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    [–] Oct 20, 2018 r/LivePD Live Thread DiamondsareSparkly 4 points ago in livepd

    Nobody pointing out there was an entryway 2 ft from where he hopped? Lmao

    [–] Oct 20, 2018 r/LivePD Live Thread DiamondsareSparkly 3 points ago in livepd

    I mean, these places already give themselves a bad rap.

    [–] Idiots in uhaul DiamondsareSparkly -11 points ago in IdiotsInCars

    Being a douche and blocking traffic isng fun for anyone else, tho.

    [–] Just checking DiamondsareSparkly 1 points ago in teenagers

    This actually kinda helped but I have unlimited anyways

    [–] How does everyone feel about garlic? DiamondsareSparkly 1 points ago in onionhate

    I have only ever had it as a dipping sauce, I havent really had the real deal. I like the dipping sauce, it's just pretty potent stuff.

    [–] A crime against humanity!! DiamondsareSparkly 51 points ago in onionhate

    I think we've found the zodiac killer.

    [–] BEN SHAPIRO HAS BETRAYED US DiamondsareSparkly -1 points ago in okbuddyretard

    Are you an English major because you're reading way too much into this. Most of the few people who know what the hell you're saying when you say "vaporwave" just think of empty, pink malls and 80s hits played off key. A reddit that finds humor in dumb things like Beter griffyndor is sans undertail!!1 is just that. Not a political statement.

    [–] The 'waterhoop' used to relieve the weight and keep the water from spilling on the legs. Newfoundland 1930 DiamondsareSparkly 1 points ago in TheWayWeWere

    Isn't the point to reduce the effort of your arms keeping the buckets far enough away from your body? I don't see how it could fail at that. But Ive never used one.

    [–] Sly Sniper DiamondsareSparkly 14 points ago in SlyGifs

    If they had to get someone to shoot the damn gun out of his hand there had to have been good reason to tackle them like they did

    [–] Oct 5, 2018 r/LivePD Live Thread DiamondsareSparkly 4 points ago in livepd

    The guy casually talking while suffering a stabbing

    [–] Steep food price increases DiamondsareSparkly 3 points ago in WaltDisneyWorld

    I don't get why you are getting downvoted. You are correct. Disney is not going to cut their profits. They are using this as an excuse to jack their prices further than they actually needed to if they were to break even on the wage increase deal.

    [–] Your ideas for fixing Tomorrowland? DiamondsareSparkly -1 points ago in WaltDisneyWorld

    Anything can be improved, and I was mostly referring to the clash of themes. Space mtn is retro. Speedway is Nascar. Everything else is 90s cyberwave.

    [–] Trump disappears overnight and is never seen again. What would be the fallout? DiamondsareSparkly 5 points ago in hypotheticalsituation

    Global panic is a given, Pence operates as emergency commander while investigation is underway, expect a lot of secret service/police presence everywhere and politicians being questioned

    [–] just unsubbed from r/dankmemes DiamondsareSparkly 7 points ago in JustUnsubbed

    I wouldnt have a problem with it if it wasnt done way too early so the joke is dead before oct 31st