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    [–] When you tell your wife you are missing WDW and she comes through... DiamondsareSparkly 1 points ago in WaltDisneyWorld

    I have two Mickey wafflers, one probably just like OP's and one closer to the parks. OP's makes better food (or maybe I just cook poorly).

    [–] Go get'em, boys! DiamondsareSparkly 1 points ago in ConvenientCop

    I live here and can tell you that is not really true, not in the area in this video. It's urban enough to not have dirt roads. I think it's just for making sure the route doesn't take forever having to pull into every road. This bus will stop many times along that road.

    [–] TheTimTracker Starter Pack DiamondsareSparkly 3 points ago in Thetimtracker

    *sees literally any item on sale* "Let me see how much this is..."

    [–] [X-Plane 11] Putting a glider on a space shuttle approach DiamondsareSparkly 14 points ago in GamePhysics

    I love his older videos. I still like his new stuff but the old school videos are nice because he's a little less cynical and more cheery.

    [–] Driving tips to deal with understeer? DiamondsareSparkly 2 points ago in BeamNG

    When I first started using the drag cars it took me a bit to realize to manually smooth my gas and steering

    [–] this is the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear "America" DiamondsareSparkly 4 points ago in BeamNG

    Is that rocket meant to be functional? I have the same mod and haven't figured it out

    [–] Beat this! (I used to have 600+ mods) DiamondsareSparkly 1 points ago in BeamNG

    And I thought my 50 (mostly cars and maps) was a lot

    [–] PIC DiamondsareSparkly 5 points ago in nocontextpics

    I mean yeah. Whether you agree or disagree with me it's hard to prove either way. I just don't think most people read comments.

    [–] PIC DiamondsareSparkly 68 points ago in nocontextpics

    I don't believe that the comment contexts affect the upvote scores much if at all

    [–] hmmm DiamondsareSparkly 2 points ago in hmmm

    Typical public men's room

    [–] Inverted aquarium on a goldfish pond at my local plant nursery DiamondsareSparkly -4 points ago in Aquariums

    Last time I saw one of these on Reddit the comments were full of people saying the fish would have trouble getting down/out and would get stuck. Dunno how true that is

    [–] MAROON 5 DID IT. SWEET VICTORY AT SUPERBOWL HALFTIME. DiamondsareSparkly 1 points ago in teenagers

    For like a split second,maybe more will come. They showed Squidward and the intro trumpets

    [–] Thanks I hate lounges now DiamondsareSparkly 7 points ago in TIHI

    Besides the obviously female parts, who thought that color scheme was acceptable?

    [–] hmmm DiamondsareSparkly 1 points ago in hmmm

    I need this on a shirt