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    [–] VroomVroom Madafakkas.. Deto 11 points ago in funny

    Their dicks are the size of a small Asian woman?

    [–] How come Katy Perrys career hasn't been destroyed with all the sexual assault allegations like others have been? Deto 2 points ago in AskReddit

    The courts require proof. Everyday people can see the pile of evidence and accusations against someone and come to their own conclusions.

    [–] Juul-funded group takes legal action against SF over ballot measure Deto 4 points ago in sanfrancisco

    Kind of curious - how expensive is a juul habit? If kids are getting hooked, how are they affording it?

    [–] Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Underwent Another Round Of Cancer Treatment This Summer Deto 2 points ago in news

    When one team stops playing by the rules is it hypocritical for the other to stop as well? You guys ruined the game (and probably doomed this country) so don't bullshit us with this nonsense.

    [–] YouTube shuts down 210 channels posting about Hong Kong Deto 1 points ago in worldnews

    First, let's be clear. This article is about a private company, not the government. If I own an event hall, it's my right to not rent it out to Nazis. If Google has a platform, they can choose not to let it be used to carry Nazi propaganda.

    Second, whether or not the government can censor the movement depends on what beliefs they profess. If members advocate violence or other illegal activities (harassment) against people, then this is illegal and they should be punished. If the group makes these things part of their platform, then they should be labeled a terrorist organization and dealt with.

    [–] Best interview ever Deto 26 points ago in funny

    I'm guessing the algorithm to recognize the wake word has to be super-optimized as it's done locally (on the device) and not by sending the data to their servers (how they recognize the rest of the words). And so they probably have to pre-train the model (using some giant corpus of recorded data) for specific words.

    [–] Job descriptions should put in more details than “must be a rockstar at python”. Deto 2 points ago in datascience

    Good points. Still I wouldn't take a company seriously if they actually used the word "rockstar" in the posting. If people interpreted that literally (e.g. one of an elite group of celebrity status coders) they could lose lots of applicants and end up with overconfident assholes.

    [–] I got a bit lucky and... Deto 9 points ago in gaming

    Jk Rowling: The Sorcerer's Stone was a butt plug

    You didn't pick up on that? She clearly intended it from context. I guess you just don't read that way I do....

    [–] YouTube shuts down 210 channels posting about Hong Kong Deto 13 points ago in worldnews

    Are you asking if "things that are antithetical to democracy" fall under the "antithetical to democracy" category? Is that your question?

    [–] New Poll Says 60% of Friends Fans Surveyed Believe Ross and Rachel Were on a Break Deto 25 points ago in television

    It was actually kind of ingenious the way the show did it, too. They set up this kind of morally ambiguous way for them to break up but for people to still kind of understand each person's side of things. They had to do it in a way that made some sense and also didn't leave audiences hating one character or the other (since they need the show to keep going).

    [–] New Poll Says 60% of Friends Fans Surveyed Believe Ross and Rachel Were on a Break Deto 5 points ago in television

    He thought she was sleeping with Mark already (since Mark was at her place the same night she declared their break), so in his mind it was already over.

    [–] New Poll Says 60% of Friends Fans Surveyed Believe Ross and Rachel Were on a Break Deto 133 points ago in television

    It's interesting looking at things with 2019 eyes now. The show was already progressive in its time in portraying a gay relationship, and I think in its effort at making that 'ok' to audiences it went too far and put them beyond any fault. Now that gay relationships are more normal, it's more natural to just treat the characters as normal human beings and hold them to the same rules as everyone.

    [–] New Poll Says 60% of Friends Fans Surveyed Believe Ross and Rachel Were on a Break Deto 139 points ago in television

    Tho whole 'break' happened, though, because he was getting too jealous of the guy Mark at her work. And after she decides she wants a break, she has Mark over that very night and Ross finds out when he calls. So he was assuming that she was shacking up with Mark already and so he might as well hook up with the printer girl.

    [–] Billions? Why not Millions? Deto 1 points ago in funny

    True, it all depends on how much manpower and flexibility they have. And what the alternative projects are and how profitable they are projected to be.

    It's possible Disney gave them a really good deal initially just so that they'd get entrenched in the Marvel universe and then Disney could use that as leverage to secure a much more lucrative deal later. Maybe Sony is just calling their bluff.

    [–] How mad at your CSS do you have to be to add 274 digits to your z-index? Deto 3 points ago in webdev

    No, but you could like, define z1, z2, z3, etc as css classes and then modify their values as needed in the css.

    [–] how doe's vim make you a better programmer ? Deto 1 points ago in vim

    Modal editing (the Vim way of editing) makes it more efficient to edit text. (You can use this mode in nearly any editor or IDE - they all have a 'Vim' mode to some degree). It doesn't make you a better programmer, though.

    The analogy I like is imagine that you are a writer who writes by hand. And your whole life you used shitty pens. Then someone gives you a nice pen which glides really well. After this, you never want to use a shitty pen again.

    [–] An article I wrote on how vim is a great start to learning Linux Deto 1 points ago in vim

    How? The UI is mainly empty to give the text as much room as possible. There's a column for line numbers and a column for gutter symbols to the left, and then a row for statusline and a row for commands on the bottom.

    [–] Billions? Why not Millions? Deto 4 points ago in funny

    Yes, and if you are a movie-making studio, you want to make movies. Disney would rather they make the movie than have some third-party studio make it. That movie contract represents something like a $200 million dollar job for Disney.

    [–] Billions? Why not Millions? Deto 4 points ago in funny

    It's not like they are choosing to make zero money by not partnering with Marvel. They're probably estimating that even though the total profits would be less without Marvel, they wouldn't be 50% less. And so they can make more on their own.

    Probably not so unlikely, either. With Avengers phase 3 finished, there won't be as much of a saturation of super hero movies going forward from Marvel. Spiderman is probably more competitive without Thor/Captain America/Iron Man/Avengers to compete with.

    [–] Billions? Why not Millions? Deto 16 points ago in funny

    Isn't that a bonus for Disney? That means that the budget is being 'paid' to Disney to do the work. If you're a person, you'd be glad to make money without having to do work (because it frees you up for work elsewhere), but businesses can scale labor up and down and so they'd rather do the work.