuck you, go die with that idiot leonardo and virgin isaac newton

    [–] Every damn night... DepressdosAsbestos 1 points ago in csgo

    Give me his steam so i can play with someone as bad as me

    [–] Dancing > Dabbing & Fortnite DepressdosAsbestos 12 points ago in raimimemes

    Wasn't he depressed but the suit was like "yo man we could rule this city together, spider-man" then peter had his mind flipped from this and became an arrogant prick who would rely on the black suit to be strong?

    [–] Just read the manga damn it DepressdosAsbestos 1 points ago in ShitPostCrusaders

    In the manga floridan abbaccio literally says how it works, "That dragon stand is pointing out kenzo's designsted 'path' to kill her!".

    [–] Scavs could be vastly improved with a simple change DepressdosAsbestos 1 points ago in EscapefromTarkov

    I mean, comparing tarkov to other fps games isn't really a fair thing to do. Most games go for balance type gameplay, while tarkov is about realism. Why should you get a special advantage over scavs? These scavs are still people in this world, not a faceless militia like payday, cod, battlefield and so much more. These people want to live on their land, fighting away the armies who suppressed and oppressed them. They have just as much reason to survive in this land as your operator does. This game is about careful positioning most of all, the main problem you are having is being the one shot by the first shot, when you should be thinking about how to position yourself to be the one to take the first shot.

    [–] Have any games failed due to being too complicated? DepressdosAsbestos 1 points ago in pcgaming

    Maybe if you count that they both have guns that shoot and people shooting them, that is right. But not much else is...

    [–] I feel for the newbies DepressdosAsbestos 4 points ago in Mordhau

    I was level 34 when i was in a duel server and did well enough for one of the other top players to call me a chiv vet, i had 3 hours (if that) on chiv. It was like being called a hacker when you aren't.