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    [–] What endgame build could you play the longest before it got bored? Dinosaur-Neil 1 points ago in pathofexile

    Yes. I'm storming through maps. Golems just run ahead and obliterate everything. Convocation if you want to recall them next to you.

    I mean it's really not that hard to find an example video if you wanted to of a similar type build.

    [–] Grumbling Dinosaur-Neil 1 points ago in pathofexile

    Specs? What are you running in the background? If I have too many chrome tabs open plus netflix the game fps gets really choppy, sorts itself out when these are closed.

    Are you running on an SSD or mechanical hard drive?

    [–] What have you learned this League? What would you do differently? Dinosaur-Neil 3 points ago in pathofexile

    I find that I get burned out playing the same build right into maps - or end up researching and finding a better build after I've pushed one up past level 80... I've done 5 chars this league and just got bored and deleted.

    Need to pick one and just try and stick with it.

    Trouble is finding one that I like enough that doesn't require ungodly amounts of farming/ccy to get into the endgame content comfortably

    [–] Crackhead goes to Hector's traphouse Dinosaur-Neil 32 points ago in videos

    Just leeeeve


    He's asleeeeeep

    You're making a sceeeene


    [–] baby drawing skills - amazing Dinosaur-Neil 2 points ago in videos

    The top half of the pen above her thumb literally disappears for a frame on the 17 second mark

    [–] How can you know that you're losing fat and not muscle? Dinosaur-Neil 2 points ago in Fitness

    Focusing on one negative you've interpreted rather than real advice doesn't interest me much either.

    You've even shunned advice from others who've pointed out actual studies with a speculative amount of 1.4g per lb of body which might be called for in pro athletes.

    Not to 'flex', but if you were walking around with a pro athlete bod, you'd likely not be guessing at your protein intake nor would you be willing to have kidney stones to look 'hot'.

    Enjoy yourself champ.

    [–] How can you know that you're losing fat and not muscle? Dinosaur-Neil 2 points ago in Fitness

    That would be only to your detriment - I offered sound advice as have countless others and it wasn't combative.

    If you want kidney stones and/or other health problems because you can't read a comment offering alternate advice not as a personal attack, go ahead.

    [–] How can you know that you're losing fat and not muscle? Dinosaur-Neil 11 points ago in Fitness

    You don't need that much protein to maintain muscle mass, judging by your post you don't have that much to begin with so no need for the excess.