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    [–] I'm the only gay guy at my group..... so this is my standard bearer..... Dinaron 0 points ago in Warhammer40k

    Could be a good friend who acts as a Beard, in case he has family that would not like the idea of a gay son

    [–] Making a gish focused Bladesinger that works? Dinaron 1 points ago in 3d6

    That's fair but that's only a level 5 character. I was saying Dash when you have Swashbuckler since Rakish Audacity and all that. And your reccomendation on 1/2 Wood Elf would be better.

    [–] Making a gish focused Bladesinger that works? Dinaron 1 points ago in 3d6

    I would recommend a wood elf and build for speed. It would help with being super squishy. Just dive in and dive out and rogue helps with that by having a CA Dash.

    [–] [5e] Dread ambush gloomstalker ranger 5/ ? Rogue / ? Fighter Dinaron 2 points ago in 3d6

    Swashbuckler Rogue would be great if you have a decent charisma to bump up initiative and have even easier sneak attacks. If your charisma is poor, I'd second the advice of the other commentor as Inquisitive would basically give you sneak attacks for an Insight Check. If I had to give you an option C probably thief for second story work and fast hands.

    As for fighter, I would say Battlemaster since you can make the Saves scale on Dex, and Ranged Battlemasters are really good since they can open a spot from riposte. If you and your dm are cool with UA, Monster Slayer. Works similar to Battlemaster but superiority is used for attacks and damage, or sharpshooter.

    [–] first post Dinaron 1 points ago in ComedyCemetery

    This reminds me, of this character me and a bud of mine made in like 9th grade when I first got into writing. We would name characters by taking a name and making it backwards, because we lived this one meme page called Amabo Kcorb which is Brock Obama backwards, the pokemon equivalent of Barack. And we came up with Knil a walking shitpost more or less.

    [–] Tonight we replaced kobalds with shots of red wine and drank the blood of each kill. Victory was sweet, with a hint of spice. [OC] Dinaron 2 points ago in DnD

    I love using candy for enemies because whoever kills the enemy gets the candy and I know it's a lil silly, but wait till I bust out the Ferraro Rochet for the Lich.

    Also Jello shots for gelatinous cubes?

    [–] 40k community in a nutshell Dinaron 3 points ago * (lasted edited 16 days ago) in Warhammer40k

    I really really like the fluff of the Imperium, because that shit is intoxicating, but I think I'd only run Salamanders and Skitarii whenever I have enough for an army, but Id probably want to run any of the Eldar Factions, Orks, Necrons especially, Nurgle as much as Necrons, and Noise Marines. All the factions are stupid cool tbh and Imperium gets all the players and that isnt as cool.

    Edit: I do want a small Tau army to piss of my future father in law who runs Ultrasmirfs just to piss him off.

    [–] Tell me about your pirates Dinaron 1 points ago in worldjerking

    In my high fantasy setting, theyre based on my poor knowledge of somali pirates I've seen from movies, but instead of guns, they use valuable magical artifacts (that they stole cuz pirates) called Eigh'Kae'Fort'Eey'Sav'Ins that unleash a barrage of metal created by magic

    [–] Throne Agents in DH2e Dinaron 1 points ago in 40krpg

    Yeah but Im also a dirty minmaxer which is why I wanted to find some concrete stuff

    [–] Throne Agents in DH2e Dinaron 1 points ago in 40krpg

    See I was originally going to just GM fiat, and just let me spend fate points for certain benefits.

    [–] Throne Agents in DH2e Dinaron 1 points ago in 40krpg

    Dude that is stellar. Is there a site that links all of these?

    [–] Which edition Of Dark Heresy is best for a new group? Dinaron 3 points ago * (lasted edited 21 days ago) in 40krpg

    There is an Errata and Character Creation helpbooks that help come up with appearances and superstitions and beliefs.

    I'd recommend all 3 books too as they have some more home worlds, backgrounds, and equipment.

