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    [–] Utilities cost Dexamoose 1 points ago in CalPoly

    Water is generally the most expensive thing in this county (my house average per roommate is around 30-35), electricity is second with an average of around 20-25.

    [–] People who shower at the REC Dexamoose 2 points ago in CalPoly

    oh I think I have noticed them! I'll try it out then !

    [–] People who shower at the REC Dexamoose 2 points ago in CalPoly

    aren't those towels like hand towels? Is that enough?

    [–] People who shower at the REC Dexamoose 2 points ago in CalPoly

    where are these dryers? Maybe I just haven't noticed them

    [–] Major Relatedness Dexamoose 1 points ago in CalPoly

    I applied as EE and I had a job as a math tutor at my CC. I put it as being related to my major.

    [–] ***How to get into Mech Engineering as CCC transfer? Dexamoose 2 points ago in CSULB

    Hi, I recently transferred to Cal Poly but was also accepted to CSULB for EE so I can give you some general info about how it works. First and foremost, when it says minimum GPA is 2.5, they're just saying you need to have at least that to even be looked at. Also, you don't need to have all of the general eds covered before you transfer. That applies to other majors that are not 'credit heavy' in comparison to engineering. Regarding your questions for the TAG, that only applies to UC's, so there is no guaranteed admission program.

    You need to have covered every course that is considered 'required' to be considered for admission. Those courses would be all of the lower division math through differential equations, all of the physics through modern physics, some chemistry courses (most Mech engineering programs require transfers to have two general chem courses) and a couple of engineering courses (depends on which your CCC offers such as: Statics, dynamics, materials, circuits, programming).

    As you can see, it is already a lot of required courses you need to take so having the general eds completed is not necessary for transfer and many universities even state that it's not necessary for transfer as an engineering major. Regarding the AA for transfer, it is completely unnecessary. That is useful for other majors but for engineering you don't need to have an AS in engineering to be accepted. Think of an AS as something nice to get but it doesn't increase/decrease your chances of getting into any universities.

    PM me if you want any help, sometimes counselors at CC don't really know much regarding engineering and I have had to help multiple people after getting told to take courses that they don't really need (I've experienced it first hand as well). Think of it this way, if you're not taking a math course and a physics/chem/engineering course each semester, you're likely not on track to transfer as soon as possible. Hopefully this is able to help and good luck!

    [–] Thoughts on the potential Cal Poly rebranding? Dexamoose 8 points ago in CalPoly

    I totally agree with the cartoonish/boy scout comment! I wrote the exact same thing in comments about it during the survey. I think it really needs to be fixed and hopefully they seriously think about it.

    [–] Is it weird to ask out a campus dining co-worker? Dexamoose 72 points ago in CalPoly

    just tell her: "hey girl are you 805 kitchen cause you're like a high budget version golden coral buffet but you only have succulent meat, vegetables cooked to perfection, and amazing pasta. "

    [–] Blue P? Dexamoose 5 points ago in CalPoly

    Thanks! Would be cool to see them paint it holiday colors or something.

    [–] Blue P? Dexamoose 7 points ago in CalPoly

    Ty for update, doctor told me I have LIGMA.

    [–] Transfer acceptance question (mechanical engineering) Dexamoose 1 points ago in CalPoly

    Mind showing where you got that number? Honestly a bit hard to believe it's that high

    [–] Prospective EE Transfer. May withdraw from major prep course Dexamoose 4 points ago in CalPoly

    You are good if you withdraw but take it in the spring, as long as they see you will take it before you come here, you will be totally fine. Average EE transfer GPA this past year was in the 3.4 range(?), so you definitely have a strong chance as long as you complete the major prep course.

    As for your question regarding two years, it is quite difficult. They currently have a two years and a quarter plan for transfers (which is considered the fastest path, however it doesn't include summer coursework, so maybe you could make it through in two years with summer courses). That 2 and a quarter plan you can see here:

    It also lists which courses you would be expected to have completed by then, so of course it all depends on how many courses you transfer with.

    Hopefully this helps, PM me if you want some more insight about the program or transfer questions. I transferred in so would be happy to help out.

    [–] "Multiple aptitude exams" Dexamoose 2 points ago in OOTP

    had to help his son prepare for the exams

    [–] Industrial Engineering at Cal Poly Dexamoose 1 points ago in CalPoly

    Found this on the Mustang News website, although this is something from about 3 years ago, can't have changed much. "Cal Poly was ranked the top industrial engineering program."

    [–] Financial Aid Change of Income Dexamoose 2 points ago in CalPoly

    I have yet to do it, but from when I have spoke with a FA advisor, they told me to go to this link: and fill out whichever form applies to you(either the student or parent version). On the document it gives you which papers work best for supporting documents.

    [–] Speech Requirement Dexamoose 1 points ago in CalPoly

    I wouldn't think so, states on there website that: * Completion of CSU and Cal Poly program required coursework with a grade of ‘C’ or better. Speech is considered a required course. So recommend you try and take it again in the fall or spring before you apply (if you can).

    See for yourself, perhaps your major may be different: