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    [–] Tips for a community college student that wants to transfer to Cal Poly as a junior? Dexamoose 13 points ago in CalPoly

    make sure you take all the required coursework as stated on assist. Without them there is a slim to none chance you'll get in.

    [–] Is CalPoly's Electrical Engineering Really That Bad? Dexamoose 6 points ago in CalPoly

    Currently in EE right now. There's just a lot of people that complain. It is a great program and in my first year (transfer student) I have managed to have very motivated professors who all have vastly different backgrounds. That was what helped me pick SLO is that there was many different fields of EE you could focus on. Yeah the EE building is old but in reality most of the actual equipment you use is what you will find at good companies. Hope this helps and you can hmu if you have more direct questions.

    [–] How's your Sunday going? Dexamoose 2 points ago in CalPoly

    it's a mix of tired and also 'fuck this shit'

    [–] How's your Sunday going? Dexamoose 2 points ago in CalPoly

    sunday scaries in full effect.

    [–] How's your Sunday going? Dexamoose 24 points ago in CalPoly

    I agree. This whole winter and spring quarter combination that only has a 1 week break inbetween feels like the longest drag ever. Once spring quarter came around I was burnt out.

    [–] Console vs. PC short survey Dexamoose 5 points ago in CalPoly

    keep fighting the good fight epic gamer

    [–] Officially off of the waitlist!!! Dexamoose 27 points ago in CalPoly

    Congrats!! Always glad to hear stories about those pursuing an education after taking such a long break!

    [–] slo is doin us proud /s Dexamoose 8 points ago in CalPoly

    Racist jury in SLO county? who would have thought? /s

    [–] What color is the P? Dexamoose 5 points ago in CalPoly

    This link will tell you who painted it, however it doesn't really say the colors

    [–] Just accepted my admission! Dexamoose 3 points ago in CalPoly

    congratulations and welcome btw!

    [–] Just accepted my admission! Dexamoose 7 points ago in CalPoly

    As far as I'm aware, they don't send an email, so no worries! They'll send more info as time passes

    [–] SLO days and Wow Dexamoose 6 points ago in CalPoly

    If you have a valid excuse, you can miss out on SLO days. I did it and didn't have to pay. Generally, everyone has said it's not really necessary but it would be good to meet people in your major.

    [–] Where are the best places in SLO to donate old clothes to? Dexamoose 3 points ago in CalPoly

    You can donate to H&M and they give you 15% off coupons for each bag of clothes

    [–] PGT 4/17 (W: 2-3) - Dodgers Sweep Reds On AJ Pollock Home Run Dexamoose -13 points ago in Dodgers

    personally, I'm very skeptical of the team and will continue to be all season because I don't want to get my hopes up (and get them crushed again). :/

    So maybe that's why we're fearful of any contender

    [–] GROCERIES? Dexamoose 1 points ago in CalPoly

    food pantry on campus would also be helpful, since it's free.

    [–] Incoming Freshmen Mega-thread Dexamoose 11 points ago in CalPoly

    UC's tend to offer more b/c higher cost of tuition. Unless you have some major changes in your finances (e.g, someone in fam gets laid off), I don't think you can get more.

    [–] Getting Classes as an EE Transfer Dexamoose 1 points ago in CalPoly

    Recent transfer, overall getting my classes hasn't been difficult at all. Only annoying thing is that since we come in with already some certain classes fulfilled, we are "off-quarter." Meaning we have to get permission numbers to enroll in certain classes we have the prereq's for through our CC, but not through Cal Poly. It's kind of annoying because the department can be quite slow about getting back to you, but you shouldn't have much trouble.