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    [–] Transfer acceptance question (mechanical engineering) Dexamoose 1 points ago in CalPoly

    Mind showing where you got that number? Honestly a bit hard to believe it's that high

    [–] Prospective EE Transfer. May withdraw from major prep course Dexamoose 3 points ago in CalPoly

    You are good if you withdraw but take it in the spring, as long as they see you will take it before you come here, you will be totally fine. Average EE transfer GPA this past year was in the 3.4 range(?), so you definitely have a strong chance as long as you complete the major prep course.

    As for your question regarding two years, it is quite difficult. They currently have a two years and a quarter plan for transfers (which is considered the fastest path, however it doesn't include summer coursework, so maybe you could make it through in two years with summer courses). That 2 and a quarter plan you can see here:

    It also lists which courses you would be expected to have completed by then, so of course it all depends on how many courses you transfer with.

    Hopefully this helps, PM me if you want some more insight about the program or transfer questions. I transferred in so would be happy to help out.

    [–] "Multiple aptitude exams" Dexamoose 2 points ago in OOTP

    had to help his son prepare for the exams

    [–] Industrial Engineering at Cal Poly Dexamoose 1 points ago in CalPoly

    Found this on the Mustang News website, although this is something from about 3 years ago, can't have changed much. "Cal Poly was ranked the top industrial engineering program."

    [–] Financial Aid Change of Income Dexamoose 2 points ago in CalPoly

    I have yet to do it, but from when I have spoke with a FA advisor, they told me to go to this link: and fill out whichever form applies to you(either the student or parent version). On the document it gives you which papers work best for supporting documents.

    [–] Speech Requirement Dexamoose 1 points ago in CalPoly

    I wouldn't think so, states on there website that: * Completion of CSU and Cal Poly program required coursework with a grade of ‘C’ or better. Speech is considered a required course. So recommend you try and take it again in the fall or spring before you apply (if you can).

    See for yourself, perhaps your major may be different:

    [–] Summer Classses Questions Dexamoose 2 points ago in CalPoly

    It would be way better to just take it through CC, far less money, far easier. Likely any CC will be able to transfer the coursework, but if it's offered online through foothill or cuesta than just stick with one of those.

    [–] How does the CC transfer work? Dexamoose 1 points ago in UCDavis

    It really just depends on the major, some of my friends have done it in two bc their major required less coursework and some have taken 4 just bc of the course-load to transfer. will have all the info needed where you can see what major classes are needed and what additional steps are needed. Some majors require IGETC to be completed, others do not. Read through the majors and what school you are applying through and it will give you a better understanding of what is needed. should be their best friend in planning classes. Yeah so like you said, assuming they are on track to finish in two years, then they would begin the TAG application this summer. It's a separate application from the UC application, but it should still be through the UC application site. Hopefully this helps, lmk if you have more questions!

    [–] How does the CC transfer work? Dexamoose 3 points ago in UCDavis

    So what you're looking for would all be here: each major has different requirements and you have to have a certain GPA depending on major. Assuming they want to start at UCD in Fall 2019, then they would tag the summer of 2018, the TAG application closes somewhere around September each year if I recall correctly, before the applications begin in October-November. Of course it is nice to have the guaranteed admission, but you also have to keep a higher GPA (whereas anyone accepted without TAG has to have say a 3.0 their last semester, someone with TAG has to keep a 3.3/3.4 depending on major). Hopefully this helps and goodluck to them!

    [–] Best way to make Iced Coffee at home? Dexamoose 3 points ago in Coffee

    Do you use an espresso machine or how do you make your espressos?

    [–] Best way to make Iced Coffee at home? Dexamoose 3 points ago in Coffee

    just coffee with ice in it, like something you would buy at starbucks (such as a caramel iced coffee).

    [–] Intro to circuits before undergrad circuits class? Dexamoose 2 points ago in ElectricalEngineering

    allaboutcircuits has a good way to go about learning form the very beginning to the more difficult concepts.

    [–] Cal Poly is the whitest public university in California — by a lot Dexamoose 14 points ago in CalPoly

    Problem is, for a majority of students it comes out to be cheaper to attend a UC instead of Cal Poly.

    [–] What do you do if you go to a bad school? Dexamoose 5 points ago in EngineeringStudents

    off topic, but what do you think makes it bad? Is it something overall about UCR? hopefully you can explain, thanks. -potential transfer student for EE