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    [–] Los Angeles Northridge earthquake, 26 years ago today, Deto 11 points ago in pics

    Probably can't ask for a better dataset, really.

    [–] Obese ISIS preacher who endorsed rape, ethnic cleansing carried to prison in truck Deto 3 points ago in nottheonion

    I know, but wouldn't I be a dick if I came up to you and pointed it out? Like, you know you're overweight, you don't need a stranger up in your business.

    [–] New evidence against Lori Loughlin and husband revealed in government motion Deto 12 points ago in news

    Didn't they bribe individuals instead of donating to the universities. Donating to universities would have been legal though I agree it does compromise the integrity of the institution.

    [–] Obese ISIS preacher who endorsed rape, ethnic cleansing carried to prison in truck Deto 2 points ago in nottheonion

    I guess the controversial part is whether it's ethical to call them out on it. Are you genuinely trying to help the person? Or just have a laugh at their expense?

    [–] Obese ISIS preacher who endorsed rape, ethnic cleansing carried to prison in truck Deto 31 points ago in nottheonion

    Sure, I also don't give a shit about the person being shamed when they are someone like this guy. However, I do wonder how it makes other obese people to read the comments in a thread like this.

    [–] 'It's heart-wrenching': 80% of Blue Mountains and 50% of Gondwana rainforests burn in bushfires Environment Deto 4 points ago in worldnews

    Just having hope when it flies in the face of science is actively harmful. We're in this position right now because people heard scientists warn us about this and said "eh, I don't think it'll be that bad". Now you're doing the same thing.

    [–] Why are there so many fucking empty storefronts on telegraph? Deto 3 points ago in berkeley

    The stores aren't sustaining the loss - they were paying rent to a landlord who owns the building but are probably no longer paying (might still be paying if they are still finishing a lease and did not go bankrupt). Rather, the landlord is losing the opportunity to make money on the property by not filling it with another tenant. Maybe they have a hard time finding a business that wants to move in?

    [–] Just a reminder that Witcher 3 was also delayed for 3 months and turned it to be fantastic in the end. So just trust CDPR, they wouldn't delay for no reason. Deto 1 points ago in gaming

    Still, this was one that I was going to buy at full price when it launched and play right away. And I haven't done that in like 10 years. But after The Witcher 3 I'm just dying for more CDPR games.

    In the meantime, though, yeah I have plenty of great games I've been meaning to get around to.

    [–] As you wish Deto 16 points ago in gaming

    Probably more of an issue would be, potentially, modifying all the interactions with NPCs

    [–] Newborn Sea Otter Pups Are So Buoyant They Can’t Immediately Dive For Food. But ... Deto 5 points ago in gifs

    Nature is what it is. You can waste your time being upset about it, but it's as foolish as yelling at the wind. Or you can join the rest of us at celebrating joyful moments when the universe offers them.

    [–] Cannonball of YAS-62? Deto 4 points ago in Saxophonics

    I got my new Cannonball Big Bell Tenor for 2500 a couple of years ago. I imagine the Alto model is a hundred or two cheaper.

    More importantly, I'd recommend trying them both out. Looks don't matter as much imo. I tried the YTS-62 and didn't like the way it felt to play on as much as the cannonball but other people have the exact opposite preference. See if there is a music store near you that sells horns - they usually let people try them (I wouldn't buy a horn without trying it first)

    [–] Don't hate me Deto 1 points ago in gaming

    I agree. On principal it seems unlikely likely that a 400 console would outperform a 1000 graphics card.

    [–] Don't hate me Deto 1 points ago in gaming

    Is your console as powerful as a PS5?

    [–] Don't hate me Deto 15 points ago in gaming

    Apparently some console players have been biding their time, all the while seething with rage. And now that new consoles specs are starting to be announced they are channeling that rage into memes where they imagine how they can win arguments comparing future consoles to past PCs.

    [–] Difficult achievements: space vs. sailing vs. alpinism [OC] Deto 19 points ago in dataisbeautiful

    To really tank by difficulty you'd have to include some measure of how many people have tried the task or have considered the task but turned away because of the difficulty.

    I mean, exactly zero people have vaulted over my couch but it's definitely not harder than summiting Everest.

    But more seriously, there are probably a lot more people who have tried to be astronauts than who have tried to summit Everest without oxygen.

    [–] House Democrats Just Dropped a Boatload of Impeachment Documents That Look Really Bad for Trump Deto 83 points ago in politics

    What difference will this make, though? It's just more evidence of what has been corroborated over and over by now. No amount of evidence will cause Republicans to stop squeezing their eyes shut and plugging their ears.

    [–] The 'No Code' Delusion Deto 1 points ago in programming

    Ok, so we both know a human could understand what's meant by that request. So, do you just not believe that artificial intelligence could ever reach levels even near human intelligence? All it would take is a system that could identify ambiguity and substitute reasonable interpretations. And then when multiple interpretations are likely ask the operator to clarify.