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    [–] Long exposure of an airliner lifting off DillyMyDilly 9 points ago in aviation

    That bridge isn’t wide enough for a commercial jet

    [–] Me after the past two weeks DillyMyDilly 14 points ago in wallstreetbets

    We’ve got the best BJ’s. Don’t we folks!?!?

    [–] My dad’s office decoration DillyMyDilly 2 points ago in pics

    Ship it to me and I’ll then ship it to you

    [–] LOONNNGG AAPL DillyMyDilly 4 points ago in wallstreetbets

    Suck z xhcj

    [–] LOONNNGG AAPL DillyMyDilly 17 points ago in wallstreetbets

    What other talents do you have there r/fullheap ?? 😘

    [–] [Game Thread] Georgia @ LSU (3:30PM ET) DillyMyDilly 6 points ago in CFB

    Can someone screen-shot uga water girl?

    [–] What a piece of shit DillyMyDilly 6 points ago in nononono

    Witnesses said the pickup truck was traveling south through the intersection when it drifted out of the lane for unknown reasons

    How does the article prove intent?

    [–] What a piece of shit DillyMyDilly 2 points ago in nononono

    There are more plausible scenarios for why the person fled the scene: he knew he was in trouble because the accident was (more than likely) caused by distracted driving — through texting, being intoxicated, or ect ...

    [–] What a piece of shit DillyMyDilly -1 points ago in nononono

    Unless the article has the driver admitting guilt, there’s zero percent chance of proving it was intentional. It’s more likely he was on his phone or something of that nature.

    [–] What a piece of shit DillyMyDilly 0 points ago in nononono

    The biker was in the wrong too by crossing the intersection while traffick has right of way. Maybe it was his intention to be hit ?