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    [–] I built a picture of my girlfriend for our 6 months anniversary. DetecJack 9 points ago in Minecraft

    But he is just saying your relationship with your father must be wonderful? Or is he wrong?

    [–] Part 3 coming soon DetecJack 2 points ago in PewdiepieSubmissions

    Technically he played 2 Minecraft maps

    The one where group of his friends trying to solve and escape from nightmare

    The other is PT replica

    [–] Because they can “revoke” someone’s gamer status DetecJack 34 points ago in Cringetopia

    She didn’t, instead she sends bunch of Minecraft memes vids

    [–] This is Shrek DetecJack 1 points ago in shittymoviedetails

    Fuck it takevmy upvote

    [–] What an awesome time to be a kid. DetecJack 3 points ago in gaming

    Back then I bought that wheel control just to play this game

    [–] SDCC Countdown Day 19: 27 Days Until SDCC! We stan this mom and her awkward daughter DetecJack 1 points ago in TitansTV

    This shot reminds me of an episode where evil grandma is trying to eat teen titans by giving them hallucinations food

    [–] Swamp Thing S01E04 'Darkness on the Edge of Town' - Episode Discussion DetecJack 6 points ago in swampthingtv

    And so the true terror begins

    Im more excited on blue devil and i know nothing about him

    [–] Official Discussion: Toy Story 4 [SPOILERS] DetecJack 3 points ago in movies

    I didn’t cry but i did felt some emotion on gabby on third act

    Love her character

    [–] Official Discussion: Toy Story 4 [SPOILERS] DetecJack 2 points ago in movies

    We did seen a kid that might not be necessarily andy but instead a random kid that might gave woody a bit personality

    Remember: if a toy can be seen or has a background story then he can become a real thing which both woody and buzz were “famous” toys because of commercial and thousands of kids seen the tv. Forky is same because its not necessarily need few kids, just a person with power of child imagination

    [–] Official Discussion: Toy Story 4 [SPOILERS] DetecJack 12 points ago in movies

    Emotional is there

    The voice acting is there

    Everything is there so the only thing really to talk about is the ending :

    Was not as great as toy story 2 or 3 ending but it does leave an open ending which what they did, SPOILER IN CAPS. IF WE ARE GOING TO GO ON THAT ROUTE THEN I HOPE HARMONY TAKES WOODY AND HIS NEW GANG

    I wanna talk more about the ending but overall its same level as toy story 3 except the ending which is nice

    [–] Which Season of Gotham is your favorite? DetecJack 2 points ago in Gotham

    Wow not much appreciation on season 1

    [–] How are you doing? DetecJack 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I always go outside when bad stuff happens

    Im not an adult while im 20 and that something i hate myself for

    [–] How are you doing? DetecJack 1 points ago in AskReddit

    My parents are angry and they aren’t letting me know why