    Edit: Also, look into some of the DH1 books still as they have some nice equipment but that is mpstly what you'll get. If there are 2 things in both books defer to 2e unless you want to present it as a variant. Black Crusade also has some stuff too but I wouldnt recommend it 100% as it is designed for Chaos Campaigns, but I would recommend taking a gander at the least.

    [–] How Would you Introduce New Players to the Setting? Dinaron 1 points ago in 40krpg

    Emperor TTS is also really good but set forth the fact that it is not canon and is kind of satirical in tone

    [–] How Would you Introduce New Players to the Setting? Dinaron 1 points ago in 40krpg

    The beautiful thing about Dark Heresy is that it is a good system for those unfamiliar with 40k. As I've seen comments before in pists like this, these players could come from worlds that have been cut off or in the fringes of space. If they're from the same world, a cool starter would be that they found a spaceship to see the stars, and start off with them trying to fix it. This introduces the technology and some of the odd beliefs. Then when complete, they run into an inquisitor vessel, or even make their way through some gangs in a hive world after some time. Slowly introducing more and more 40k elements is a good way to go.

    Our group, is composed of 2 seasoned aficionados in 40k one being the GM, me who is someone relatively new to the 40k stuff but being a lore fiend has helped me become well versed, someone who is kinda into 40k, and someone who knows fuck all. So our player who knows fuck all is not very well versed with the Imperium or culture so he acts as an everyman character, and he's having a blast learning things about 40k as we go. So what I reccomend is that your experienced player play a character deeply involved into the Imperium like a brand new Neophyte, Veteran Commissar, or a Tech Priest, and maybe your kind of knowledgeable friend play a soldier of the imperial guard or any other low class character who would know the cursory knowledge. The new players can be one of those fringe who know fuck all about the Imperium but an inquisitor followed the rumor trail to someone who could best fulfill the mission. That way the knowledge of the lore is appropriate to the character and player.

    [–] First time GM Dark Heresy 2E Dinaron 1 points ago in 40krpg

    I know that someone mentioned the Subtlety mechanic, but also remember the players cant throw around their inquisitors name all over the place will irk them.

    Also, I'd encourage your players to think of all the things they can spend XP between characteristics, skills, and talents. Dark Heresy is not just combat and not just skills.

    Additionally, keep in mind this is a very very lethal game, and everyone needs to know that and have a backup character brewing in their mind.

    Finally (I might get some flak for this one), this is your campaign, so while knowing the lore is important, this is your version of 40k. If you want, Cadia never fell, or Guilliman never came back, or whatever.

    [–] What a Chad Dinaron 1 points ago in dankmemes

    Our onsite offocer in highschool had a Similar name and for 2 year books, the year book staff/club snuck that in as his name.

    [–] And repeat Dinaron 1 points ago in ihavesex

    After your first dick, it is always After Dick

    [–] I wish that everytime a crosspost is upvoted, the original post also gets upvoted. Dinaron 1 points ago in TheMonkeysPaw

    Granted. Desperate for their Karma, Karma Whores Repost content more often and crosspost said post as it effectively doubles their karma

    [–] Veteran Acolyte Dinaron 2 points ago in 40krpg

    Fuck this makes me want to get my acolyte done soon

    [–] What's better for a new group? Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, or Dark Heresy 2e? (Also, looking for quick references) Dinaron 9 points ago * (lasted edited 25 days ago) in 40krpg

    Dark Heresy honestly hands down. It's easily become one of my favorite systems although I have my gripes and would recommend playing around with homebrewing character creation

    Also nice thing about Dark Heresy is that equipment from 1e plays nicely with 2e.

    Also recommend (this homebrew supplement)[] for some more Mechanicus toys as that's what I felt lacking from equipment

    Edit: I'd also look into black crusade for some equipment supplements as well, especially Astartes stuff. Other than that the books wont have much for you since that's for Chaos aligned campaigns