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    [–] [OC] A chart about the different types of Mechs (and Secret Squad) Dieuwt 3 points ago in IntoTheBreach

    You gotta be sure, man. I know how annoying it is to get spoiled about roguelikes, and the fact that there's only two "real" secrets in this game only makes it worse.

    [–] Introducing the Revised Biome Map! Now covers EVERYTHING that was missing/outdated. Enjoy!!! Dieuwt 51 points ago in deadcells

    I'm sorry to say this but you forgot something else.

    The Food Shop is no longer in the Sanctuary, it's now in the Graveyard.

    Still, thanks for the new dope map!

    [–] AMA going down on December 4th, bring your questions! Dieuwt 54 points ago in deadcells

    Any plans for an alternative boss for the HotK? Don't get me wrong, he's great to fight, but since any other boss (except him) has an alternative, it would be a nice touch.

    [–] Fishing Sumo - Created by: leep_, Goodest_Name, MHF_Trader Dieuwt 1 points ago in realms

    Honestly, Hypixel shouldn't really be your standard here. You should take a look at the current Realms maps (you can get a free trial, otherwise, many are free to download online). Hypixel maps tend to be too "simple" for Realms (though this has been disproven in the past a few times).

    [–] Variety: A Multi-Genre Minecraft Map Dieuwt 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago) in realms

    Apart from the fact that you submitted 2 maps at once (which shows that either the maps are old or you don't put a lot of work into them), I've tried this map a little and don't think this will fit (I'm not from Mojang though). Assuming it's an adventure (which doesn't reset over time), the segments feel too much like they're completely different maps instead of a whole. Each one is, in my opinion, also too long to be enjoyable, and it doesn't help that all levels are required to complete the map.

    There are also more smaller things I want to note:

    • The beginning text sequence is waaay too long. The whole "it was for 1.12.2" and "if there are bugs let me know" should not be in an opening cutscene. Additionally, render distance is always 10 for Realms (and you should use functions, honestly), and multiplayer is a requirement. I would also say that the map has to be bug-free, but let's be real here.
    • I can remove items from item frames in the Monument Room
    • Dropper: the "try until you get it" is just dumb. At least give me a clue. Also, blue stained glass is pure evil and I don't really think it belongs in modern maps?
    • I can break basically all paintings I come across
    • Escape: You can get stuck by teleporting away with key items, Also, map id 88, but the scaling was correct? Also also, I can break cyan wool but there's only light blue wool. At this point I'm just going to skip.
    • I'm running out of food with only the lobby, where I am not, to refill.
    • Maze: Really? Spiderwebs? That's not hard, that's annoying.
    • After that I died, but my spawnpoint wasn't set, so I got back at the pinwheel.
    • Combat: It goes on FOREVER! So many floors, so little meaning! And the "boss" is literally just a Wither. You can do better than that, right?

    I've kinda given up at this point in the map. I just don't think this map is very interesting to play, it feels very... 1.8. I get that *some* people like that but many don't and consider it outdated. I guess you could try to play it on the nostalgia...

    if indeed there is such a thing.

    Edit: people said I was too harsh. I guess I just don't like this map, but on a more wholesome note then: everyone starts out like this. It's important to improve on both technical and gameplay-wise aspects, and it would be good if you kept making maps knowing that. Original map ideas (this map looks a lot like Diversity) always do good in the community!

    [–] Elytra for builders Dieuwt 3 points ago in realms

    As long as it gives zero benefit, that's allowed. Especially since everyone can find it, this really won't be a problem. Once you start doing it with game-affecting things, though, you can really get a strike for that...

    [–] I've actually managed to get myself stuck: getting into the Sepulcher without the Teleportation Rune. Details in comments. Dieuwt 3 points ago in deadcells

    To be fair, doing that requires tight rune management (believe me, I've done that challenge as well). You need to earn a new rune every run, and once you get the Spider Rune, go immediately on 4BC to the Giant. You don't have time for a quick Ramparts stop in 3BC. This was just messing around to see or I could.

    [–] I've actually managed to get myself stuck: getting into the Sepulcher without the Teleportation Rune. Details in comments. Dieuwt 17 points ago in deadcells

    I'm in the Forgotten Sepulcher, a place where you need the Teleportation Rune to cross, but I can only rub the sarcophagus! I'm softlocked.

    I decided to do a small challenge: how many runes does it take to beat the true final boss? You need Vine (to get out of the Promenade), Spider (climbing to the Graveyard) and Homunculus at least. Challenge and Customization (and Explorer's in 1.5) are completely optional anyway. But there's the problem that the runes require a certain order:

    • To get the Spider Rune, you go to the Sanctuary, but before that the Crypt, but before that the Ancient Sewers, which requires the Ram Rune
    • To get the Ram Rune, you go to the Ossuary, which requires the Teleportation Rune
    • To get the Teleportation Rune, you go to the Toxic Sewers, which requires the Vine Rune

    Essentially the game wants you to think that you can only earn these runes in this order. However, on 3BC, there's a door to the Crypt which doesn't require the Ram Rune! If you get that far without picking it up, you can skip both the Ram and Teleportation Rune!

    You go through the Sanctuary and are given the option to go to the Sepulcher. Because you already must have the Spider Rune, the game thinks you also have the Teleportation Rune. But you don't. So you're softlocked now.

    An easy fix can either come from requiring the 3BC passage to have a Ram Rune block, or to have a Teleportation Rune to get to the Sepulcher access, just like in Stilt. I guess it really does rub you in the face sometimes.

    [–] [Submission] Anvil Attack Dieuwt 1 points ago in realms

    The problem with this map is that it's too simple. I survived 100 seconds with just sneaking and looking up, and another 60 with literally standing still. And the options are purely cosmetic, and don't change the gameplay at all! If you want it to be accepted (I'm not from Mojang but do have a name in the community), you likely need to add more modes, options, challenge and player interaction and all that.

    [–] The biomes are in serious need of some rebalancing Dieuwt 8 points ago in deadcells

    As some people said, I disagree with the Toxic Sewers. Two cursed chests, often free due to birds and kamikazes, are a goldmine. Plus easy access to the Ancient sewers (Prison Depths can be a nightmare). In fact, I consider there being four main routes:

    • Toxic - Ramparts, giving many options in general for versatile runs
    • Toxic - Ancient, a little harder, but gives the most stat upgrades due to Cursed Chests and the scrolls in Ancient
    • Promenade - Depths - Ossuary, very hard to accomplish with melee builds but give good loot and slow enemies overall
    • Promenade - Ramparts, if you're confident and quick.

    After that the boss is up to you. Both bosses are easy/hard in their own way. After that, Stilt for fairly easy Cursed Chests, Sanctuary can be ridiculously easy if you have the right gear, and Graveyard for high risk high reward. No, the problem comes after that.

    The thing is that there is no reason to not pick Sepulcher. 5 free scrolls, super easy enemies, 2 cursed chests, lots of extra item choices and the hazard is a joke. Plus boss choice. Time Keeper if you have a shield, Giant if you have strong melee. Clock Tower fucking sucks in every way, and Cavern is just too damn hard to be profitable... for me, at least.