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    [–] Easiest way to get a downvote from me Dinosaur-Neil 221 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    Or r/pics these days. So many people using it like it's their facebook page

    [–] 10 min workout Dinosaur-Neil 6 points ago in videos

    Glad you get the reference!

    [–] 10 min workout Dinosaur-Neil 88 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in videos

    Just because you can't say no to pop-tarts doesn't mean everyone who is ripped or in good shape has taken steroids.

    [–] Not burnt out but lost on what to do Dinosaur-Neil 2 points ago in pathofexile

    Does it have the longevity though? I mean granted POE burns out pretty quick once you hit maps but what's the endgame like on Grim Dawn?

    [–] Looking for a fun and strong build Dinosaur-Neil 2 points ago in PathOfExileBuilds

    Winter Orb is quite fun if like watch mobs shatter. Can start on a budget and invest more for end game.

    [–] FrostBlade like a Champ (literally) - 3.6 Dinosaur-Neil 1 points ago in PathOfExileBuilds

    Hi, could you give a rough levelling guide?

    bored with all the meta spell caster builds and would like to try this out (not much ccy but can it farm up to endgame potential?)

    [–] Question leveling ice golem Dinosaur-Neil 3 points ago in PathOfExileBuilds

    I didn't even use Flame Golems when I levelled mine last league, went straight with Ice

    [–] Petra, Jordan Dinosaur-Neil 4 points ago in pics

    For the gram