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    [–] My first BeamNG.Drive video created! DiamondsareSparkly 1 points ago in BeamNG

    Hit film express is what I use. It's good especially since it's free.

    [–] Musicians offer free concert tickets to Australian teen that attacked right-wing senator with an egg DiamondsareSparkly 1 points ago in Music

    Imagine the egg kid is Hitler, his supporters are the Germans and the right winger is a Jew.

    I'm not calling you a Nazi I'm just trying to make a scenario to explain how I see the kid's act being applauded. People cheer the kid for starting the assault and he gets punched up in retaliation and people got up in arms about it.

    People are ok when the kid - someone they politically agree with - does it but not when the other side does it

    [–] stupid rocket pass question DiamondsareSparkly 3 points ago in RocketLeague

    That's a pretty sweet deal then if that's the case

    [–] [Just Cause 4] This fun train. I’d love to be a passenger! DiamondsareSparkly 33 points ago in GamePhysics

    It just came out when nobody was asking for it. 3 was still quite new in video game terms. I see nothing really in 4 that couldn't have been DLC for 3.

    [–] Are there any good content creators on YouTube for BeamNG? DiamondsareSparkly 3 points ago in BeamNG

    He's my go-to as well. Not clickbaity but his voice can be hard to get used to... I don't mind it though

    [–] Gotta love FR-17 half-pipe physics. DiamondsareSparkly 1 points ago in BeamNG

    dammit i guess you're right, I didn't realize that.

    [–] I agree DiamondsareSparkly 5 points ago in BeamNG

    "I guide others to a treasure I cannot possess."

    [–] hmmm DiamondsareSparkly 3 points ago in hmmm

    Ahhh this post makes total sense now. Didn't consider this was a hotel room. Might have to try this...

    [–] [54:55] There Will Never Ever Be Another Driver Like Dale Earnhardt DiamondsareSparkly 3 points ago in mealtimevideos

    This video deserves way more views. One of the best YouTube experiences I've had recently. I knew nothing about Dale or Nascar but the video creator really makes you feel for his loss but the positive ending was amazing.

    [–] The worst thing in all of gaming DiamondsareSparkly 17 points ago in teenagers

    My heart. Hopefully you love it as much as I do 🙂

    [–] Not all heros wear caps... DiamondsareSparkly 1 points ago in PewdiepieSubmissions

    It's a standard feature of smartphones and some laptops.

    [–] HMB while I get rid of this hazard DiamondsareSparkly 2 points ago in SlyGifs

    Gators are constantly in my dreams. Like suddenly I will be near a puddle of water and will see a gator lurking

    [–] "No, you may not have the VIN." DiamondsareSparkly 5 points ago in BeamNG

    No, it's a Pessima. There are 2 body styles of Pessima and this one is the canonically newer one