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    [–] Jeffrey Epstein used foreign passport with fake name to enter Saudi Arabia: prosecutors DidAnyoneReadThis 11 points ago in news

    You know how in every city there is a Chinatown? It is like you are still within your city, but there are more asian influences and Asian tend to congregate and live there? There are western areas in every Asian city the same. Life in Asian can become similar to a western city if you want it to.

    [–] NHL Worst Plays of The Year - Day 1: Boston Bruins Edition DidAnyoneReadThis 1 points ago in hockey

    I like this. I am especially glad they decided to only do this for 30 teams though!

    [–] Philip Brailsford, coward and murderer of family man Daniel Shaver, rehired by Mesa PD DidAnyoneReadThis 2 points ago in videos

    It is upper middle class in places throughout Eastern Europe and South East Asia. Enough to live quite comfortably and travel too.

    [–] My “boss” made up an internship, got caught and now I’m screwed. DidAnyoneReadThis 4 points ago in AskHR

    Taking a new hire to a coffee shop first thing their first shift is pretty common. Sometimes it is just good to get out and discuss things away from everything.

    Taking a new hire to lunch their first day is even more common.

    Or taking the whole team out to dinner/drinks to welcome the new hire at the end of the week/month also sometimes happens.

    If my first day started at 6pm and my boss suggested we go meet and discuss things at the restaurant across the street I wouldn't think anything sexual about it. I'm curious what was said of the body language given to make you think it was.

    [–] We Made a Video: Vietnam Visa on Arrival & Extension DidAnyoneReadThis 2 points ago in Shoestring

    When I extended my Visa less than a year ago I literally went to an agent, handed over my passport came back in a few days, paid, and was on my way. No problems, no hotels, nothing.

    [–] How do you generate leads and convert them to potential customers, when you are fresh to the industry? DidAnyoneReadThis 3 points ago in AskMarketing

    Are you doing marketing or sales? Cold email outreach is a sales activity.

    Your question may be better for a sales oriented subreddit.

    To answer your question though, having a quality email list is important. Sounds like your coworker has that.

    Next is the script. Have you been provided a script or left to develop your own? If your own, perhaps ask to check your coworkers script and have him/her check yours. Also have your manager check yours. Make their suggestions into your own voice.

    Also make sure your linkedin is up to date and professional. Get a quality photo. Make your profile open--including photo for all to see. Many prospects will check you out on LinkedIn prior to responding.

    Also if possible get LinkedIn Pro. This will help you develop both a better email list, and you can email a few out from LinkedIn. LinkedIn messages are often read more often and provides a little bit more credibility compared to a cold email

    [–] Wife broke her back in the Dominican and we're at a loss for what to do DidAnyoneReadThis 6 points ago in personalfinance

    I double checked:

    The provincial rate has two fees:

    $250 if a patient is not transported, or
    $385 if a patient is transported

    An additional $200 is charged to a patient who is a non-resident of Alberta, whether the patient is transported or not.

    [–] Wife broke her back in the Dominican and we're at a loss for what to do DidAnyoneReadThis 58 points ago in personalfinance

    What province? Alberta's coverage doesn't even cover ambulances within Alberta. $500 for each ride

    [–] Upwork is dead 2019 DidAnyoneReadThis 1 points ago in Upwork

    I'm not fully sure to be honest. A few factors such as overall project length/budget. Also I beleive the number can fluctuate during a postings life. For example the number may decrease if no one is submitting proposals on it.

    [–] Microchip SIM card installation: should I be worried? DidAnyoneReadThis 1 points ago in VietNam

    How long did it take him to do all this computer stuff? I agree with the other poster, ask in an iPhone related subreddit. They will be able to suggest some things to look into--perhaps changing all your passwords and double checking approved Find My Device might be in order just as a safeguard.

    [–] Upwork is dead 2019 DidAnyoneReadThis 3 points ago in Upwork

    The system changed within the last month.

    20 free ones upon initial sign up for Upwork. 0 after that. 2-6 connects per job now. Most "good" jobs seem to be for 6 connects.

    I think low budget and one-time task jobs are 2 connects. Long term and/or high budget are 6.

    [–] 35/F newly single and scared that I’ll be single FOREVER DidAnyoneReadThis 8 points ago in datingoverthirty

    Like what does dating even consist of?

    Don't build dating up to be some scary thing. It is simply going out and meeting new people. Sure it has the added element behind it of potential romance, but that doesn't make it anything too special.

    Don't rush things and don't put too much special importance on things. Just enjoy the moment or day.

    Grab a new book and hit up a coffee shop or park with it this Saturday. Most will be too polite to interrupt your reading, but if someone does strike up a conversation with you that is actually a mini-date if you want it to be. It is as simple as that.

    [–] Upwork is dead 2019 DidAnyoneReadThis 18 points ago in Upwork

    Probably because most jobs require 6 connects to actually connect.