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    [–] Anyone know if polylearn registers if you switch tabs during a quiz/test? Dexamoose 6 points ago in CalPoly

    Canvas does as far as I've known and been told. Not a TA though so can't 100% confirm.

    [–] Email is very vague Dexamoose 2 points ago in CalPoly

    post the proof though. Need that facts.

    [–] Does SLO county residency affect admission? Dexamoose 10 points ago in CalPoly

    Cal states were developed to serve those within the community, for those interested you can see the specific areas for each cal state here:

    Like others stated, it's how it works for all cal states, so don't feel bad. (:

    [–] CP Baseball beat Defending National Champions Vanderbilt today! Dexamoose 1 points ago in CalPoly

    I figured since it seems there is a couple players in the pros right now who went to CP! I'm sure this season they will be a lot stronger

    [–] Moving to Oxnard from EU Dexamoose 2 points ago in Oxnard

    Oxnard is going to offer you a lot of new things to try out but there are some key things to keep in mind! The city is predominately Hispanic, which means there is a great range of Mexican food as someone else has commented. The city is also very close to the beach, with the Pacific coast highway connecting right along Oxnard. I like to consider it just far away enough from LA that you're not in LA but still within range of a days trip. I generally (leaving at a good time with no traffic) can get to LAX within about 1 hr - 1hr 15. Santa Barbara is a 30-45 minute drive which is a nice place to visit on a vacation or for a days trip also. The mountains in Ventura County can get snow during the winter so it's only about a one hour drive away (although not for skiing or anything like that, more just to go sledding or enjoy a snow day etc.) There's plenty a good mix of outdoors activities well within a 1 hr range of Oxnard. Getting a vehicle is definitely necessary though since Oxnard (like most of Southern California) is a driving city and public transportation isn't commonly used. If you have any more in depth questions feel free to ask! I hope this can give you a broad look of not only Oxnard but also Ventura County (:

    [–] What to do in Ventura Dexamoose 1 points ago in ventura

    campus has a nice library where you can study. There's a big coffee bean near by that you can study at. The mall is nearby if you want to walk around or shop

    [–] Anyone interning in Chicago this summer? Dexamoose 41 points ago in CalPoly

    This. But with whichever company doesn't ghost me, anyone?

    [–] Cal Poly’s head football coach is retiring after third straight losing season Dexamoose 14 points ago in CalPoly

    Honestly, those stat lines were terrible. Hopefully we get a coach who runs an offense that actually works in this century

    [–] Favorite professor and/or class you've taken? Dexamoose 21 points ago in CalPoly

    Dr. Benson for CPE 133/233! She is the goat. Makes it extremely enjoyable and interesting yet so rewarding since it can be difficult.

    [–] Analog Devices Interview Dexamoose 1 points ago in ECE

    oh okay! Did they tell you specifically about what position it is for? All they have told me is that it relates to embedded systems which is pretty broad to go over depending on how technical the interview could be.

    [–] Analog Devices Interview Dexamoose 1 points ago in ECE

    Can you give an update on what was asked? I hope it went well! I have one coming up and would like to know more! Thanks

    [–] “Cowboys vs (Illegal) Aliens” Dexamoose 2 points ago in CalPoly

    oh word, misinterpreted

    [–] “Cowboys vs (Illegal) Aliens” Dexamoose -16 points ago in CalPoly

    "hahahaha here's me in a casually racist picture like nothings wrong"

    [–] Does anyone else watch MLS? Dexamoose 1 points ago in CalPoly

    LA Galaxy! I will watch on the rare occasion or at least keep up with highlights

    [–] Tips for a community college student that wants to transfer to Cal Poly as a junior? Dexamoose 13 points ago in CalPoly

    make sure you take all the required coursework as stated on assist. Without them there is a slim to none chance you'll get in.

    [–] Is CalPoly's Electrical Engineering Really That Bad? Dexamoose 6 points ago in CalPoly

    Currently in EE right now. There's just a lot of people that complain. It is a great program and in my first year (transfer student) I have managed to have very motivated professors who all have vastly different backgrounds. That was what helped me pick SLO is that there was many different fields of EE you could focus on. Yeah the EE building is old but in reality most of the actual equipment you use is what you will find at good companies. Hope this helps and you can hmu if you have more direct questions.